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Every custom corset produced at ROMANTASY comes at no charge with a protector (sometimes called a "modesty panel") to be placed underneath the corset lacing ribbons. It may be used in back-laced, side-laced, or front-laced corsets. A protector may be also ordered on this page for our standard-sized corsets or cinchers which do not include one, and ordered by anyone who owns a corset and needs a new protector.

Our protector comes detached, is 3-5"-wide and about 1/4" shorter than the vertical height of your corset alongside the grommets. It is stiffened by boning, buckram or other technique according to our corsetmaker's preference.

We advise that you use a protector in most instances. That is because we find that a protector assists pad the back of your corset for greater comfort, prevents wrinkles of clothing from showing (if you wear the corset over a garment), and prevents the skin from bulging out between the ribbon lacings. Of course, you should likely rarely or never wear your corset on bare skin in order to keep your corset cleaner. We recommend our CorPro for that purpose.

We deliver our protector unattached to your corset, because when attached it is sometimes initially quite difficult, if not impossible, to position it in the exact center of the gap in your corset as you lace down. Of course, you may always pin the protector into the top and bottom edges of your corset to secure it in place.

However, some clients prefer that we deliver the protector attached. The image below shows the technique that some of our ROMANTASY corsetieres use to attach the protector. This permits you to slide the protector around to center it in the open gap of your corset as you lace down. An attached protector has the advantage of always being with your corset, even when you store or transport it if you are traveling.

Note that we cannot guarantee to match precisely the type of fabric or color of your corset, even if we made your corset. Dye lots change over time, and there are many different kinds, textures, contents, and colors of fabrics. For example, there are many shades of "black" or even "royal blue." If you are particular about color, you may send us a piece of paper or magazine page containing the color you wish us to match. We will let you know if we are able to fill your order. If you wish, you may send us fabric to use for your protector (about 1/2" yard should do).

Back Protectors/Modesty Panels
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