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[Updated 1/27/15]

FEATURED CORSET BY FORMER CORSETIERE (Sue Nice): Lovely underbust for full figure, perfectly mirror-matched Chinese silk brocade. Waistline closes at 40" (for waist from 46-50"). Busk height 14" rib cage about 42, derriere about 48". Originally $560, now $300 (plus $22 shipping).
* * * *

Many corsets on this page are from ROMANTASY owner Ann's personal collection, a ROMANTASY corsetiere's personal collection, or made for a model and no longer needed. On occasion they come to us from clients who lose weight and wish us to help sell their corsets as part of our special Client Care Program.

Sometimes we come into possession of a corset not produced by a ROMANTASY corsetiere but in new, clean, excellent, or good condition. However, in that case we cannot speak to the quality or durability of corsets not made by a team member.

Corsets are to the best of our knowledge:

-- in-stock ready to ship,

-- if made by our team member, of ROMANTASY'S typical high-quality,

-- generally as described, in clean or superb condition although some have a bit fabric fading, minimal spotting, minimal scuffing, or as otherwise advertised, and are thus more suitable for foundation wear,

-- amenable to your bid/offer only if indicated, otherwise price is firm,

-- if "brand new," they have never been tried on, and

-- latest page additions are typically featured on top two to four rows of images below.

Before you order please read our return policy set forth below on this page.
Then compare your personal measurements to those stated for each consignment corset that interests you, to ensure there is a very good chance of an excellent fit. If you require our personal or detailed assistance to evaluate your measurements and/or review your torso photos to improve the chances of a good fit before you make a purchasing decision, we will add $15 to our sale price, plus we add to any order a $202 for shipping US or $42-62 out of US for one corset, or $10 more per extra corset, plus CA sales tax, sent by US priority mail, signature required. International shipments require insurance which is included in our shipping costs. Please advise if you require a confidential shipping label. To order simply send us email indicating your preferred corset and we will let you know if available, confirm the final price including shipping, and follow with reply email asking you to choose your method of payment.

Payment may be submitted by a credit card (no American Express please), or personal check or Money Order mailed to: ROMANTASY, 2912 Diamond Street, Suite 239, San Francisco, CA 94131. We include helpful wear-and-care instructions and in most cases we include a back protector and garters if they came with your corset. Either may be ordered separately if needed; a back protector is $40 in a standard fabric and color; garters are $15 per pair. Note that we offer lovely double-faced Swiss ribbon to coordinate with the outside fabric.

If a corset "closes in back at 30"" at the waistline, for example, then that will fit a natural snug waist measurement of from 34" to 36". When we report a rib or derriere measurement, that should be a bit tighter than your actual measurement.

You may still submit a request to be added to a Wait List, and will be notified of the corset's availability. If you submit an order, we will let you know as promptly as we can, whether or not your offer has been accepted or if there is a counter offer. While we endeavor to keep information on this page up-to-date, we cannot guarantee that the corset that interests you will actually be available when your order or inquiry reaches us.

Depending upon our workload, ROMANTASY can sometimes provide alteration services for a moderate fee should you find a corset that might fit. Please inquire stating what changes you wish made, for our price bid.

We want you to be happy with your selection and unlike many other corset businesses selling "readymade" or in-stock corsets, we do offer a return policy. However, as a small business, we also must attend to our cash flow. We hope our return policy will ensure your satisfaction if you choose to purchase one of these corsets:

You may return the corset within seven days of receipt and no later than stated on your sales invoice, in clean, re-salable condition. Do not wear the corset other than to test fit a few times. After that time we shall consider your purchase final 'as is' and no return is possible. We do not refund return postage, but upon receipt and inspection, by business check we will refund your purchase price (excluding postage) within one month of our receipt of the returned corset, less a 25% restocking fee. (rev.4.20.11)

WORN ABOUT THREE TIMES "THE BUTTERFLY" by former maker (Isabella) in purple and irridescent satin, very sturdy,braid trimmed. Waist closes at 19" for ribs 29-31" and hips 36-38". Originally about $400 now $200.

NEW UNDERBUST EDWARDIAN (tried on a few times to test fit) standard patterned corset by former corsetiere (Isabella) apparently in two layers of cottonpoly with stainless steel front busk 13" tall. Ribs 43-44", derriere 48-49", waist closes at 36" for waist 40-44". NEW about $180, NOW $125.

