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Custom gloves, sleeves, straps, chokers or collars, and bodice inserts to match or coordinate with your elegant outerwear fashion corset such as the magenta three-button opera gloves seen right, can clearly "make" the ensemble, and set you apart from the crowd. If you don't see a style you desire, please email us or send a drawing of what you desire.

Sleeves may be pleated or draped, loosely attached or snug around the shoulders, and made detachable or permanent. The bride shown below ordered her black-and-white silk chiffon sleeves to be tacked up in the middle for more of an old-fashioned appearance. Straps may be the same or different width, and detachable or attached, and also may be ordered with a slider like a bra strap. Straps are normally ordered on the corset order page.

Bodice inserts can be constructed in satin or chiffon to render a sexy corset a bit more circumspect for a wedding, or to add a touch of artistic flair to your ensemble.

GLOVES: Until further notice, we cannot accept any custom gloves orders (1/12/11)
Your gloves can be fingerless, with or without wrist buttons, and of any length. We specialize in exact color matches to your corset, and can provide swatches for your advance approval once an order has been placed, or you may trust our artistry in selecting the proper coordinating color. However, remember that the "red" you envision, may not be the same as we envision, If you are particular it is far better to send us a swatch to duplicate. You may request a fabric that is matte (non-shiny) such as the magenta gloves, or shiny such as the silver gloves. You may also request fabric that is simple or patterned, or embellished with lace overlay such as the red with black lace gloves, or a matching braid trim such as the pink gloves.

For gloves, with measurements please also send us by snailmail a drawing around the outline of one of your hands, including up to the highest perimeter measurement around your bicep or forearm, for the length glove you desire. Once we deliver the gloves and with time permitting, we are able to make moderate amendments to them, included in your purchase price.

Gloves, Collars, Straps, Sleeves, Bodice Inserts
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Code: Gloves, Collars, Straps, Sleeves, Bodice Inserts
Price: $50.00

Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
Glove Style:
Glove Length - From longest finger to top edge:
Glove Color:
Glove Color Choice:
Glove Fabric Look:
Glove Embellishments:
Collar or Sleeve Style:
Collar or Sleeve Attachment:
Collar or Sleeve Fabric and Color:
Straps - Order with Corset:

Pink satin gloves embellished with crystal fringe trim worn with a lovely classic "Bella" corset ensembles by Sharon. Photo: (c) Blue Rhino Studios 2007.

Fingerless lace-up gloves (aka gauntlets) and matching collar and corset by Sue Nice.

Fingerless lace-up gloves.

Silver lurex stretch gloves.

Matte jersey gloves to match bodice.

Matte royal blue gloves to coordinate with corset ensemble by Sheri.

Feather collar for overbust Victorian corset by Sheri.

Silk duchesses satin gathered sleeves for overbust Edwardian corset by Sheri.

Pull-on chiffon bell-bottom sleeves with detachable shoulder straps by Sue Nice.

Bodice insert in silk chiffon on 1750 corset by Sharon.

Bodice insert in gathered satin on 1750 corset by Sharon.

White net wedding gloves, embellished with dress trim, 3/4 length.

Chinese polysilk shawl and custom rose.

Draped silk chiffon sleeves on overbust Victorian corset by Sharon.

Crystalline chiffon removable shawl collar with rose embellishment.

Lavender chiffon straps with rosette.

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