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Can I get rid of my "love handles"?
A. Our answer is a guarded "yes".

Assuming all the things I assume in answers to other results-oriented questions about corset waist training, I've had several clients who are otherwise quite trim with an evidently low body fat content such as Amy shown here, achieve noteworthy results.

Look what Amy achieved in only seven weeks. Examine carefully her "love handle" midriff region and you will see that it has been reduced. Perhaps it is not an earth-shaking result to your eyes, but considering her slim figure to begin with, I think it is remarkable.

Results for fuller figure clients may be more notable since you have more fat to trim away to get down to the muscle and your "fighting weight."

Results for post-liposuction clients may be notable, since it seems from my experience, that lipo in the belly area reduces lower fat but does not much for the sides of the waistline. I've had a handful of clients who came to me after spending from $6,000 to 10,000 on liposuction only to be partly disappointed when it came to the "love handle" area. They went off with a corset to try to sculpt out this last bit of a figure-shaping goal.

Spring of 2014 I will be reporting results from a dedicated figure model who is trim with very low body fat, who will begin corset waist training, focusing on the "love handle" region. I hope to share her before and after pictures with you in a few months (1/6/14).

Sadly I've had only Amy share pictoral results with me, so I would appreciate anyone who concentrates on this area of the body with positive results, sharing their information and pictures.

Can I get rid of my "love handles" ?
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