BRAND NEW Cincher waist closes at 27". Reversible. Front busk 9" tall. NOW $210.

BRAND NEW Cincher waist closes at 27". Reversible. Front busk 9" tall. NOW $210.
* S O L D *-- BRAND NEW Cincher waist closes at 27". Reversible. Front busk 9" tall. Bonded for extra strength. NOW $235.(4/19/13).

FROM OWNER'S PERSONAL COLLECTION worn two times (by former ROMANTASY corsetere Amber), underbust Edwardian in three tones of satin and taffeta, ivory twill lining, 12" tall front busk. Waist closes at 20", ribs 29-30", hips 37-38". WAS $275 OR $310 with burgundy appliques as shown. NOW $200, OR $225 with appliques.

BRAND NEW (tried on twice) in sterling condition, Bridal Corset by former team member (C&S, England). A gorgeous corset in ivory brocade with braid trim along busk and bottom lace, white cotton lining. Closes at 24" waist, fits rib cages 29-31", hips 36-38", front busk 12". NEW TODAY WOULD BE ABOUT $500, NOW $300.

WELL WORN BY MODELS BUT CLEAN! Underbust Victorian corset by Sheri, extraordinarily comfy!, in handsome striped denim, used over 12 years as a fit sample. In good shape if obviously worn a bit. Lined in green denim and reversible. Waist closes at 26", ribs 32" hips 36-37". NEW $410, REDUCED $125.
-- NOW $100 (4/19/13).

FROM OWNER'S PERSONAL COLLECTION, WORN ONCE, Civil War pushup overbust style corset by former ROMANTASY corsetiere (Isabella), in burgundy matte satin with brocade front and back, burgundy braid trim, black cotton lining. 13.5" tall front busk. Waist closes at 20", ribs 29-30", hips 37-38". SELLS FOR ABOUT $300 AND UP. NOW $200.

TWO "BAT" CORSETS - BRAND NEW by former ROMANTASY corsetiere, vest style, attached stand-up collar corset in black cotton-backed satin lined with same. Short front busk 9.5" tall. One medium waist closes to 26-28", one large waist closes to 28-30". NEW $310, WAS $50, REDUCED $35 EACH.

WORN A FEW TIMES, Simple Pleasures Cincher and feather headband in hot pink satin, reverses to black cotton-backed satin, with feather and fringe trim, feather headband included. Waist closes at 29", 9" front busk. NEW SET WAS $350 (feathers alone run $20/yd!), NOW, SET $200.

FROM OWNER'S PERSONAL COLLECTION,BRAND NEW, never worn, gold polybrocade overbust Victorian with single outer bone casings, and ivory cotton lining, and lace embellishment, by former ROMANTASY corsetiere (Dark Garden). Made to close at 19" waist, ribs 29-30", bust 32-34B, derriere 38", front busk 14". NEW AROUND $995 UP. WAS $400.
-- NOW $300 (4/19/13)

TRIED ON TWICE, unique, stiff molded leather underbust corset by Albert, back view; front is closed and has four vertical rows of red sequins. Waist closes at 18". Rib cage about 30-32", derriere about 36-38". Front vertical length 12". $250.

Back view Albert corset.

WORN TWICE BY MODEL, cowhide leather four-piece ensemble (skirt not included): front zip-and-buckle corset, posture collar, anklets, and wristlets by former ROMANTASY corsetiere (Paul C.); Made to close at 25" waist; " tall front. ENSEMBLE NEW ABOUT $900. NOW $400.

FROM OWNER'S PERSONAL COLLECTION, WORN ONCE BY MODEL, leather overbust push-up style corset by former ROMANTASY corsetiere (Dark Garden) with five functioning lacings; black cotton lining. Made to close at 20" waist, ribs 29-30", bust 32-34B-C, derriere 38", very tall front busk 16.5". NEW ABOUT $1500 UP. NOW $600, REDUCED $500. Offers considered.

