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   Sheri Jurnecka

[Updated 1/8/19]

"The corset arrived and is a beautiful fit. Wonderful work. Thank you! This is the best fit yet from our patterning. Thank you. I'm just starting to season it now, but the laces are lovely and straight at the back and the shape is beautiful." Ms. T (former 2016 coaching program student; 1/4/17)

Check out our client Victory Lamour's informative blog showing some of her custom corsets produced by Sheri!

We work exclusively with senior corsetiere, Sheri, because of her superb fit, comfort, and quality in custom corsetry. You may visit her studio in Oakland, CA to be measured (or for a muslin interim-corset fitting), or submit measurements by email or mail. First, prepare your basic measurements for the style you desire (either underbust, or overbust) using as a guide only, our Measurement Form and images on that page. Name the measurement you are taking and then list the average number you derive when you measure. Then email us for a direct referral to Sheri. Sheri will guide you to the final decisions on proper style, fit, embellishments, and fabric, and will give you pricing and production timing.

For dedicated waist-training purposes we recommend an underbust style corset (either Victorian or long-line Edwardian). Of all the corset styles, these two are the most comfortable styles, allowing for maximum body flexibility and breathing capacity as you build up to long hours of continuous wear. Of course, any underbust style may be a "work horse" corset constructed in plain cotton or coutil, or it can be a bit more decorative. A cotton corset will become more artistic with a cute, patterned braid trim (an ivory cotton corset trimmed in red and green striped cotton is pictured on our home page), or you may choose a lovely cotton-backed satin ("CBS" is the strongest satin on the market, with European CBS satins being of highest durability). Sheri also works in coutil which some believe provide the sturdiest corset over time. Some functional corsets can also be subtly embellished, although you will likely reserve more showy embellishments such as feathers and rhinestones for a more fashion-forward corset.

Sheri can produce both under and overbust style corsets for all figure sizes and shapes, with many examples viewed on her photo gallery page (see link below) and also below. She has a special flair for the dramatic and the artistic, such as her Octocorset and Russian Princess corsets pictured here. She specializes in working with unusual patterned and metallic leathers and PVC. Please inquire about wedding corset ensembles as well. For a more "Southern Belle" image to go with your corset, consider Sheri's ballgown skirts that are cartridge-pleated for maximum fullness, often utilizing eight yards of fabric!

Long experience in the field benefits appreciative clients with Sheri's always spot-on advice.

See Sheri's photo gallery.

  • "I love wearing my new pink corset and I'm following the rules. Wore it successfully today, I even cinched it up myself. Please add me to your email list - I'm a serious waist trainer. With Joy!" Stephanie L. (10/28/13)

  • "I received my Sheri corset last week. It was wrapped so artistically that I was almost hesitant to open it--almost. When I did open it, I was not only astounded by it's incredible beauty, but also shocked to realize how small it was, and that my waist is really that short! The fabric is gorgeous, and it is readily apparent how much skill and care went into the crafting of this garment." Angela (1/27/11)
  • "Ann and her corset-makers and seamstresses do exquisite work. Ann was especially great when planning my wedding outfit...She helped me choose Sheri to make the perfect corset, skirt, gloves, etc. The results were just wonderful- everyone was amazed by my wedding ensemble!" Nicole (Yelp review; Sept. 2010)
  • "I received my new navy and magenta silk Sheri corset and it is beautiful!" Natalie (11/6/08)
  • "I picked up my corset on 12/26. Wow!!! It is Beautiful!!!! Sheri did a absolutely wonderful job!!! Rikki (12/29/07)
  • "First off I wish to express how happy I am with the custom corset created for me by Sheri. It not only looks beautiful but seems quite durable and sturdy for many years of use." Jennifer (11/29/07)
  • "OMG! It's absolutely beautiful!! I couldn't stop touching my new corset and am very, VERY impressed on how well made it feels and looks. Definitely a quality piece of work. I am very excited to start learning how to put it on and wear it, but will obediently read your words before trying. Please pass on my grateful admiration to Sheri, as she did a spectacular job. I will definitely give you progress reports as I slowly start my training. Warmly and enthusiastically yours." Susan V. (6/13/07)

Victorian, underbust
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Edwardian, underbust
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Victorian, overbust
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Edwardian, overbust
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Scarlette O'Hara
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Ballgown Skirts
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Ann Modeling Sheri Corsets
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Kudos and Corset Kisses
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