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[Updated 3/6/15]



Our program offers a valuable support system if you do best with consistent, gentle, and experienced guidance to reach your figure-shaping and weight-loss goals. Based on fifteen years of program experience, your coach, ROMANTASY owner Ann, will advise you on the following matters, among others:

  • How many hours to wear your corset at what measurement over the corset.
  • How to address physical and emotional challenges when you want to loosen or remove your corset.
  • How to go "stealth mode" at work, and disguise your corset underneath clothing.
  • What kind of physical reactions are typical.
  • What happens to your organs and how do they move.
  • Where does the waistline go.
  • What are the best foods that are compatible with a restricted tummy.
  • How will my digestion be impacted.
  • What are the primary physical issues I should expect to experience.


ABC-TV's Reporter Deborah Roberts interviewed Ann in October, 2012, then followed our program for two brief weeks. She wore a lovely corset by ROMANTASY corsetiere Jill Hoverman, then wrote an informative and amusing blog about her short experiment.

Students who have completed our dedicated three-month program consistently report substantial satisfaction in fully or substantially reaching their projected goals. Katrina, pictured left, is a representative student:

"I think your program was a wonderful and real experience. No trickery or dishonest methods. It is just you and your program with communicative, knowledgeable people to support and cheer you on.

"I think I started off well prepared by not setting goals that were too high and making my mind be set to just become healthier no matter if I lost weight or not. The most memorable elements for me were realizing how easy it was to really make small changes to my everyday life to just feel better, and seeing how much I could bring in my waist in comparison to when I started. It was pretty amazing.

"The best things I will take away from my training are learning how to eat and live generally with a healthier plan in my mind at all times and that even if it seems tough, it is possible to achieve what you put your mind to." Katrina (graduated 6/13/09)


  • A copy of our waist-training book which is a detailed resource guide and manual.
  • Our corset catalog of 1998.
  • A 10% discount on a training corset when you enroll.
  • One hundred dollars of your registration fee of $400 will be returned to you if you successfully complete the program as determined by your coach. Should you not be able or willing to complete your program, ROMANTASY will contribute $100 of your registration fee to our designated charity, La Casa de las Madres, San Francisco's oldest battered women and children's shelter.


One of the remarkable results of the program is rapid and dramatic improvement of posture. To the right is Cat pictured after only nine weeks of training. Often students experience significant weight or waistline inch-loss within weeks.

For example, in September, 2023, our student Ashley reported a 4.5 lb.-weight loss and 1.5" waistline inch -loss after four weeks.

However, major success is more typically noted by students who commit to the entire three-month process. Thus, our primary goal is to motivate you to continue all the way through to the end of your three-month program.


"How does your program work?"

If you live in the Bay Area, we first meet with you to develop background information and set reasonable program goals. If you live outside the Bay Area, we use Skype, email, and telephone to do the same.

We then design a specific program for each of three elements of waist training: (1) a corset-wearing program, (2) a corset-friendly nutrition program, and (3) a waist-targeted exercise regime. We supervise your implementation of these three key elements.

Next, we use Skype, email and telephone calls every few days to check in, answer questions, provide counseling and feedback, and offer encouragement to achieve your ultimate goals.

We include reading assignments and weekly quizzes to ensure that you understand key concepts. Throughout your program we provide fun rewards and gentle "punishments" that support your goals.

When you graduate and if you are able, we fete your success at one of our famed "Corset Soirees" at a San Francisco hotel. Graduate Cat is pictured right with friends, and our second coaching student Lynn, is pictured below left celebrating her new figure a year after completing her program.

"How do I enroll?"

Please confirm via email your age and that you are in generally good health. If not, some health conditions may indicate that it unwise to pursue waist training. We shall advise you regarding those critical matters.

Regarding age, we don't want to risk interfering with growth when you are young. Thus we do not accept students under age 20.

"Is this a realistic program, or just another fad "diet" with fantasy results?"

There is no fad, diet, or fantasy involved: this is a fun, fashionable and effective lifestyle, health-conscious program to trim your waist and reshape your figure.

"Does it really work to re-shape my figure and help me trim down, no matter my starting size or shape?"

For most people who enjoy generally good health, the answer is a resounding YES!

