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[Updated 3/23/15]

The basic styles we offer are pictured below and include:

1. The Victorian, over and underbust (from 1840-1890s. )This is the most familiar & frequently ordered style. The underbust comes to the bra underwire and ends rather high on the hip bone.)

2. Valentine Victorian, overbust. (This overbust version follows the natural bosom shape, and is most popular of the overbust styles.)

3. Civil War Pushup Victorian, overbust. (This is the famous corset that Miss Scarlett wore in the 1939 movie, "Gone With the Wind.")

4. Ribbon, underbust. (Typically worn under clothing, this unique version of the Victorian was also worn as outerwear. Requires top corset-making skills to keep wide satin ribbons flat to hug the body.)

5. Transitional from Victorian to Edwardian days, over and underbust (from 1899 to 1901; the 1901. This complex, curving diagonal boning & many pattern pieces (6 pieces are visible on one side of front), creates an opportunity for creative designs & colors; most often chosen by transgender clients for rib-slimming effect.)

6. The Edwardian, over and underbust (from 1900-1910. This is perhaps the second best-known style known as the "long-line". May be underbust as shown, or overbust. Excellent choice to smooth but not reduce hips. Might not be the best choice for shorter individuals when the corset is worn over clothing, since the long line can tend to divide the body visually in half and further reduce height, and for those with smaller hips and larger bosoms, this style may visually reduce the hip breadth; see image to right. Transgender MTFs should thus be cautious when considering this style as the Victorian will tend to visually augment the hips compared to this style).

7. The Stem, over and underbust. (Creates a stem shape at waist like stem of a glass. For experienced corset wearers; not the best choice for foundation or long, comfortable wear.)

8. Hybrid or Combination Styles, overbust. (Corsetmakers can combine parts of traditional styles. Above is combination of hourglass bottom with straight-rib top. Renders a flat-rib style more comfortable.)

9. The CorVest. (Straight-rib silhouette is created by this man's stay that appears in disguise as a handsome business or evening vest.)

Please note that each style made by a different corset maker according to her patterning skills and preferences, may result in one of five basic figure silhouettes. In other words, a "Victorian" corset may create an hourglass, wasp, ice-cream cone, stem, or U-silhouette when worn and viewed from the front. Be sure that you discuss your preferences for both the corset style and the figure silhouette you desire, as well as the image or 'personality' of the corset you envision.

Basic Styles
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