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Welcome to ROMANTASY Exquisite Corsetry! I'm pleased that you have discovered our website featuring elegant fashion and waist-training corsetry, as well as costuming, and Gender Image Salons for the transgendered community.

We've been in business since 1990, and in 1995 provided the first-ever website on custom corsetry. We are particulalry proud of our major March 2015 website re-organization to add over 400 gorgeous corset images organied into 29 galleries, and optimize the ordering and educational experience at ROMANTASY!

Over the years we have provided fine custom corsetry to residents of almost every state in our union, as well as to residents of many other countries, including Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, England, Germany, Holland, Spain, Indonesia, Finland, and Japan. In 2015 our blog on waist training was visited from 169 countries on 166,000 different visits!

Since about 1995 we have also developed a specialty in the process known as "corset waist training" most recently explored in October, 2012 by the ABC-TV show "20/20", with reporter Deborah Roberts wearing a gorgeous training corset by Jill Hoverman on our inimitable team of corsetieres.

The process can reshape and improve one's figure and posture. While no one on our team is medically trained, as a former attorney and over my years in this specialized business, I have devoted my educational efforts to facts, not to speculation. I base my recommendations in corset waist-training on experience including my own wearing of corsets for 24 years, the experience of some 30 students I�ve coached in my waist-training program, about 10,000 clients who have ordered corsets from my specialty business, many of whom report back to me over the years, plus about 500 other corset wearers here and abroad whom I have interviewed or with whom I have discussed corset waist training in some detail. Details in my book on the topic of corset waist training have been professionally reviewed by over eight physicians, two nurses, and my Kaiser Hospital physical therapist (M.A. level) -- most of whom actually wear tight-lacing, steel boned, back lacing corsets.

We also provide intensive, educational Gender Image Salons to enhance the femme image for the beginning and intermediate MTF transgender student.

For those of you who don't know me, I like to say I'm a "recovering attorney," one who discovered that indeed, there is life after law! I practiced civil trial law for sixteen years, the last six with the California Attorney General's Office in San Francisco. Although I loved my clients, the employment issues with which I dealt, and the intellectual challenge of the law, I decided I didn't much like the increasingly hostile environment and tactics of opposing counsel, nor the dubious success of my efforts, even if they were mostly wins.

So I decided to move to the positive side of life for a while, and create a place to explore the many pleasures of heart, body and spirit through the artistic creations of corsetry and sensual dressing: in 1990 I opened ROMANTASY lingerie boutique.

Then I fell in love with the wonderful historical garment known as the corset. I am now proud to represent the world's finest fashion and tight-lacing corset makers, and to own over 75 of their marvelous custom creations: comfortable because they are custom to my body and because they are worn with moderation--our ROMANTASY motto concerning corsets and waist-training.

We at ROMANTASY are interested in learning about your fashion needs and pleasures, and sharing with you what we have learned from over 100,000 people we have met in our former retail boutique, and at the lectures and community events in which we participate, as well as from countless Internet corset-enthusiast friends and customers. We hope to develop a long-term relationship with you, as we have with many wonderful customers we have met over the years.

Thank you for supporting us and sharing our dreams. Come back and visit whenever you are in need of advice and guidance in corset waist-training or how to order a fine, custom corset!

Cordially, Ann Grogan

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