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A Primer on Easy, Fun & Fashionable
Waist Reduction (online pdf book only)
[Updated 1//20]

This book, and our original 2003 longer book, remain the only published, detailed, medically-reviewed training manuals with step-by-step assistance to implement your health-conscious and common-sense figure-shaping goals!
"Waist training is a marathon--not a sprint!"

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Reviewed Feb. 2018 by Lucy Williams.

Our latest coaching student, Ms. K, is pictured "before" and "after" three months of waist training coaching, with amazing posture improvement after only a modest 2.25" waistline loss (plus a 13 lb. weight loss, but losing weight was not her concern or goal).

Waist training is an exciting, unique adventure to improve your figure and health for a lifetime of benefits no matter your starting size or shape;we have trained one student with a 50" waistline and after coaching, she lost 5" off her waist and 50 pounds.

Benjamin Disraeli said, "The secret of success is constancy to purpose."
If you are ready to begin an exciting, fashionable, and fun adventure to improve your health, posture, and figure--and will be constant to your purpose for only three short months--our book is perfect for you!

Based upon coaching students for almost 21 years, our book is a fun read about how to wear a cozy, comfy custom corset, couple it with simple nutritional changes and a few waist- targeted exercises, to achieve moderate waist-shaping goals. You can also lose weight, but only if you want to; the two results are independent of each other.

We added personal stories and recent nutrition information to inspire you, and excerpted and updated parts of our original 2003 Corset Magic book. (N.B. If you want more detailed information on what happens to the organs and bones during training, and more on men and corsets, plus the wearing plan for three months, then order our 2003 book Corset Magic instead of this one.)

What makes the process work? Here's what our fourth waist-training coaching program student said (she trained in 2002):

"The process worked for me by creating a smaller waist while wearing a corset within a focused time frame, coupled with Ann's expert guidance. The corset provided a physical reminder to stand up straight, and helped me reduce my desire to eat fatty foods that once caused a bit of acid reflux--now gone!" --Chris Yonemura, RN (March 2016)
From Dr. Milton Simmons, Wayne State Univ. Medical School Asst. Clinical Professor Emeritus of Family Medicine:
"The most important focus is the relevance of nutrition in attaining results. Ann ... is rightly considered an expert on her topic." (April 2016)

From Linda Sparks, Author, Corsetiere, and Proprietress of Farthingales Corset Supplies (Canada):
"Ann has written a book that is supportive and encouraging, and shares her positive spirit in every sentence ... if you have any interest in wearing corsets, this is worth reading." (May 2016)

From Keely Weiman, Head Draper and Costume Build Supervisor, American Conservatory Theater, San Francisco:
"Corset Waist Training" gives wonderfully detailed instructions in taking measurements that a patternmaker will need to create your perfectly fitting corset." (June 2016)

From a reader, Michie (New Zealand):
"This book is the best book ever--because you have the advice, experiences, tips, and tricks from real people who have tried the process you recommend." (3/30/16)

From a reader, Bettina (Colorado):
"The Introduction is well organized, brought up the main points to remember, and offers tips right off the bat that puts the reader in a correct mindset for the rest of the book." (2/10/16)

Additional reader comments:

  • "I can't believe it, but I was riveted to your book. It took me only 5 days to complete. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. The book has a lot of information in it--I'm going to read it at least one more time to take notes." Client 6/22/18

  • "Congratulations! The very best of luck with your new book. I have publicized it on my daily LISA Update page." Tom Lierse, President LISA (12/15/16)

  • "Thank you for your new corset book. It's an impressive work and very interesting!!! Big compliments!!! I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Best regards," Doris Muller, Corsets and More, Germany (12/16/16)

  • "I appreciate having your book to help me learn correctly about corsetry." Karen (1/21/17)

  • "I used an earlier version of the book for waist training along with a consult from Ann. Definitely a good resource." Mary Ann (1/2/17)

  • "Thanks for the book--you should charge more for it. There's a lot there and it's one of a kind." Ms. K (12/16/16)

  • "I love how personable you are. I have approached a couple people just about custom corsetry in the past and was ignored or dismissed feeling like I had asked stupid questions. You are a gem!! I am so glad I found you. Your kindness and patience motivate me even more. Thanks so much for the book plus detailed corset-wearing schedule and plan I ordered! I definitely want to add some ROMANTASY corsets to my expanding collection. I am excited and so happy that you offer this service. It's certainly valuable!" Kimberley (1/25/17)

  • Corset Waist Training (winter 2016): Easy, Fun & Fashionable!
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