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[READ ONLY PAGE. Updated 7/28/18]

1. Q. How do ROMANTASY's corsets differ from others on in stores or on the web?

A. We're glad you asked! Our corsets differ in so many ways:

(1) because we are a corset designer, educator, and purveyor who works closely in detail with you to choose the precise style, design to suit your individual needs, desires and budget;
(2) because we work with a superb senior corsetiere, Sheri Jurnecka, who has over 20 years of full-time equivalent tight-lacing custom corset-making experience;
(3) because we offer the widest variety of styles, designs, fabrics, and price points available;
(4) because we have over 28 years of experience designing, educating about, and purveying superb quality custom and standard patterned corsets suitable for waist training and tight-lacing. We opened our retail business in San Francisco in 1990 and established the first corset website in 1996.

2.Q. I've found some of your corset styles on other websites. Why should I order from Sheri?

A. Because that particular style or the way it is constructed may not be best for you as an individual and considering your goals. We will point you to the precise corset, and design that suits most of your priorities.

Other corset makers and websites offer you limited style and option selections, price points, resulting body silhouettes once you corset, and only one or two basic construction techniques or fabrics. ROMANTASY has no particular interest in urging you to purchase one particular style that does not suit the great majority Of your individual needs and which may not work best on your body or for your shape or figure issue.

In addition, owner Ann is a corset expert: as of 2018 she owns over 70 fully-custom corsets by her makers and by others around the world, and thus, knows her product intimately. In addition, she has worked with Sheri for 24 years, plus she has been in the specialized custom corset business since 1990, an amazing length and depth of experience she can bring to guide you properly.

3.Q. What special value does ROMANTASY offer if I purchase my corset from you?

A. You won't waste your money investing in a style, quality, or fit that does not suit your main priorities.

We focus on education first, sale second if at all, and have even been known to send potential clients off to save money then come back later to invest in a higher quality corset or one that is most suitable for them.

Finally, we offer objective, medically-reviewed, health-conscious advice and guidance as you pursue your corseting or waist-training and tight-lacing interests. We never exaggerate the qualities of our product or possible results of corseting, nor do we "doctor" the images you will see posted on our website to modify the actual effect of the corset when worn.

4.Q What are your business priorities, mission, and values?

A. We believe in doing business the old-fashioned way, that honesty is the best policy, and that corsets are suitable for literally "any body" who has a genuine interest in improving his or her figure, health, and elegance in image and dressing.

We offer education prior to purchase, with client support happily given after purchase, as well. We strive to build long term relationships with our clients and those sharing our business values.

We welcome and serve with enthusiasm, any corset enthusiast who values common sense and understands the need for flexibility since corset construction and waist training are not exact sciences. Thus perfection in one corset or one piece of advice can never be perfect, and individual needs and experiences with wearing corsets must be respected by all.

We have developed a specialization over the years in corsets for the full-figure, the transgender community, and for waist trainees.

We embrace old-fashioned values in the way we do business, such as honesty, trust, respect, compassion, and optimism. Corsetmaking and quality demand time and deserve patience with the process.

We value both our clients and our corsetieres and seamstresses whom we are proud to support, as we support their business interests and economic welfare so that they can carry on the endangered art and craft of corsetmaking and couture fashion.

We strive to remain the best within the industry. Thus, we never dilute our quality by rushing an order without good cause, by "jobbing" out any part of our construction, by selling cheap, "OTC" or readymade imported corsets, or by selling any corset if not appropriate for our client's needs and budget.

We recognize that corsets are a unique dressing experience, and will do our best to fully answer your questions and guide you to suitable final choices for your individual needs. Certain minor artistic deviations and lack of robotic perfection are to be expected and cherished in your custom garment, but you may always expect a professional product and pleasurable wearing experience.

How Do ROMANTASY Corsets and Products Stand Out?
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