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Q. Will my first corset last longer than a 3-month waist-training program?

A. How long a corset lasts before you are quite comfy for 10 hrs say, completely closed in back and then ready for a smaller size, depends.

We make your initial corset to close down fairly easily from 2 to 4" to begin with depending on your original measurements, experience, goals and other. Then we add in another few inches gap to anticipate that you will become more comfy and lace tighter, or lose weight and lace tighter. Then we take out an inch or two more.

Remember: you need never close a corset in back and are in charge of that process. If we make the gap too large in your original corset, especially if you are inexperienced in wearing a corset, then the back boning may turn in the casing and dig into your center back (not a pleasant result). If we make the gap too small, you may easily and soon close your corset entirely from top to bottom. Everyone differs.

If we have not seen you to test the tone of your midriff and see how you react when you try corsets on, our choice for your corset will be less educated; if we see you then our recommendation will be more educated, but there no one perfect answer. The more facts we know about you and your history and goals, the better our recommendation will be in terms of how long your corset lasts.

Of course, a perfectly comfy, boned corset can still be used as gentle back support and foundation wear in a fashion that is superior to plain cloth lingerie. If it becomes loose on you and is still in good shape and clean, we will consider taking it on consignment and helping you sell it at a discount. This is part of the ROMANTASY client care program and a benefit of doing business with us.

Does a corset last longer than a training program?
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