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CORSET MAGIC: A Fun (Guide to Trim Your Waist and Figure (an online pdf book only)
[Updated 2/25/19; cover design by our talented coaching program student, Heather, pictured here.]

"Waist training is a marathon--not a sprint!"

This book, and our newest December 2016 shorter book, remain the only published, detailed, medically-reviewed training manuals with step-by-step assistance to implement your health-conscious and common-sense figure-shaping goals!

Included in your purchase is an individualized three-month corset wearing plan. A confidential questionnaire is requested and required to enable us to develop your plan. Let us know via email with your order, that you want us to develop one for you.

This is not an automatic download; please be patient. If you used a credit card, please note that we now require an email or telephone call to 415-587-3863 adding your CV2 from the back of your card, otherwise a $2 additional processing fee will or may be added and your order may be delayed. All orders are hand-processed at our location. There is NO sales tax or shipping for this order. If your shopping cart order erroneously shows a shipping charge, we will NOT bill that to your account, but will only bill the price of $50. We respond to orders within about five to ten days.

Please see a March 2016 book review by Elinor of "The Nylon Swish".

Our book was copyright 1999 and updated July, 2015 with a few comments added in mid-2016. Order our NEWEST Dec. 2016 shorter online book for a more recently updated take on waist training, however, no wearing plan is included with that one. This Corset Magic book includes three extra detailed chapters on what happens during corseting and waist training to the organs and the skeleton, and a chapter on men and corsets, plus the individualized three-month wearing plan..

Read the Table of Contents and Chapter One below. This book is organized in three parts. Each chapter contains an initial summary of the chapter contents, and each part now has a full Index for ready reference and for finding what you need to re-read. The update include significant new research in health information and waist training such as:

-Steps to prepare for waist training while you await your training corset on order.
-Benefits of Waist-Training Belts vs. corsets.
-The dangers of sugar.
-Information on how corsets diminish hunger.
-The latest data on effectiveness of vitamin and herbal supplements.
-Further descriptions of corset components in a "tight-lacing" corset.
-A new appendix of common physical and emotional reactions to consider and record during your training program.
-A medical analysis and answer to the unfounded claim that backaches while corseting involve the kidneys.

You will be inspired by descriptions and pictures of many real-life examples of success in waist training. The results can be evident or more subtle, but posture will invariably improve and the torso will become more sleek and slim.

Take a close look at our fall, 2015 coaching program graduate, Dorothy (natural standing profile pictured left). In three months Dorothy lost 2.25" in her waistline and dropped 12.8 lbs.--and you can, too! The downward trend persisted as she continued using techniques she learned during the program. Note her flattening belly, relaxed shoulders, and straighter posture in the "after" image to the right of each "before" image. These beneficial changes and more, are typical of our students.

Don't wait to order the very best quality, most comfortable of waist-training corsets a a highly competitive price from our senior corsetiere, Sheri (with 30 yrs. of corset-making experience!). Email us that you are ready to order, and we'll send you directly to her location via email or in Oakland, CA.

The suitable waist-training corset will be either a Victorian (high-hipped) or Edwardian (longline) underbust style.

  • ABC-TV featured our waist-training program on "20/20". Read about ABC-TV reporter Deborah Robert's amusing and fun experience, while waist training in a gorgeous training corset pictured right, by former team-member Jill Hoverman.

  • Canadian corset educator and corsetiere Lucy ( in 2012 reviews our book edition on YouTube. Check out her other informative, fact-based information on waist training. We depart from Lucy's perspective based on substantial evidence that a fully custom corset is required for comfortable and serious waist training, and that rarely if ever, will an OTR corset serve that purpose. de rigueur.

  • Read Chapter One "Setting the Stage for Corset Magic", and view the Table of Contents at the bottom of this page.

  • Be inspired by real-life examples and pictures of coaching program students and of those who have trained independently, according to the book principles and program.


"The corset, even or especially when tight-laced, has traditionally been and is still vilified as detrimental to health. Grogan shows how false in both theory and practice this assumption is. This is the first work to engage seriously the idea that corsets can actually improve health, especially the new scourge of the "advanced" countries, obesity. Quite apart from all its aesthetic advantages, the corset, as an incentive to eat less and eat better, and exercise more, should be hailed, per Grogan, as safer than all the chemical and surgical "remedies" for obesity. How right and tight she is. It is fun to read, as well."
David Kunzle, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Art History, University of California, Los Angeles; Author: Fashion & Fetishm: Corsets, Tight-Lacing, and Other Forms of Body-Sculpture (Sutton, Los Angeles, April 10, 2005; expanded and published in paperback 2007)

