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Before choosing any business or educational website it is wise for a prospective client to evaluate what is offered and on what facts and experiences it is based.

We like to say that ROMANTASY's clients appreciate our "high touch, low tech" custom corset products and educational services based on being continuously in this specialty business since 1990--27 wonderful years in January, 2017! They understand that corset construction is of top quality at a competitive price, often below market. They see particular value in the fact that we take a moderate, health-first approach to wearing corsets and corset waist training.

Our clients value that we operate openly regarding sales policies and procedures as well as prices. We post those online so clients can easily determine if we are the business ir educational resource for them. We continually seek to improve and thus, welcome your ideas and suggestions.

While we maintain a vigorous Facebook page, waist-training blog, and answer emails as promptly as possible, we choose not to pursue an "immediate gratification" type of business in corsetry. We do not have impersonal or automated fulfillment procedures. Our clients simply appreciate our personal touch!


Corsets, quality, and elegant dressing can suit everybody and every shape--if you are in generally good health and wish to try a form-fitting garment that improves posture immediately, and can even result in permanent weight reduction and figure shaping. Corset design provides us with a creative outlet and expresses our aesthetic preferences. Corsets attract positive public attention and appreciation of the curvy figure. They are pure magic!


We embrace old-fashioned values such as honesty, trust, respect, compassion, optimism, high quality in elegant dressing--and patience!

"The quality that you send is worth waiting for. Love you!" Natoma C. (7/12/10).
These values reflect the magic of corsets and elegant dressing, and respect both our clients and the talented artists with whom we work. We expect those who chose to work with us to be a true partner in co-creating his or her project, to share our values, and to work with us in a cordial, businesslike manner as we pledge to work with you. Corsetry and quality take time and patience, even in a fast-paced modern world. We assure you that your patience will be rewarded!


Our quality standards are among the highest in this specialized industry and are continually improved with experience. We are the resource leader for custom corsetry, a trusted business in continuous operation since 1990. Thus, we refuse to dilute our quality by rushing an order without good cause, by "jobbing" out any part of our garments, by selling inexpensive readymade imported corsets, or selling any corset if not appropriate for our client. Ann Grogan, President, has a long-term personal passion for corsetry focusing first on corset education for the client's benefit before any sale. She is a highly-recognized expert on the subject. She is the author of a seminal technical book and many articles on corsets and waist training. Her media appearances are many.


We strive to remain the best within the industry. We recognize that corsets are a unique and intimate dressing experience, and will do our best to fully answer your questions and guide you to suitable final choices for your individual needs. We willingly provide post-sale information and advice. We offer valuable personal attention:

"It was so nice to speak with you on Thursday. I can't tell you how excited I am to read your book and get started in waist training. Thank you for your personal attention; it means a lot." Lisa T. (10/1/11)

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