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   Sheri Jurnecka

[Updated 12/1/15. Pictured right copyright S. Scott Quady 2014, model Michelle wearing a "The Sophisticated Lady" custom corset gown by Jill, and photo below left (c) Elegant Images Photography 2000, model in magenta and pumpkin corset by Sheri. In addition, ROMANTASY now welcomes the transman; please visit our men's stays page.]

"Dear Ann, "Thanks for your information update. I do see all your pretty corset work on our (transgender surgery) patients. Warmest regards." Mira (Office Staff, Douglas Osterhout, M.D.) (7/16/08)


Corsets are the quintessential feminizing garment above all others, for two main reasons:

  1. Corsets once laced on with a modicum of waist reduction that is quite comfortable, automatically position the waistline properly at the typical torso height for a female, and

  2. Corsets instantaneously create the classic hourglass shape for an authentic feminine presentation, even with only a little actual reduction of the waist.
In addition, wearing a proper well-fitting corset has at least six additional feminizing results:
1. improved posture and self-confidence,
2. better fit of female clothing,
3. moderate narrowing of the typical male broad upper rib cage, especially with the straight-rib 1901 corset style by Sharon McCoy Morgan,
4. comfortable back support,
5. control and reduction of "love handles," and
6. reduction of appetite and hunger, which can result in permanent waist shaping and weight loss.
Witness the corseted figures of our lovely transwomen client Michelle (aka Michelle the Tall), pictured above right in her "Sophisticated Lady" corset ensemble, one of many elegant, unique corset ballgown creations by ROMANTASY. You may see Michelle modeling other corset ensembles on her Flickr photo page and read details about most of these ensembles on our skirt webpage.


A typical first corset will be the underbust Victorian, produced by any ROMANTASY team corsetiere. The longer Edwardian style is often not the best corset for the MTF figure because it tends to visually shrink the hips, rather than enhance them to balance out the typical male figure and shape.

However, any underbust style is relative easy to disguise under clothing, become used to, and is most versatile, as well. ROMANTASY offers a wide range of basic styles, figure silhouettes, and design options. Please inquire via email to, as we hare happy to help with final style, corsetiere, fabric and design choices.


If you are a full-time transwoman like our client Amy (pictured right wearing her first underbust blue and black Victorian corset by Sheri), you have most likely invested a lot of time, energy, and financial resources into improving your presentation and feminizing your image.

You may now be considering facial and figure surgery to create a softer visage and an authentic hourglass silhouette.

You may initially be focused on adding padding to your figure both top and bottom-- but please consider the below before pursuing expensive and invasive abdominal or breast enhancement surgery or products.

Why not first (not last):

1. Try a custom corset that will visually and immediately with comfort, enhance the size of your hips and bosom by nipping in your waist?

2. Investigate a few months of dedicated corset waist training for permanent waistline-inch and/or weight loss?

3. Enhance your natural endowments by ordering a padded bust cup in your overbust corset style? Notice how pretty Jenny looks, pictured far right modeling her blue "Marilyn" dress with a simple underbust corset worn as a foundation garment.

4. Learn important makeup contouring techniques to enhance your bosom and feminize your face? You may also wear an underbust corset whose upper edge will act like a bra underwire to provide uplift of the natural bosom tissue. Notice the contouring effects on our corseted model pictured near right in her "Elvira" Halloween corset ensemble. Our makeup artists are particularly skilled in teaching and demonstrating such techniques in ROMANTASY'S Gender Image Salons.


Regarding your waistline, dedicated corset waist training is rapid with substantial results coming in only two to three months for a dedicated student. And corset waist training addresses the limits of liposuction which never seems to sculpt out the sides of the waist, or address the "love handle" issue.

Spend a few moments examining the picture at the left. Our student Amy in black leotard demonstrates the results after only six weeks of six-day-per-week corset wear. She pursued our corset waist-training coaching program.

If you compare where she started in the leftmost picture, with the rightmost picture, you will notice a subtle but clearly observable reduction in her love handles, as well as minimizing of the horizontal crease of fat at her waistline. This is after only seven weeks of corset training! In that time Amy lost one inch off her waistline and more amazingly, lost one-and three-quarters inches off her rib cage. She ultimately lost more from her waist during the final five weeks of her original coaching program.

Observe the excellent, feminine posture of our Gender Image Salon student pictured right after attending Salon A. She is modeling a waist-defining corset by Sheri. Some university research shows that you will be perceived of as being more intelligent if you wear makeup and exhibit great posture!


