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"THE KEWL KORSET" ( Victorian or Edwardian styles)
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[Updated 6/23/16]

Here's our cutest of models on the right, Ms. Heidi of Strait-Laced Dame Corsetry riding her bike for real, in our flexible sporty new stretch denim and black satin Victorian "Kewl Korset" style corset! Below you'll see the longline Edwardian shown in cream mesh with green silk print bone casings and olive satin.

Great for lower back support while swinging a golf club, bike riding, playing tennis or pursuing other sports in an active lifestyle! Owner Ann wears a very high back Victorian (soon to be shown on this page) style that is 19.5" tall along the grommets, for upper and lower back support when she is in recovery from an occasional back spasm or is being careful to prevent one. She combined stretch turquoise poly-cotton with cream mesh, and Taiwanese typical floral print outer bone casings and bindings.

Our newest underbust corset style is especially designed for those who want or need:
  • more flexibility for an active lifestyle or exercising while corseted,
  • hot weather wear,
  • to waist train while sleeping,
  • a more forgiving corset with gentle restriction, because of some health matter such as acid reflux, and
  • to maintain your waistline after a successful weight or waistline-inch loss.

This is a fully-custom double steel-boned corset with waist tape. The corset is substantially strong for foundation or night-time wear. Note that gorgeous outer bone casings are included in our base price as is the fabric pictured here (denim and silk patterns may vary). You may request fabric with lycra (some stretch) or without lycra.

The style may not be the best choice for serious and dedicated waist training because it is not quite heavy enough (one fabric layer) to withstand substantial lacing down or building up to the typically long hours of dedicated wear.


The Kewl Korset was designed to incorporate stretch print (as shown or in another pattern) or solid no stretch denim panels with cool corset mesh fabric that allows for air circulation to the skin. It's a perfect choice for hot weather wear!

It's also a great choice for corseting during sports activities to avoid back strain, because it is flexible. A bit of lycra in the denim fabric renders this style easy to wear with minimal breathing or digestion restriction. This means this style is perfect for corseting while engaging in golf, bike riding, horseback riding, or back packing while at the same time achieving a bit of back support and torso control.

The standard shape shown is intentionally a bit higher in the back than normal to enhance upper back support.


This fully custom style in a single layer of fabric comes with:

  • double outer bone casings in denim as in some panels, and steel bones,

  • cotton-backed satin front busk panel and back grommeted panel,

  • alternating stretch or no-stretch denim with net in your choice of black or ivory color (black net is pictured here; white next is pictured below).

"The Kewl Korset" for Sleep, Sports & Summer
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Code: "The Kewl Korset" for Sleep and Hot Weather
Price: $360.00

Shipping Weight: 14.00 pounds
Fabric - Binding, Type:
Fabric - Binding, Colors:
FABRIC Satin Front/Back Colors:
Horizontal - Rib Cage Under Bosom or Chest:
Horizontal - Snug Natural Waist:
Horizontal - Desired Waist Reduction
(N.B. 4" is maximum for 18th Cen. style)
Horizontal - 3" Down from Waist (pelvis):
Horizontal - 5" Down From Waist:
Horizontal - Derriere (widest part hips):
Vertical - Side Front Waist up to Underwire/Chest:
Vertical - Side Front Waist Down to Leg Bend:
Vertical - Center Front Waist to Corset Top:
Vertical - Center Front Waist to Corset Bottom:
Vertical - Center Back Waist to Corset Top:
Vertical - Center Back Waist to Corset Bottom:
Your Height:
Your Approximate Weight:
Corset Style:

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