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  • Romance author Killarney Scheffield posts our article on how to order a comfy custom corset! Check out her book, "Corseting the Earl."

  • "For tightlacers the internet is a haven" featuring our experience with social media and acceptance of corseting, Jan. 17, 2016 in The Kernel

  • New York Times best selling author of "I Love Me More Than Sugar" posts our guest article focused on how slim folks are discouraged from eating well and staying trim: a hidden form of body or size discrimination.

  • "For tightlacers, the internet is a haven" - New article about our experience with the influence of social media on the acceptance of corseting, by Kastalia Medrano, Jan. 21, 2016.

  • ROMANTASY corsets and guest blog featured in Feb. 2016 on noted romance writer Killarney Sheffield's Facebook page! Check out her paperback book Corseting the Earl.

  • "Corset Magic: A Fun Guide to Trim Your Waist and Figure" by ROMANTASY owner Ann Grogan, Online Chat was held with our waist-training student Sarah and Ann on Nov. 2, 2012, sponsored by Postmedia (Canada, the largest publisher of English-language dailies in Canada including the Vancouver Sun, Edmonton Journal, Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen and several others).

  • ABC-TV ' "20/20", October 12, 2012. Interviewed by reporter Deborah Roberts who conducted her research wearing a lovely training corset by ROMANTASY team member Jill Hoverman; producers Keturah Gray and Sunny Atrim.

  • WRFN Radio Free Nashville, May 11, 2006, interviewed for "The Nashville View" by client LauraBeth, and colleague Roxanne, on corsetry for the transgendered. Also streamed on TransFm, Boston.

  • Discovery TV Health Channel, April 3 and 4, June 5 and 6, 2005, featuring the ROMANTASY Gender Image Salon as part of a two-hour series on sex change process, SeXchange.

  • Discovery TV Travel Channel, "Eye of the Beholder," show on modern-day corsetry, filmed May 6, 2003 and aired shortly thereafter in the US, producer Serina Yang, filmed at ROMANTASY'S location in San Francisco, pictured at bottom of this page.

  • Discovery TV Channel, "Eye of the Beholder" aired in England on March 1, 2, and 7, 2004.

  • Maury Povich Show, New York, 1996.

  • PRINT - MAGAZINES and ONLINE - International

  • An article in the London Independent from 1997, featuring our friend and model Pandora Gorey, of tight-lacing corset fame.

  • Fashionable Lingerie (Russian fashion magazine), June 18, 2007 Issue, "Fashion Industry" If you read Cyrillic, check outthis page and this page.

  • Silhouette (London transgender magazine), Issue 5, October, 2003, reprint of article from ROMANTASYS book (1st ed. to be published 2004), Corset Magic: A Fun Guide to Trim Your Waist and Figure - Permanently!

  • PRINT - MAGAZINES and ONLINE - National

  • Body Magazine, February 2008, "Waist Training sheds weight".

  • See our Letter to the Editor printed in the online McPete Sez newsletter August, 2008, "For the Reader" section seen here.

  • Body (NYC magazine for the lingerie wholesale trade) - February, 2008 issue featured an interview with owner Ann, "Waist-Training Sheds Weight".

  • ROMANTASY has been reviewed in the third edition of the Schmap San Francisco Guide, the latest update in a series of 200 digital travel guides profiled by the Washington Post, International Herald Tribune, Time Magazine and many more. To see the review for ROMANTASY, please visit this page.

  • , "Esprit Gala returns to Port Angeles", May 18, 2006 by Andrew Binion, featuring our "Basics of Style" workshop presented at the Esprit (transgender) annual conference.

  • Peninsula Daily News, Pt. Angeles, WA, May 18, 2005 - "Transgender visitors gussy up for Esprit Gala" by Andrew Binion (featuring our "Basics of Style" workshop).

  • Transgender Community News (Pennsylvania Renaissance Transgender Association) March 2003 Issue, reprint of article from Corset Magic.