APPEARS BRAND NEW by LA corset shop (Dream Maker) vest style overbust with straps, industrial front zipper back lacing, single layer heavy leather. Made to close at 26" waist, front busk 16.5". UNKNOWN NEW PRICE. WAS $300.
-- NOW $200 (4/19/13)

GENTLY WORN overbust bustier, single boning (perhaps steel?), single layer lace fabric, readymade corset. Waist closes at 24", front busk 14", 3 garter loops. NEW ?? NOW $50. front lace, closed back by former ROMANTASY corsetiere (Jade Locke); tried on about 5 times, lovely hourglass shaping. Made to close at 25" waist, ribs 38-39", derriere 40-41", 11" tall front. Ivory and blue Chinese silk with ivory cotton lining and 1/2" boning for extra strength. NEW $460. NOW $435.

NEW overbust Victorian corset by Sharon in red cherry Chinese polysilk with black cotton lining; tried on once by model. Closes at 24" waist, bust 34 B-C," and derriere 41-43". NEW $560, WAS $300, $200
-- NOW $150.

WORN ONCE! Adorable embroidered black cotton-and cotton-backed satin Victorian Underbust hourglass corset by Jill, made for male figure, lined in black cotton. Decorations include eyeglasses and stilettos. Embellished with about 50 Czech crystal rhinestones! Waist closes at 28.5", derriere 40-41", ribs 38-39". Front busk 12.25". NEW 387.50, NOW $250.

* S O L D *BRAND NEW Simple Pleasures Cincher in lavender and purple satin, reverses to lavender brocade and satin, waist closes at 23", 9" busk. NEW $205.

BRAND NEW Simple Pleasures Cincher in blue-purple polybrocade, reverses to lavender satin, with multicolored lacing ribbon. Waist closes at 23", 9" busk. NEW $205.

* S O L D * BRAND NEW Simple Pleasures cincher in eggplant denim and print binding, reverses to red denim, waist closes at 33", NEW $205.

BRAND NEW Simple Pleasures cincher in navy, brown and black Chinese brocade, reverses to black cotton- backed satin, waist closes at 43". NEW $240.

WELL WORN, CLEAN Simple Pleasures Cincher in black cotton-backed satin reversible to silver cotton-backed satin, waist closes at 34", 9" busk. NEW $205, NOW $100.

NEW, high-backed underbust Victorian by Sharon Morgan, with extra-sturdy, extra-wide stainless steel front busk perfect for excellent tummy control and tight-lacing, ; tried on about 5 times. Made to close at 35" waist, ribs 35", derriere 45", 13" tall front busk. Black cotton-backed satin with black cotton lining. NEW $450, REDUCED TO $350, THEN $250.
-- NOW $150 (4/19/13)

NEW, TWO navy and white girdle corsets (mid-thigh length) by Sue Nice, in navy cotton-backed satin and white cotton lining, white binding and elastic panels to permit sitting. Industrial hook and eye closure (five hooks) at bottom under 11" busk. Each one tried on two times. Waist closes at 30", derriere 40". Front vertical length 17.75". NEW EACH ONE $625 NOW $500 OR MAKE OFFER.

NEW white satin and braid trim bustier, 8" tall in front, wide elastic band in back with three hooks; 36C. Empire mfg. tag still on. NEW WAS $45, NOW $20.

NEW, front lace, closed back by former ROMANTASY corsetiere (Jade Locke); tried on about 5 times, lovely hourglass shaping. Made to close at 25" waist, ribs 38-39", derriere 40-41", 11" tall front. Ivory and blue Chinese silk with ivory cotton lining and 1/2" boning for extra strength. NEW $460. NOW $435.

NEW, strap overbust Victorian made for slender client (bra size 32A or B) to close at waistline 26", ribs 30", derriere 35", 12" tall busk; gold and brown bamboo print Chinese polysilk brocade front, satin sides, lined in ivory cotton. NEW $350. WAS $200 NOW $100.

NEW, strap overbust Victorian modeled above and produced by corsetiere Jane Smith.

GENTLY WORN, overbust Victorian corset by Sheri; worn about 40-50 times by client who then lost weight; dry cleaned. Made to close at 33" waist, ribs 36", derriere 45-46", bust 33B, 14" tall front busk. Forest green poly brocade with black cotton lining. NEW $650. NOW $500 OR MAKE OFFER.

FROM OWNER'S PERSONAL COLLECTION overbust Edwardian by Sheri. Older fit sample (not damaged) in ivory satin with ivory cotton lining, for small bosom 32-34A cup, made to close at 20" waist, ribs 29-30", derriere 38", front busk 13.5". NEW $500. NOW $100.

