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1.Q. I've heard about waist training. Can I do it myself?

A. Perhaps. It is very important that you have a well-fitting sturdy underbust corset that is seasoned, most likely one in the wasp or hourglass style and silhouette, avoiding the stem and possibly the ice cream cone styles until you are an experienced wearer. You must also attend to proper nutrition, diet, exercise, and a gradual lacing down process in order to avoid damaging the corset or your body.

It is best to be sure you understand the proper and moderate steps needed to "train" your waist down to a temporary or permanent waist reduction. You might consider enrolling in ROMANTASY's three-month Waist-Training Coaching Program, or purchasing our unique 2016 updated book, or original 300-page manual on waist-training, "Corset Magic: A Fun Guide to Trim Your Waist and Figure."

2.Q. What style corset do I need to waist train?

A. Our recommendation is a custom underbust hourglass or wasp style or silhouette corset with a front busk closure, because these follow the natural curves of the human body, are easier to close down than other styles or a longer overbust corset, and are more convenient to put on and remove.

You may choose either the high-hipped Victorian, or the long line Edwardian underbust style.

3.Q. Does waist training last and how long does it take? I want to know what I am getting myself into. I don't want to have to wear a corset every day after reaching my goals.

A. That depends. My waist-training coaching students seen on this page and in my two books on the topic, Corset Magic, have permanently lost weight and waistline inches in three months of dedication to the three basic elements of my program: wearing, nutrition, and exercise. "Permanent" means that after the program, they maintained a healthy, somewhat reduced calorie diet and exercise five days a week, plus engaged in periodic "maintenance" corseting or belting.

While many have gained a bit of weight back, only a few students have gained all they lost back, usually due to enormous stresses they encounter. But those students usually know the reason. and knowing the techniques to lose again, some students begin to do just that.

Will your new figure last? No -- if you immediately stop training and pig out on Krispy Kreme donuts. We all know that as a matter of common sense. It will last if you corset about 2-3 days per week (called "maintenance corseting") and maintain the moderate lifestyle changes proposed in my book.

Waist training is not for those in a hurry or those who want immediate, easy results with no effort at all, or who have more money than sense and want to go for risky surgery and quick fixes. Even such quick fixes rarely work in the long run.

I have numerous liposuction patients come to me after liposuction for corset waist-training to finally get rid of "love handles" and sculpt out a noteworthy waistline that lipo did not. There is even some recent scientific evidence that by removing subcutaneous fat through lipo, this may accelerate growth of deeper layer visceral fat, the more dangerous level of fat that surrounds and may squeeze the organs such as heart and liver. Others come to me after bariatric tummy-bypass surgery, having started to add back on the weight. Why not first try a short program costing about 1/10 to 1/100 of what surgery would cost?

4.Q. If I'm corset waist training, should I minimize sugar, or fats, or both?

A. Let's back up a step. As stated in a sound discussion of sugars on this website, although it is commonly agreed that overweight and obesity are due to excessive energy intake and lack of physical activity, why and how individuals become obese is linked to multiple causes. There's never one single answer to any single question, right?

We do believe, however, that there is simply no nutritional value to waist-trainees to add white or any kind of sugar other than a modicum of honey, to one's nutrition program. We recommend you get rid of added sugar in your diet, and minimize fruit and honey sugars as well.

It is important for you to evaluate your total diet and lifestyle from a comprehensive perspective. Is your energy intake in terms of calories, and your energy expenditure balanced? If not, then you will gain weight, it's just that simple! Look also at what factors unique to you, need to be addressed, taking into account your job, lifestyle, and other considerations. If you have a sedentary job such as at the computer, you will tend to expend less calories than someone who is a UPS delivery person, hopping into and out of her truck all day, and walking to deliver packages. The key is to understand a few general principles about foods and food choices plus how we eat, then pull out the stops in terms of looking at your stress level, sleep quantity and quality, and exercise, plus wearing your corset (which mainly controls portion size and provides a lot of other minor miracles in terms of boosting your figure-trimming mission forward), in order to control your weight and effectively waist train.

5.Q. I work out and a lot of it strengthens my abs, therefore, will doing my regular workout hinder the effectiveness of the corset?

A. Do you intend to corset and workout? It�s not impossible, but likely will dirty your corset far more frequently than normal. Depending on your workout, you may or will be developing muscles that counter waist reduction, and toning others that help it.

You do not want to develop the six-pack abs (rectus abdominus muscle) but concentrate on toning the oblique side waistline muscles The pressure of regular corseting, plus better eating habits and diet, and oblique exercises, will serve to encourage reduction of the waistline. In addition, you will likely be losing fat first and adding muscle even as you trim down, unless you follow the inadvisable Atkins diet.

