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HOW TO ORDER - level 1

[Updated 2/10/18; elegant Victorian corset with perfect pattern-matching pictured below by Jill Hoverman for ROMANTASY]

  • ROMANTASY is a "high-touch, low-tech" business whose owner Ann, personally attends to each order.
  • Office hours are from 10 am to 5 pm Monday thru Friday, however, holidays both national and local apply.
  • We do NOT maintain a retail location but advise solely on Skype or by email or telephone.
  • Firm delivery dates must be stated in advance to apply.
  • We do not entertain rush orders because we want to ensure top quality that our clients deserve. You will place your corset order directly with the corset maker to whom we refer you, once you have prepared your initial set of measurements and have some idea of fabric, design and color. Please inform us when you are ready.
  • We appreciate your understanding and your patience.
HOW TO ORDER OTHER PRODUCTS AND SERVICES AND TERMS OF SALE: Terms of sale will be stated by your corset maker directly to you, ROMANTASY is not responsible for those. On products ROMANTASY provides, you will be asked to read and accept complete terms of sale called the "Customer Information Form" upon checkout from our cart. Most of those terms are summarized on this page. You may peruse our more detailed quality standards and variances to be expected on this page.

Note a critical term: once a custom order (for non corset products) has been placed by us, there can be no refund of deposit or payment received. CONTACT AND BUSINESS LOCATION FOR SNAILMAIL ONLY: Email. Business address: 2912 Diamond Street, Suite 239, San Francisco 94131. Telephone: (415) 587-3863.

EMAIL AND VOICE MAIL: We typically answer within two to four days. If you do not receive our reply within 48 hours, simply call or email again. (rev. 3.21.15)

SHOPPING CART ORDERS: A shopping cart order (or a snailmail order) is your legally-binding agreement to purchase and pay for what you order. We often process payment within minutes and commence fulfillment, but can adjust charges in the balance due if any changes occur after that. (rev. 10.4.11)


  • Custom ROMANTASY product order deposits or payments are non-refundable; your corset maker will tell you directly about her policy, so please shop carefully.
  • If you do not contact us and wish to cancel a shopping cart, snailmail, or in-person order for a ROMANTASY product, there is a $50 administrative fee if we have taken a deposit, finalized details of your order, and/or opened an administrative record. Otherwise, there is no cancellation fee.
  • Service orders are non-refundable, although reserved dates may be changed with 48-hr.-advance notice if re-booked during the following three months. (rev. 3.21.15)

NAME AND ADDRESS: Please check your order for accuracy in name, address, and payment method, before submitting it. Use your legal name and valid street address is required. Match your credit card to a proper address or your order will be delayed. You may request an exception to this policy if you wish to use a post office box instead, however, full payment of the order may or will be required in advance.

RETURN AUTHORIZATION: Obtain a return authorization before returning any ROMANTASY product for any reason. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF ORDER: Immediately after placing your cart order, and within a day or so of an email order, you will receive an acknowledgment of the full price due and owing (even if we actually invoice only one-half), and thus, you may plan to pay the balance due within seven days notice that we are ready or about ready to ship your product.

STORING COMPLETED PRODUCTS: We have no room to store products beyond a week or two. If you do not retrieve your order timely, then after 20 days we will or may add a $25 storage fee to, or as your balance due.

PAYMENT METHOD: We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover, money orders, cashier's checks, personal checks, cash, bank transfers, and international bank transfers. We do NOT accept PayPal. For international bank transfer some fees may apply. Sales tax is charged on applicable items and shipping/handling on orders from California, currently 8.75 percent. (rev.7.10.12)

PRICES LISTED: Cart or website prices listed are generally correct, but subject to change without notice. (rev. 8/19/11)

SHIPPING: ROMANTASY products are shipped either by US priority mail, Global Priority International, or first class US mail, and charged accordingly.

CONFIDENTIAL LABELS:Please tell us if you require this.

LOSS BY OUR CARRIER OR YOUR CUSTOMS:ROMANTASY and your corset maker are not responsible for delays due to or fees imposed by customs. Regarding customs or post office or other carrier delays or loss, we ask reasonable time (typically a month) to research the facts and submit claims before we commence a replacement order for you. However, we are not able to deliver a replacement order in under three months since carriers typically take that long to return packages to us.

RIGHT TO DECLINE ORDERS: We reserve the right to decline an order or request for any reason, and will return any deposit or payment made after a reasonable initial evaluation period not to exceed one month. Deposits will be promptly refunded. (added 6.4.13)

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