NEW, 1901 corset by Sharon McCoy Morgan; tried on about 5 times. Gorgeous design in royal, black and navy cotton-backed satin with black cotton lining. Great style to control a prominent rib cage and shrink it over time; advisable for transgendered MTF clients. Made to close at 27.5" waist, ribs 35", derriere 40", 10" tall front busk. NEW $640; NOW $600.

ONE BLACK CORSET LEFT - APPEARS BRAND NEW -- by Axefords (England), pushup Civil War style overbust in single layer of satin, extra wide stiff busk, 12.5" tall. Waist closes at 28", appears suitable for ribs 30-32", bust 34B-C, hips 36-37". Appears to be like style C110. SELLS FOR ABOUT $200. NOW $75.

NEW, TRIED ON A FEW TIMES "Bella" underbust Victorian corset by Sharon McCoy Morgan; tried on about 3 times. Made to close at 27" waist, ribs 39", derriere 42", 13" tall front busk. Pale blue and gold floral Chinese silk with ivory duck lining. NEW $425; WAS $325, $295 REDUCED $150.

WORN ABOUT FIVE TIMES, corset by Jane Smith in green crysanthemum Chinese brocade with black cotton lining, closed front laceup back, with detachable straps, waist closes at 30", ribs 35-36", bosom 42-44 B-C. Front vertical length 19"; best on person 5"10" and taller. WAS $450, REDUCED $150.
-- NOW $100 (4/19/13).

BRAND NEW BONED VEST by former ROMANTASY team member, in black cotton-backed satin lined in same, single boned, waist closes at 29", busk 910" tall. NEW $300, REDUCED $100.
-- NOW $50 (4/19/13)

TREASURE, NEW, for tall and/or full-figure client, underbust Victorian corset by former corsetiere (BR Creations) in red and black Chinese silk with red silk lining and eight ribboned garters, ribs about 44", derriere about 45", closes to 32" waist, 16" tall front busk. NEW $550, REDUCED $385, $300.
--now 250 (4/19/13)

NEW, for tall and/or full-figure client, underbust Victorian corset by Sharon in green print Chinese polysilk with black cotton-backed satin sides, black duck lining, ribs 44", derriere 47", closes to 36" waist, 13.5" tall front busk. NEW $495. MARKED DOWN TO $400, REDUCED $350.
-- NOW $200 (4/19/13).

* S O L D * APPEARS NEW, WORN A FEW TIMES, 6-panel very light-weight costume quality underbust Victorian, made by former team member (Raven) to close at 29-20" waist, 13" tall front busk, in Fu Dog Chinese blend brocade, lined. NEW ABOUT $250, WAS $50, NOW $30.

* S O L D * TREASURE!! NEW by famous former ROMANTASY corsetiere Ruth Johnson (BR Creations) in black Chinese polysilk Grecian key pattern, burgundy satin inside and reversible; never worn by client who gained weight; eight ribboned garters included. Made to close at waistline 30" for waists 35-38", ribs 32-34", derriere 44-45", 12.5" tall busk. NEW $550; WAS $350, REDUCED 12/31/12 TO $200 OR MAKE OFFER.

* S O L D * BRAND NEW, one underbust Victorian corset by Sharon Morgan (see one to right) superb for waist training, in black cotton-backed satin and black cotton lining. Waist closes at 26", ribs 35-36", pelvis 31-33". Front vertical length 12". NEW WAS $415-440, WAS $300, $200.
-- NOW REDUCED $150 (4/19/13).

* S O L D # BRAND NEW, Simple Pleasures cincher in red check polycotton reversible to teal polycotton, waist closes at 23", front busk 9" tall. NEW $205.

* S O L D * BRAND NEW, Simple Pleasures cincher in floral cotton reversible to black cotton, waist closes at 27", front busk 9" tall. NEW $205. <

* S O L D * FROM OWNER'S PERSONAL COLLECTION, GENTLY WORN, underbust Victorian by Sue Nice, in white polybrocade, 10" tall front busk, waist closes at 20". Pearl busk covers not included. NEW $280; WAS $150.
-- NOW $125 (4/19/13).

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