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[READ ONLY PAGE - Updated 4/25/17]
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"My main squeeze is a corset.
Of my former, I'd say divorce it!
What a waist!
In a different place
And now a new proportion!"

--D. B. Karron


Corset waist training is called "the corset diet" by some. It's really not a fad diet at all.

Waist training is a fun, fashionable, and health-conscious lifestyle choice that enables you to trim your figure and/or weight, or both, whichever you choose. You do not have to lose much if any weight to lose waistline inches, or the reverse!
Corset waist training works if you go about it in a common sense, patient way, and if you are in generally good health. You can train by yourself, or you may seek out a coach or mentor, and we are here to help!

You'll need a suitably strong, fully custom underbust Victorian or a longer-line Edwardian style of corset (navy leather corset pictured to the right and below on Toni).


  • Our book.
  • Our two waist-training blogs.
  • Our FAQ pages.
  • Informative and fun blog on ABC-TV reporter Deborah Robert's adventure into ROMANTASY's waist-training coaching program. She wore the lovely custom cream-and-brown underbust victorian corset from our Fundamental Line of corsetry by team member Jill Hoverman, pictured left.
If you decide to purchase our detailed new 300 page Primer book on how to waist train (released Dec. 2016), or purchase our 600-page equivalent longer first training manual "Corset Magic" to guide your efforts, or if you decide to join our three-month formal coaching program (see below on this page), then you may expect to learn about the following topics:
  • The best style of corset to order for specific corseting goals and preferences;
  • How tightly to lace and how long to wear a corset each of six days per week to achieve your realistic, non-harmful reduction goals;
  • How to lace on a corset by yourself;
  • How to deal with the range of "normal" bodily and emotional feelings associated with waist training;
  • What happens to the body's structure and organs when corseted;
  • How to use psychology to enhance your progress and stay in your corset;
  • How to care for your corset;
  • How to interest a partner in tight-lacing;
  • How to comfortably attend dinner parties and social occasions while corseted; and other.
Please call us for further details: (415) 587-3863.


Register for our formal three-month coaching program.

Register on our Training Plans page.

IF YOU WORK WELL INDEPENDENTLY (as did the two ladies pictured above right):
Order our book and develop your own program.
Read an unsolicited review of our 2013 edition (since updated in January, 2015) by corset educator Lucy Williams (Lucy Corsetry)..


None of the gallery or below pictures has been retouched or in any way altered. Images represent to the best we can, the actual changes in the figures of clients wearing corsets as foundation garments:
Daywear dress: Corset as foundation.
Bride: Corset as foundation.
Daywear sweater: Corset as foundation.
Daywear "Marilyn" sundress: Corset as foundation.

If you wish to verify the success of our coaching students, please view "before" and "after" images on our coaching program page.


Waist training is a fun and fashionable way to reach a notable temporary reduction while corseted, or even to reshape your figure permanently within months. You can enhance your posture, improve your health, reduce pesky "love handles," and slim down by inches and/or pounds (yes -- you may choose to accomplish one or both!). No matter whether you want minimal change or substantial weight loss, the process encourages better eating habits and appreciation of quality foods, enhances self confidence, and attracts positive public attention.

We live in a country where some say up to 50% of Americans are over weight if not obese, and diabetes is on the rise. In addition many baby boomers are now aging into a wider waistline with concomitant risks to health, not to mention depressing one's sense of well-being and attractiveness. Corset waist training can provide a safe, effective, and fashionable alternative to risky and expensive and risky bariatric surgeries and fad diets which usually don't work.


Q. "Yes, but does waist training really work to make permanent change?"

A. "It works -- if you work it!"

Take a look at the over-sized pants on our male client to the right who followed our principles of waist training by himself, and in four months dropped 6.5" from his waistline and 34 pounds. This is fact, and a real, unretouched picture of his ultimate progress. We never exaggerate or modify the picture images we use (except perhaps for smoothing out a facial wrinkle or background door knob in the image from time to time!)

The process works for full figures (you need not lose weight first!) and for slim figures. It works for those over age 18 and for the mature client as well. (Our oldest corset client to date was a lovely 83-year young lady from Lexington, KY!) It works for both women and men. It works for individuals who can't seem to sculpt out their "love handles" even with liposuction or other bariatric surgeries, and for those who can't seem to drop the last few pounds, but are determined to do so.

