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SOLACED: 101 uplifting narratives about corsets, well-being, and hope" N E W book by Lucy Williams

[INFORMATION PAGE ONLY; updated 6/20/16.

SOLACED, is a book released for Kindle in May, 2016 collected and edited with an important forward by Canadian corsetiere and educator Lucy Williams.

Order directly on"> Amazon for Kindle.

I hope is is the first of many of her books!

It's an amazing collection of personal stories of corset enthusiasts who have experienced positive benefits. It's available on amazon.

The new book will surely strike one significant, if not the death blow, to the age-old question known generally, as the "Corset Question" of: "Don't corsets hurt?"

Anyone who bothers to scan the multitude of heart-warming and inspiring personal stories of corset wearers included in Lucy's new book, will be convinced in general about the efficacy of corsets. They will be amazed, specifically, to read the stunning variety of ways corsets have benefited many:

  • to treat severe pain,
  • to correct dramatic medical conditions such as severe scoliosis,
  • to cure medical conditions from mild IBS to severe dysmenoria,
  • to disappear disabling anxiety and depression,
  • to help the transgender person to more fully realize their dream of feminizing a male figure, or masculinizing female curves with a binder corset,
  • and more!
OF COURSE I'M DELIGHTED WITH STORIES she includes that demonstrate even more proof of the results of corset waist training but, there are not enough of these--stories that discuss posture improvement, waistline reduction, and weight loss, three important beneficial results. I would have liked more factual details including statistics, and also, pictures.

I missed seeing pictures of the figure changes before and after corseting, and pictures of more of the informants, including of the editor/author, as well. Perhaps more pictures are included in the Kindle version that I have not yet reviewed? When I was honored to be asked to edit the manuscript, I suggested that women readers will particularly relate to seeing the face of the speakers, including the editor.

Waist training is, of course, a technique that is realistic and safe for those having common sense, who move slowly and deliberately in getting used to, and lacing down, the corset, and who attend not only to medical advice, but to important messages from their own bodies and spirits--a technique that addresses what UCLA Professor Emeritus David Kunzle calls the scourge of modern society: obesity.

IT'S A WELL-ORGANIZED BOOK AND AN EASY READ: Overall, Solaced is a well-organized book, with stories collected by about 20 subject matters. While the stories seem heavily weighted in the direction of corsets used to ameliorate medical conditions that might be obscure to many, such as A reader can select the particular subject of most interest and read that chapter first. Anyone will find some story included with which they can relate, from the trans community, from the senior community, from a fashion perspective, or from a survivor or accident victim’s viewpoint. Surprises abound, such as stories by those wearing corsets who survived physical knife attacks and other muggings, because steel boning of their corsets deflected otherwise fatal blows.

I WAS MOST DRAWN TO stories showing how wearing a corset can comfort in more subtle, spiritual ways. Corsets can deliver peace and great joy to those of us, especially women and transwomen or transmen, who have suffered body dysmorphia at one time or another or perhaps throughout our lives. As a result, some fall prey to life-threatening diseases such as anorexia nervosa or disabling anxiety and depression when we don’t meet social and sexist standards of how we "should" look and act, or when our gender and our bodies don’t match. Those standards and "the norm" damage our spirits just as much as car accidents or physical battery damages our bodies. Spiritual damage harms not only the individual, important enough to be sure, but it harms society in general because it diminishes our zest for life, our creativity, our participation in community, our contribution in the work place, and our compassion for others.

A MASSIVELY DIFFICULT PROJECT, WELL DONE! Lucy is to be heartily congratulated for doing the massively difficult work of publishing her first book. I know because I am in the middle of a similar venture into publishing, a new, updated primer on how to waist train. While I will focus on lessons learned from personal histories of those who use corsets to maintain or improve their figure, waistline and even weight, Lucy's book uses multiple first-person stories of a wider, richer variety. Those stories permanently align the writers, as well as Lucy, with the responsible corset enthusiast community who stresses common sense, fact-based advice.

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