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Q. Will my first corset last during and possibly longer than a 3-month waist-training program?

A. How long a corset lasts before you are quite comfy for 10 to 18 or more continuous hrs. say, with the corset completely closed in back and then ready for a smaller size, depends.

We make your initial corset to close down fairly easily from 2 to 4" or more to begin with, depending on your original measurements, experience, goals and other. Next we add in another few inches gap to anticipate that you will become more comfy and lace tighter as you lose weight and/or inches in your midriff. Then we take out an inch or two more.

NOTE: if you order a corset to close too much in back, the bones at the back waistline may tend to twist and/or dig into your back, until you can get the waistline edges close enough to each other to smooth the gap out. That can be very challenging, even sometimes painful until you proceed further along with seasoning. If you order a corset too loose, you may be more comfy than you expected, and have the back gap of the corset close down altogether, at an early date.

THIS IS NOT A SCIENCE. How you respond to a corset lacing down is highly individual. Some are toned at the waistline and the process takes longer to achieve comfort and permanent figure shaping; some take far less. What we can do is give you our best experience and judgment based on our experience since 1990 with the process both personally, coaching about 30 students, and the reports of our clients who have tried the process. If we have not seen you to test the tone of your midriff and see how you react when you try corsets on, our choice for your corset will be less educated; if we see you then our recommendation will be more educated, but there no one perfect answer. The more facts we know about you and your history and goals, the better our recommendation will be in terms of how long your corset lasts.

Of course, a perfectly comfy, boned corset can still be used as gentle back support and foundation wear in a fashion that is superior to plain cloth lingerie. If it becomes loose on you and is still in good shape and clean, you may want to sell in on eBay or Etsy.

Q. What if I close down my corset during training?

A. There are several alternatives to continue training.

We are able to offer a loaner corset to our students enrolled in our formal coaching program. We also offer a discount for a second purchase of a tighter corset, or you may find one gently worn in your size at a good price on eBay or Etsy. You can convert to wearing a wide Training Belt (even one purchased at Good Will in sturdy plastic). One client lost 9" in nine months of belting following the general principles of our program but not in our formal coaching program. Coupling a belt with a Spanx will help control the lower belly in an effective manner until you can tone and reduce it via waist-targeted exercising, particularly involving our 'setting' technique and the transverse abdominus muscle.

It is critical to recognize that corset wear is sometimes not even the principal reason for waist-training success. It could be that waist-targeted exercise will be more beneficial, or omitting sugar and making other changes in your nutrition will shrink your waistline even faster than normal.

Waist-training results are highly specific to each individual. Success is based on many factors such as genetics, personality, unconscious factors involving fear or anger, sleep, motivation, enthusiasm, visualization, positivity, trust in experienced advice, and support systems in place. In sum, tolerance of ambiguity and personal flexibility are required in order to effectively pursue corset waist training.

Does a corset last longer than a training program?
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