Being held accountable each week to a program we design together to reach reasonable goals, is often the critical factor to waist-training success. Also, it is highly beneficial to have an experienced coach, plus a former successful student assigned to you as a Training Buddy. You may call upon either person to answer questions as they arise and suggest adjustments to your program.

The process has worked for slim or full-figure students including a client who weighted 330 pounds then lost 50 pounds and five inches off her waistline (Ms. X pictured below).

The process works for both women, and men who want only to reduce their body fat or achieve a more manly torso.

The process has worked for one student to diminish then disappear her Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

The process has worked for several students to disappear "love handles" that liposuction doesn't address, especially for our transwomen students.

"Are the results significant, or only minimal?"

In major part, the results depend upon you. Size, shape, and genetics also count. What appears "significant" is also an individual matter for you to determine. However, almost everyone can achieve some figure and posture improvement with moderate effort.

"Do the results last?"

While most of us put back on at least some weight after a dedicated effort to trim down, our students for the most part have not regained it all. Those who have, experienced substantial life stressors that caused them to return to unhelpful and unhealthy habits. The large majority of our students have kept a svelte figure through "maintenance waist training." This involves making a few moderate lifestyle changes in what and how you eat, adding minimal waist-targeted exercise, and pursuing periodic corseting .

Pictured below on this page are the amazing results for some students. These are unretouched images and accurate measurement statistics.

You may also view these results in moving images here:

After waist training coaching: Full-figure female trainee, 30s, view posture improvement and tummy disappearing after three months or training.
After waist training coaching: Female trainee, 30s, view results after three months.
After waist training coaching: Male, 40s, view body fat reduction from about 13% to 9% in three months.
After waist training coaching: Female, 20s, view results after three months.
After waist training coaching: Female, 40s, view posture improvement and tummy reduction after only nine weeks.
After waist training coaching: Transwoman, 40s, view male physique love handles disappearing in three months.
Above student, closeup.

In both the static and moving images you will note both subtle and more obvious improvements such as:

-- space appearing between the body and arms,
-- more evident bone structure developing,
-- shrinking "double chins" and narrowing necks and faces,
-- disappearing tummies,
-- reduced wrinkling of clothing as fat disappears and is replaced by muscle, and
-- disappearing "love handles."
3-Month Waist-Training - Coaching Program
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Note Cat's results after only six weeks of training. Image to right at top of this page shows her ultimate 12-week results.Cat lost 23 lbs. and 5.5" off her waistline. Cat lost 23 lbs. and 5.5" off her waistline.
Cat and friends celebrate at her graduation, Fairmont Hotel. Carl lost 13.5 lbs. and 2.5" inches in his waistline; note his improved posture.

Ashlee lost 9 lbs. and 3.5" off her waistline.

Note Ashlee's substantially improved posture 7 weeks into waist training.

Ms. X lost 30 lbs. and 5" off her waistline. Note the disappearing waistline wrinkles.

Amy lost 5 lbs., 2.75" off her rib cage, and 2.5" off her waistline. Note the disappearing "love handles".
Katrina lost 15 lbs. and 1.5" off her waistline.
Note Katrina's improved posture (no foundation garment worn).
Katrina looks great when corseted, before and after training.
Christine was our fourth waist training student and lost 7.6 lbs. and 2.5" off her waistline. Both images are her "after" pictures.

Bret lost 7.3 lbs. and 2.25" off his waistline, plus reduced his body fat from 13.2% to 9.6%.

Bret corseted before and after training.

Bret corseted two years after completing training.

Tim was our third waist training student. He started losing weight at 210 lbs. and lost 23 lbs., but could go no farther. He then started waist training and lost 17 more pounds and 3.5" more off his waistline.

Melinda lost 13 lbs. and 3" off her waistline.

Melinda one year after completing training; Tim three years after completing training.
Denna lost 10 lbs. and 4" off her waistline.
Denna at her graduation, gifts Coach Ann with coaching whistle.
Lynn was our second waist training student, and lost 3.5" off her waistline.
Lynn enjoys dancing at her graduation celebration at the Fairmont Hotel.
Gigi lost 3" off her waistline.
Our first waist training student, Peter (Aug. 2000), lost one inch off his waistline. He is shown after training, comfortably corseted at 25.5" over the corset for 10 continuous hours.

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