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[Updated 3/19/15]

The Nutrition Plan is one of three services to assist those who wish to set up their own waist-training program, but who want to be sure they pursue corset-friendly nutrition practices that ensure the best overall results.

Students should be in overall generally good to excellent health (we are unable to advise those with serious problems of high blood pressure, circulation, hernia, chronic constipation, GERD or chronic acid reflux, or sometimes, IBD).

The program is based on our 30 waist-training students' experiences, interviews with literally hundreds of corset enthusiasts, and extensive research on waist training. Out Plan will be most likely to to help accomplish your goals in a three-month training period. We can assist you set goals as well.

Our final product is a written, individualized Nutrition Training Plan covering three months and detailing your daily nutrition plan regarding food quantity, quality, portion size, and eating habits that, coupled with six-days-per-week wear of a good training corset and proper waist-specific exercises, will most likely help accomplish your goals in that training period. Rather than merely provide some recipes or commonly-known nutrition tips for you, we help you to evaluate your total diet and lifestyle from a comprehensive perspective.

We look at: Is your energy intake and expenditure in balance? If not, then you will surely gain weight; it's just that simple! We also look at what factors are unique to you and need to be addressed, taking into account your job, lifestyle, and other considerations. If you have a sedentary job such as at the computer, you will tend to expend less calories than someone who is a UPS delivery person, hopping into and out of her truck all day, and walking to deliver packages. The key is for us to unearth, evaluate, and understand the above, plus you to learn a few general principles about foods, and food choices. We also will look carefully at how you eat. We also need to pull out the stops in terms of looking at your stress level, sleep quantity and quality, with an overview or your current exercise. Then of course, there is your daily (six days per week is what we recommend) wear of your corset (which mainly controls portion size, reduces hunger, and provides a lot of other minor miracles in terms of boosting your figure-trimming mission forward).

You are responsible to work out a corollary and comprehensive corset wearing and exercise program or you may request our assistance in drafting a daily Corset Wear and Exercise Plan by registering for these two services on our Shopping Cart. In addition, you may benefit from the program outlining five other critical elements that will complement the Plan we write for you, set forth in our detailed waist-training manual, Corset Magic: A Fun Guide to Trim Your Waist and Figure.

While you may train with any well-fitting underbust corset, you may wish to review the three lines of our field-tested, tight-lacing custom corsetry (Fundamental and Elegant) before purchasing from another less-experienced or less customer-oriented business. We welcome custom corset inquiries and will use our best judgment to guide you to the proper corset - for you!

ďHi Ann, Sorry I havenít gotten back to you , but Iíve gotten a little discouraged (about the fact I ordered my corset too big to train in, and no one told me!). I wrote my corsetiere and told them of the problems I have with it. They said it would probably cost just as much as a new corset to shrink the one I have. (Ed. Note: It should not cost as much--except that this corsetiere obviously did not want to provide this kind of customer service to a naive but rueful client whom they did not interview sufficiently to help her choose the proper size corset to begin with). I wish I had followed my intuition and stuck with you. You are a great motivator and a wonderful business woman. You have forever earned a loyal client. You have re-energized my spirit in this area!!!!!! What do I do next to get a properly-sized corset so I can start training?Ē C.S. (12/06)

3-month Waist-Training Plan - Nutrition
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