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Please realize that we are not medical experts nor medically trained. Therefore, we cannot render a medical opinion, or make medical claims regarding our corsets. However, we can speak from common sense, common knowledge, general research, consultations with our medical experts and doctors, and our personal experience. We can let our clients tell their own stories about relief they have experienced from various health conditions and challenges, both permanent and temporary.

1.Q. I am a tight lacer and am going to have my gall bladder out. Could my corseting have affected this matter?

A. In sum, my medical cornoner consultant is unaware of corseting practices being associated with or affecting the gall bladder or its problems.

The doctor continued: If there seems to be an association with corsets, it is likely be indirect. That is, people corset to help to eat less, and lose weight, they sometimes resort to corsets when other diets don't work, they may be on statin drugs because their cholseterol is too high, or may have had one of more stones for some time without any complaints.

If the issue is gall stones, they may be removed if they are small, but since they tend to recur, it is common to remove the gallbladder entirely leaving only the ducts which are flushed with fresh bile.

The patient may thereafter experience an altered tolerance to fatty foods after the removal of her bile "reservoir", or if she's had stones for some time but not known it then it may feel better than before and quite quickly after the stone problem is solved. It varies.

The person should be able to start wearing corsets again as soon as healing is far enough along. If she presently wears them all day or several hours every day, she can wear them loosely for support after a couple of weeks. She can in part judge by the scar which is well formed when it ceases to be pink and starts to turn pale. Hernia patients are usually told not to lift things for roughly 3 weeks and then avoid heavy lifting until about 6 weeks after surgery.

For some more detailed information (in case you are interested!), consider this:

- One of the things the liver does for us is produced bile, which helps the digestion and absorption of fats.
- Bile comes from the liver and is stored in the gallbladder and then injected into the upper part of the small intestine when it is needed for the proper processing and digestion of fats.
- Normally the bile remains fluid.
- If the bile has too much cholesterol or bilirubin in it, crystals may form, and then fuse to form stones. Stones can vary in size from many little ones like coarse sand to one big one about the size of a smallish hens egg.
- Some people have stones but don't have any problems.
- Problems arise if bile ducts become blocked by small stones or a larger stone becomes "wedged" in the tapering outlet of the gall bladder. Infection may result, causing pain and the condition called cholecystitis.
-If the common bile ducts is obstructed there may be jaundice and/or acute inflammation of the pancreas.
- Typical gallbladder pain may occur in the upper central abdomen below the breast bone, or in the right upper part of the abdomen, or between the shoulder blades, or in the right shoulder. It often comes on after eating fatty foods, and may last for a few minutes up to and hour.
- The old and crude medical school mnemonic for the typical gallbladder patient was: "a fat, fertile, flatulent female of 40 or 50" because gallstones are more likely if female, age over 60, American Indian, Mexican American, overweight or obese, pregnant, on a low fiber diet, diabetic, after losing a lot of weight rapidly, with a family history of stones, and after treatment with drugs that lower cholesterol.

Gall bladders and corseting
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