  • Hustler Forum, May 2002, Bound to Please: The Erotic Allure of Corsetry by Don Vaughn Penthouse Online Variations, February 2001.

  • All the Beautiful People! (The official newsletter of the Carolina Trans-Sensual Alliance), March 1998 The Benefits of Corsetry, by Ann Grogan


  • Bay Area Reporter On the Web, Vol. 36, No. 4 January 26, 2006, "TGs Celebrate at Cotillion" showcases Ms. TGSF '06, our corset client and friend, Jennifer Anderson, who won the title this year, and also our corset client and friend, outgoing Ms. TGSF '05, Jennifer Siohban Kennedy. We were pleased to be asked to advise the new Ms. TGSF prepare for competition, on the issues of fashion, stage presence, posture, and articulation of her goals for the organization.

  • Xpress Online (San Francisco State Online Magazine), April 3, 2002, Break out the Fainting Couch by Kim Hayden.

  • Sacramento Business Journal, August 11, 2002, "Comeback of the Corset" by Kelly Johnson

  • SF Observer, April 2000, "Corset Retailer Sees New Sales Venue's Potential" by Justin.
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  • , Dec. 18, 1997, February 12, 1998, "Give them the Earth" by Eric M. Rose, a report on Romantasy boutique and lingerie designer Flora Nikrooz.

  • SF Frontiers, Nov. 6, 1997, "Free market", Romantasy moves business to the Castro.

  • PRINT - NEWSPAPERS - National

  • Pt. Angeles Daily News, "Esprit Gala returns to Port Angeles", May 18, 2006 by Andrew Binion, featuring our "Basics of Style" workshop presented at the Esprit (transgender) annual conference.


  • The Channel (SF transgender newsletter), March 2004, reprint of article from ROMANTASY'S book, Corset Magic.

  • San Francisco Examiner, February 2, 2003, Designing on a curve: creating a corsetry niche in The City's fashion industry by Thomas Roderick.

  • San Francisco Examiner, February 12, 2001, article on the place for romantic shopping, by Anne Crump.

  • Sacramento Business Journal, August 11, 2000. Comeback of the Corset by Kelly Johnson.

  • San Francisco Observer, April 2000, 21st Century Technology Boost Sales of Ancient Garment by Justin Weil.

  • San Francisco Downtown, February 2000, Fit to be tied by Brooke Leigh Hansen.


  • Esprit Conference, May 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, Pt Angeles, WA Red Lion Hotel, The Corset Diet, Basics of Corsetry, Basics of Style presentations.

  • Tiffany Club's First Event, January 2005, Crown Plaza Hotel, The Corset Diet, Corsetry 101, and The Basics of Style and Fashion.

  • Southern Comfort Conference, September 2004,2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, Atlanta, The Corset Diet--An Extreme Body Makeover without Surgery--Or Suffering!, September 2008, 2009, 2010 Crown \ Plaza, Atlanta, "How to Get Read in Ten Seconds Flat," " So You've Been Around the Block, and Still Get Clocked?"

  • Mensa National Conference, July 2004, Las Vegas Paris Hotel, The Corset Diet--An Extreme Body Makeover without Surgery--Or Suffering!

  • Lifestyles National Conference, July 2004, Las Vegas Stardust Hotel, The Secret Eroticism of Corsets


  • Tr-Ess San Diego (1995), "The Corset Diet".

  • Tri-Ess Los Angeles (Jan. 8, 2005), The Corset Diet.


  • North West Leather Conferences May, 2012, 2008, "The Discipline of Waist Training".

  • Carla's Beauty Magic Day, September 18, 2004, San Jose, The Corset Diet and Let Your Light Shine fashion show.

  • Cal Dreamin 04, April 2004, San Jose, The Corset Diet--An Extreme Body Makeover without Surgery--Or Suffering!; also Cal Dreamin April 27, 98, 00, and 01.


  • A short slideshow of some of our candid corset images of happy ROMANTASY clients from our friend Dave in Canada:

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