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Crystal rhinestones add a particular magic to your corset or matching skirt, and at surprisingly reasonable prices (sample pricing is included with some images below; please note that our minimum charge is $10). We find that sizes 16 mm and 20 mm (size 16 shown right and immediately below) create the more memorable presence, although you may request larger or smaller sizes:

  • Czech 16 mm - 50 cents per stone
  • Czech 20 mm - 60 cents per stone
  • Austrian 16 mm - 65 cents per stone
  • Austrian 20 mm - 75 cents per stone

Czech rhinestones are best seen across a room while Swarovski Austrian rhinestones show best within five or so feet of viewing. Mixing the two can be quite attractive and give you the best of both worlds!

Take a look below at the lovely effect of rhinestones on various corset styles. We wish we could show you the more dazzling effect in real life! These corsets may give you some design and color ideas about how to create a truly memorable and stunning corset ensemble for weddings, holiday parties, and other special "Red Carpet" occasions.

Embellishment - Rhinestones
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Code: Embellishment - Rhinestones
Price: $10.00

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Two rows of size 20 mm. citrine Czech rhinestones ($63) on lace and satin Sue Nice corset.

Closeup of Sue Nice corset.

Closeup of size 16 mm. Austrian jet rhinestones on Sharon corset.

Closeup of size 20 mm. Austrian jet and hematite rhinestones on Sue Nice corset.

Mixed colors and sizes 10, 16, and 20 mm. of Czech and Austrian rhinestones ($75) on Sheri corset.

Closeup of Sheri corset.

Jet and light siam sizes 16 and 20 mm.Czech and Austrian rhinestones in the center of each cherry blossom on Carlotta corset by Sue Nice.

Closeup of Sue Nice corset.

Light blue 20 mm Austrian rhinestones on beaded lace overlay, Sharon corset.

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