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(N.B. Sharon will accept new orders in April, 2016, as she is busy completing her master's degree program before that. Thanks for your patience.)
[ORDER PAGE. Updated 11/30/15]

General Advisory: This corset is perfect for:
  • Fashion wear and moderate torso control,

  • Clients who want excellent pricing for fully-custom corsetry in functional fabrics,

  • Corset enthusiasts who own many corsets but who wish to add a lighter-weight corset in a new color, fabric, or try a new corsetiere from our team,

  • Maintenance of the waistline after waist training,

  • Hot-weather wear.

This adorable, simple, four-panel per side Victorian style was developed by senior corsetiere Sharon McCoy Morgan. It is not suitably strong or structured for waist-training purposes. For that purpose please order Sharon's Fundamental Line Bella, or her Elegant Line 10-12 panel Victorian .

The Bella pattern uses diagonal boning in front which emphasizes and visually reduces the waistline, especially when the single boning is applied with outside bone channels, or when lace trim is added along the diagonal bone in front.

In addition, choosing a different and darker color on the sides with a lighter color in front and back, will visually "shrink" the waistline.

The corset shown to the right is in our lovely rosebeige cotton-backed satin with flat lace trim added. Even a well-priced, well-fitting simple custom corset such as this style can be made suitably feminine with a touch of lace. The corset is also functional and lovely in cotton.

You may view fabric choices here.

The maximum length underarm measurement from waist down to bottom of corset is 5"; anything over that will require you place an order not for the Bella Victorian, but for Jill's longline Edwardian style or Sharon's Elegant Line Edwardian style.

Note that if you choose Chinese brocade, you also must choose a lining, otherwise the corset will not meet our quality standards for strength and suitable durability.

If your center front measurement exceeds 10" in length, there will be a $35 upcharge for a longer (and more expensive) front busk.


You will be offered various choices in the design of this style by Sharon. Before placing your order you may wish to see pictures of those choices and read descriptions. Please consult the Design Navigation Button, and under it the ten design categories or options including but not limited to fabrics and braid trims.

"I got my corset today and I love it!!!! Thank you!!" Katie (6/22/13)

"Got my new Basic Line corset on Saturday--it's PERFECT! I'll send you pics as soon as I can get some. Thank you!! Sonya (10/24/11)

"The Bella" Basic Underbust Victorian by Sharon
Quantity in Basket: none
Code: BBL-Sharon Bella
Price: $175.00

Shipping Weight: 10.00 pounds
Fabric - Outside, Type:
Fabric - Outside, Colors, Cotton or PVC:
Fabric - Outside, Colors, Cotton-backed satin:
Fabric - Outside, Colors, Silk and Poly Brocade:
Fabric Bonding for Chinese Brocade:
Fabric - Lining, Colors, Cotton (fabric & labor):
Fabric - Lining, Colors, CB Satin (fabric & labor):
Fabric - Binding, Type:
Fabric - Binding, Colors:
Shape- Front Underbust , Top Edge:
Shape - Front Under or Overbust, Bottom Edge:
Shape - Back, Top Edge:
Shape - Back, Bottom Edge:
Feature - Garters, Type & Number:
Feature - Garters, Strap or Fabric Ruching Colors:
Feature - Busks and Closures:
Feature - Boning, Inner or Outer, Number:
Fabric - Outer Bone Casings, Colors:
Embellishment - Braid or Lace Trim, Type:
Embellishment - Braid or Lace Trim, Colors:
Embellishment - Braid or Lace Trim, Where applied?:
Horizontal - Rib Cage Under Bosom or Chest:
Horizontal - Snug Natural Waist:
Horizontal - Desired Waist Reduction
(N.B. 4" is maximum for 18th Cen. style)
Horizontal - 3" Down from Waist (pelvis):
Horizontal - 5" Down From Waist:
Horizontal - Derriere (widest part hips):
Vertical - Side Front Waist up to Underwire/Chest:
Vertical - Side Front Waist Down to Leg Bend:
Vertical - Center Front Waist to Corset Top:
Vertical - Center Front Waist to Corset Bottom:
Vertical - Center Back Waist to Corset Top:
Vertical - Center Back Waist to Corset Bottom:
Your Height:
Your Approximate Weight:
Comments and Questions:
Bella corset back, in rosebeige cotton-backed satin.
Top edge: bra height. Bottom edge: moderately pointed.
Bella corset in black cotton-backed satin.
Top edge: gently rounded. Bottom edge: moderately pointed.
Bella corset in navy cotton-backed satin.
Top edge: gently rounded. Bottom edge: gently rounded.
Bella corset in navy duck cotton.
Top edge: sharply pointed. Bottom edge: sharply pointed.

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