"Perfect to a 'T' in terms of technical advice, Ann Grogan's chapter on corset construction, how to find and choose a corset maker, and design a functional, comfortable garment provides many words to the wise for first-time corset consumers. Her writing is refreshing and full of personal experiences that show she knows of what she speaks. Choosing a quality waist-training corset will come easy to those who study her words."
Dawn Marie Forsyth, Fashion Design Coordinator, Fashion Institute of Design and Technology (San Francisco, July 15, 2004)


"This book is the BEST book EVER! Why? Because it is a Living Book. It's BETTER than most, because you have the advice, experiences, tips and tricks from real people who have tried the process you recommend. It's not just a book that tells you HOW to make a cake, but gives you steps to ensure cake making success, as well as specifics to make sure that you make the BEST cake ever! Anyone that sticks to your recipe WILL succeed. When and if we fail, we have to be honest and own up to our self-imposed failures, then of course, get up and try again." Michie (New Zealand, 3/30/16)

"I wanted to touch base with you and let you know I have received my book! I have started reading it, and. I am very excited to get into a regular routine!" Helen (11/10/15)

"My God, I cannot believe the amount of information contained in your book. The sections on nutrition alone will take me awhile to get thru. I'm so happy I got this book. It's wonderful." Kathy (10/15/15)

"What a wealth of information in your book. I am 36 and have always loved the romance of corsets but never thought I could try to wear one as my waist- to-hip ratio is not that large. But now I know that isn't true. I am happy to say that when I am ready for a custom training corset ROMANTASY will be my first stop. It was so nice of you to the time to speak with me on the phone. Customer service and expertise seems to have gone the way of the corset. And I appreciate all of your help. I look forward to speaking again." Eden (7/8/15)

"Waist-training is going well. I am still on the program. I had a few bumps in the road (was bloated, gain a little weight, was not eating right) but I have not quit. My body is getting more of an hourglass shape, my waist now measures 25-1/4 inch (down from 28), and I have been told that my waist looks smaller. I am happy with the results and I am going to keep up with the program. Warm Regards" Denise (7/1/15; purchased Corset Magic in February, 2015 to learn how to set up her own program)

"I finished reading Corset Magic in about a day and a half, and most probably will reread it. it was a great read, very thorough, and informative. I feel like some strategies I can use even without a corset. I am already thinking about taking smaller bites and the smaller plates idea. I am very excited about purchasing a corset and starting waist training." Jessica (4/25/15)

"I like the book very much. I had no idea there so much to learn about corset." Sandra (3/5/15)

"I've begun reading your book, and I can't put it down. You're such a fun person!" Genevieve (3/5/15)

"Your book is worth every penny! It has much more information than just how to corset waist train. Even if someone ultimately decides corsets are not for them, the health information, recipes, and exercises are great resources for achieving a healthier overall lifestyle. This book is a great investment and can save you a lot of time and money when you are choosing the right corset for yourself." ROMANTASY Client April's waist-training blog (1/27/14)

"Thanks so much for infusing your book with so much knowledge and experiences with your clients--a fun and very informative read, and now I am even more eager to get that corset!" Marci (7/8/14)

"I quickly went through your book yesterday and was really impressed. Lucy's YouTube video review says your book is the 'holy grail' and "the bible" for anyone interested in waist-training, and boy was she right! Thank you for taking the time to write it and sharing your vast knowledge." Kirsi, Finland (July 12, 2012)

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"Corset Magic" - A How-to Waist-Training Manual -plus- corset wearing plan
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Comments of Reviewers - page 7
Dedication - page 9
Acknowledgments - page 10

Part I

Setting the Stage for Corset Magic - page 13
'The Corset Question' Answered: Why Corsets Don�t Hurt - page 25
How Corsets Help You Lose Waistline Inches or Weight - page 33
The Perfect Style Corset For Waist Training - page 47

Part II

The Six Elements of An Effective Waist-Training Program - page 79
Non-Corset-Friendly Eating Habits: The Problems - page 3
Corset-Friendly Eating Habits: The Solutions - page 11
Corset-Friendly Exercise Habits - page 45

Part III

What Goes Where When You Corset - page 71
How Your Body Could Be Affected by Moderate Waist Training - page 93
Problems You Might Encounter and How To Solve Them - page 121
How To Maintain Your Newfound Waistline - page 131
The Difference Between Tight-Lacing and Moderate Lacing - page 137
Real Men Eat Quiche . . . and Wear Corsets! - page 141

Conclusion - page 151

Appendices - page 153

List of Photos
Healthy High-Fiber Recipes for Waist Training Programs
Typical Measurements Needed for Custom Corsets
Pierre�s "Tight-lacing score" system for waist training
ROMANTASY�s Waist Training Coaching Program Biography of Author

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