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[Updated 12/3/13]

It is our pleasure to reveal the true magic of corsets and share our love of fine custom corsetry with other corset enthusiasts. Corsets are simply fun!

It is also our privilege to answer questions we often hear, and dispel myths and stereotypes sometimes held by those new to corsets, "Don't corsets hurt?", "How can you breathe?", and "What's the best style for me?"

Corsets Don't Hurt

Known as the infamous "corset question" rather ubiquitous during Victorian times even during the heyday of the corset, the simple answers are:
1. You are in charge of how tightly you lace and how long you wear the corset. If uncomfortable, simply take it off, or loosen up..
2. With our guidance you will choose the right corset style, figure silhouette it creates, and fit, and you will wear the corset for for the appropriate occasion and in the proper manner after seasoning, to ensure your comfort, health, and pleasure.
3. Custom corsets, or readymade corsets with good fit, which place even pressure around your torso, ensure your comfort and well-being.

You Can Breathe Easily

After some minutes or hours, you can breathe easily even in a new corset. Breathing is normally mildly restricted initially if you season your corset properly, but you become quite rapidly accommodated to it. Of course, you may not want to run the Boston Marathon or San Francisco's famed Bay to Breakers while corseted tightly! The more you wear your corset, the more comfy it becomes!

The Best Style Depends Upon -- You!

Please consider this page and elements to consider as you design and order the perfect corset for your individual needs and priorities, including budget.

Corset Magic

Corset magic is as general as loving the gentle hug of the garment to as specific as appreciating substantial support for a tired back. Our clients report that they experience a powerful "in control" feeling leading to increased confidence or even sensitivity in business dealings. Some tell us they have easily lost weight after a short time. Some appreciate the physical and mental challenge to do their personal best in lacing down, much like athletes like to excel. Transgender MTF clients report they love the more feminine waistline placed at the appropriate height, and better fit of female clothing.

Perhaps you've seen corsets worn by Hollywood stars, more these days than ever in the past! Our best known clients may well include "Erica Kane" or Susan Lucci, plus the entire cast of "All My Children," and Maury Povich when Ann appeared on his former television show featuring investigative reporting on current topics, including fashion and health. Maury even consented to try on one of ROMANTASY'S unique styles, The CorVest. Our corsetieres have corseted the likes of Stevie Nix and a Marquis magazine model (German fetish magazine), and have manufactured corsets for the 2011 Academy Award costume designer, Colleen Atwood.

There truly are as many ways to appreciate modern-day corsetry as there are individuals in the world! We are sure that you will soon become a fan of corset magic, and are here to help!

Corset Magic - Introduction
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