Price should be no obstacle for you at ROMANTASY, first because we ensure that you invest wisely and well in a garment that suits your budget and will deliver the results you seek as personal priorities. Second, our quality custom corsets in the Basic Line start at only $165--about half the price of an expensive French bra or three flimsy department-store "teddies". Yet this corset from our Basic Line will not roll over, bunch up, wrinkle, or fall apart after only a few wearings. It will reduce your waistline down from two to four or more inches over time with practice. No elasticized nipper or readymade Asian import will do that. Many readymade corsets at a $69-100 price point will hardly create any results, will be patterned on a female body shape and not fit you well, and may tend to wear out sooner rather than later.


If you are pursuing a daily program of waist training, most genetic men can generally have the same expectations as genetic women who corset, that is, a temporary, or in some circumstances as pictured below left for Toni, a permanent waist reduction of from two to four inches in three to six months.

Toni trained by herself following the principles outlined in our detailed manual on waist training called Corset Magic: A Fun Guide to Trim Your Waist and Figure. As with Toni, the result can be permanent with continuing attention to occasional corseting, regular good nutrition and sound eating practices along with a moderate activity level.

For corset orders, you should provide us with two additional measurements to insure a comfortable fit no matter the style of corset you choose, or whether or not it is a male or female-style corset.

First, measure vertically from above your hip bone to underneath your lowest rib. Generally transgender clients have lesser distance than do women. Standard is 2-3" for transgender MTF clients and 3-4" for women. The narrower that space, the longer it will take to reduce your waist. Second, measure across the widest part of your rib cage, usually several inches below your underchest line. This may be a wider measurement than immediately below your chest.

Note also that you must submit measurements either wearing your hip padding, or not. If you choose the former, then you will need to always wear your corset over the padding. If you do not, then the corset will gap away from your hips, or you will have to lace it very tightly and close the bottom edge leaving the top edge wider open and risking torquing or twisting of the corset on your body. The same is true if you send measurements over your natural body. If you then choose to wear your corset over padding, then most likely you will have to open up the bottom edge very wide while the top remains closer together in back, risking torquing. Neither one is better than the other; the choice is up to you.

To enhance your waist-training efforts, you might consider purchasing a wide belt while you are waiting for your corset to be delivered. It's not the best option to waist train with however, because it tends to pooch outward the lower belly (wear it with a body shaper or Spanx). One of our clients who sought maximum reduction first purchased a belt and wore it to bed every night for nine months. When he returned to ROMANTASY to be measured for his first corset, he had actually permanently sculpted his waist down some nine inches! If Ann had not personally measured at both ends of that period, she would not have believed his remarkable progress.


Order our detailed waist-training manual, "Corset Magic: A Fun Guide to Trim Your Waist and Figure.

Visit corset enthusiast client Cissy Luv's cute website for valuable feminizing advice.


No matter your corsetry needs or desires, from formal to foundational, cincher to full Victorian, fancy to functional, we are happy to assist you. Please visit our comprehensive corset page describing our three Lines of Custom Corsetry, standard pattern corsetry, and important general information about the magic of corsets.


"I would like to order a new corset! I bought one of your lovely corsets by Jill back in 2011. It's the best corset I have ever had! Though because it was my favorite corset it eventually got somewhat stained, and the steel bones eventually poked out, and the back steel bones connecting the lacing almost half way poked out of the fabric. So it goes without saying I need a new one! I'm a trans girl hoping to get some curves with a corset, and the curves I got are wonderful! The corset was more effective than taking hormones. I've been doing both, but the curves formed much faster once I started wearing the corset." Christie (6/4/14)

"The feedback on my corset gown has been VERY positive! I have never been so flattered in my life. It brings tears to my eyes that I have ever looked that elegant. The efforts of your team clearly paid off! My femme persona has stepped up quite a bit. And I owe a lot of the energy to you and all your support. I could just hug you and your team for the smiles I can show now. I hope to be the lady you have come to know, and I will always be in your debt for teaching me how to be a lady." Michelle (10/19/08)

"Dear Ann, "I usually wear my corset once or twice a week for 6-8 hours. It really gives me a nice feminine figure. I always am asked how I get such a nice waist and when I tell them it is a corset, they can't believe it. It's hardly noticeable even under my tight fitting clothes." Sincerely, Cindy

"Dear Ann, "It's a funny thing - I live two totally separate lives, and so you are the first person I've ever told about myself ! Thanks for being so understanding - I was afraid I'd never hear from you again (really !)." Bev (7/8/01)

"First of all, thank you for such a wonderful site. I am a transgendered male and when I see a serious and compassionate site, I cannot express how much that means to me as a human being. It sure helps me feel less odd (if that's ever possible :-) . Your site does a great deal to explain about corsetry. Thank you and your company again for your kind attitudes." KJ (1/16/01)

"Dear Ann, "I thought I would drop you a line to tell you how much I like my new corset I ordered from your company last year. It fits real well with my padding, gives me a feminine figure and it's hardly noticeable under some of my tight fitting dresses and blouses. I am . . . enclosing a couple of pictures of me so you can see the results [shown above]." Cindy (2000)

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