Some corset lifestylers advise waist-trainers to cut out all exercise to intentionally weaken and eventually atrophy waist and back muscles. Frankly, that goes against common sense when it comes to overall health, and is possibly dangerous. Most people who wear corsets do not want to have to rely 24/7 on a corset when their back muscles atrophy without normal use and exercise.

6.Q. Can I really move my ribs with corseting?

A. Bottom line is: You can!

You may have already noticed how the ice cream cone corset can immediately move torso flesh inward and visually but temporarily narrow the rib cage.

Take a look at Bret, a former waist training coaching program student seen here. Note his narrowed upper torso, and the V-shape silhouette his corset creates. His main focus however is not permanent rib-narrowing, but reducing body fat, improving health, and encouraging flexibility in his ribs.

However, we've heard enough stories about how wearing an ice cream cone-silhouetted corset may result in permanent rib slimming over time, although that will likely take one or more years of almost daily-wear. We know from one client's experience that it can happen.

Take a look at Elaine in these images. After wearing our rib-slimming 1901 style corset by Sharon McCoy Morgan for one year every day up to 10 hours per day, we measured her ribs and verified a one-inch reduction. We remain convinced that constituted rib movement rather than mere floss of fat (as was most likely the case with Amy seen here). In addition, she was already a very slim individual when she began corset rib training, had not much body fat content to begin with, and did not lose any weight during the process.

We have had a few other clients, both women and men, attempt rib training in our corsets, but we have not received any further information. We advise caution in accepting statements you may read on other websites assuring that rib movement can be accomplished by wearing a corset but without dedicated effort and many, many months of effort.

The underbust 1901 corset style is clearly "the" corset of choice for any client desiring to narrow the torso on a temporary or permanent basis. The lovely spiraling boning pattern of this unique corset slightly pulls the rib cage forward and inward visually.

7.Q. When I am wearing my corset but at the same time want out of it, is there a way to force myself to keep it on? It always seems that I let it get the best of me and I take it off.

A. You should never "force" yourself to keep your corset on.

You reported that your new readymade corset already tweaks your hipbone and causes numbness down your leg, a possibly dangerous condition! Pain and even discomfort, are important messages to you from your body that something is wrong. Maybe wrong or soon will be. Of course sometimes you want to challenge yourself when corseting and that is appropriate, but it requires good background information about the body and corseting as well, and the proper choice of style and silhouette created by your corset. My book Corset Magic is full of suggestions about how to challenge yourself, and select the proper corset for waist training and long hours of wear, yet never move into pain or endanger your body and health while you are corseting.

8.Q. Can I eat a normal meal while wearing a corset?

A. Most likely not.

Most people find when they start corseting and for some time later, especially if you lace down four or more inches, that you eat about half as much, and at one-half the speed. It takes some time to get used to eating a meal while corseted. You should corset first, then eat. If you eat first, you will find it difficult to lace down. Corseting encourages healthy eating habits including reducing fats, sugar, heavy protein, coffee and alcohol, because you might tend to get heartburn. It's also important to drink lots of water and choose cooked, high fiber foods if you routinely wear a corset. Our Corset Magic book contains lots of great nutritional information for those in serious corset waist-training.

9.Q. Is a Training Belt a good option to start waist training while waiting for my corset to be made?

A. Perhaps.

Some clients report wearing a belt achieves weight loss and waist reduction, while other report discomfort, including excess bloating and gas. In one case our client wore his belt every day about six hours per day and lost 23 pounds and 3 waistline inches in two months, then converted to a corset for further training. In two more months he lost 3.5" more and 11 more pounds. Amazing.

The belt has one downside. It tends to pooch out the lower belly, so wear it with a strong body briefer or girdle. It's also important to order it in the proper width so that the stiff top and bottom edges do not cut into the skin. Belts typically come in widths of 2.25", 2.5", 2.75", or 3". Which width you choose depends on your height and distance of lowest rib to pelvic bone, plus your tolerance for some discomfort during the seasoning process until your belt begins to bend at the top and bottom edge and thus, become more comfortable.

A belt has some advantages over a corset. It can be worn easily over a dress and not noticed, and it is typically less expensive than a custom corset. It is useful to have the option to alternate a corset with a belt, since the belt restricts body movement and breathing less than a corset, and can be perceived of as more comfortable therefor.

10.Q. I have a 30" snug natural waist. I was told by another corset business that I should order a "24" corset. Is that true?

A. We believe it is critical not to apply a general rule or general expectation regarding proper size or desirable waist reduction, because our experience demonstrates that every person differs, as does the fit and 'feel' of a particular corset style, even corsets made by the same corsetiere and/or in the same style.

Thus, generalities just don't serve any good purpose in answering your question. We will work with you, learn the details of what you desire to achieve in corset-wearing, your prior experience, your size and shape and other, to determine the proper amount of waist reduction when your individual corset closes in back (although you need never close it; that matter is up to you!).
Can I Really Reduce My Waist & Rib Cage?
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