Results are usually seen within months of dedicated effort, but without extreme discomfort or feelings of deprivation. In fact, one of the primary things that defeats our best intentions to trim down, hunger, seems to disappear in days if not weeks! The process may--and should--be challenging on some days, however, without some effort expended in reaching our goals, what is life truly worth? (Check out our April 26, 2015 waist-training blog on challenge vs. pain)

Q. "How do I get started?"

The key is to start with reasonable goals and a well-fitting custom underbust corset, then apply common sense and perservere. (In some cases an OTC or readymade corset could work if it fits well and is in the correct shape for your individual figure).

You build up slowly to long, consistent wear before beginning to lace tighter then do it again, coupled with a moderate waist-targeted exercise program, and corset-friendly nutrition regime.

It is also important that you have adequate information before commencing any training program, and a resource in place to inquire about what physical and psychological sensations are normal and which suggest a change in corseting practices such as loosening the laces, shortening your hours of wear, taking a few days off, or any combination of the three.

It is also important to your success that you be primarily self-motivated, focus on health, and above all apply common sense. For the best results, you should be willing and able to set waist training as one of only two or three primary personal goals for a three-month training period. Three months seems to work well for our clients and coaching students. A shorter period might accomplish results, but it may not be long enough to permanently modify or begin to change old habits that do not serve you well to maintain a sleek figure over time. Witness what Michelle (seen left) reports after following the program outlined in our book, starting in 2007 (left) through 2009 (right).

Q. "Can I train by myself?"

A. Yes, if you are a self-motivating and disciplined individual with clear and reasonable goals and timetable!

Take a look at the beginning of this page, the two clients pictured there. One trained for only seven weeks and saw remarkable progress, while another trained for about three months and achieved the same! Our client and friend pictured on this page, Toni, is 2005 pictured right in the white gown, at her heaviest weight when we met her. In fourteen weeks of almost daily corseting she reduced her weight from 205 pounds to 178 pounds, a 27-lb. weight loss, pictured far right. Toni is corseted in both images.

By early October, 2012, Toni was down to only 166 pounds and could completely close each of the lovely corsets in her wardrobe. Her most recent corset in embossed navy-and-black leather, pictured left, and above in 2013.

Both Michelle and Juno quoted below, and Toni, trained by themselves, using the principles contained in "Corset Magic" and their common sense. We were happy to make their acquaintance and provide several suitable waist-training corsets and of course, encouragements, along their successful ways!


"I am comfortable wearing my new underbust corset for six hours at 28 inches measured over the corset [about 27" under the corset, reduced down six inches from her normal snug waist of 33"]. Tomorrow I plan on continuous wearing at that level for 9 hours. I will take it down another 1/2 inch this Saturday and drop back to two hours a day (I do the next-level cinching down on the weekends so that, if I am uncomfortable, I have less I must do in it and can bear up). I am keeping daily records, and I even have a ceremony I follow when putting on my corset. Already it feels SO comfortable on me�I honestly can�t believe how comfortable it is, like a second skin. I�ll avoid any unlady-like big sneezes [you want to minimize risk of damaging your fabric!]

"I plan on hopefully closing the corset by the end of my 3-month waist- training trial, and then simply living it in daily at that level while I take off three months and don�t worry about training at all (although I will continue my oblique exercises and take one day off every week, of course). One thing I particularly love about this corset is that the cotton-backed satin is close to the natural color of my skin, so I can wear it under clothes and it is virtually undetectable. I plan on ordering after my waist training so that I know my new measurements. Currently, I plan on ordering Sharon�s Underbust Victorian Point. Warmly,"
Juno (2/12/14)

"I started corseting about four years ago. I was 35-29-35 at 145 lbs. Thru sleeptime corsetry, cardio, core resistant workouts, proper diet and sleep and of course, hormones, I have managed to transform my body into a feminine, healthy 36-26-36 at 135 lbs.

Wearing one of ROMANTASY'S beautiful corsets my waist drops to a comfortable 24 inches.

It took two years to achieve these permanent changes and I�ve managed to maintain them for the last two years. Waist training does work and the results are both healthy and beautiful. Thanks!"
Michelle (2/20/12; transgender client)

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