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Q.1. Should I come to be measured in person?

A. It depends.

When working with Sheri, you may book an appointment to be personally measured by her in her Oakland, CA studio. Or, you may consult our measurements page, prepare measurements, and take photos of the process as shown on that page. You may send photos of that process to both Sheri and to Ann. Ann has measured and read the measurements of over 10,000 customers since starting the business in 1990. Sheri or Ann can generally tell if you have made an error in your measurements and advise you to re-measure.

This is especially true if you send digital images by email (or snapshots by snailmail.). Images should show your torso while wearing a ribbon at the waistline and tape help up and around your torso, from a front, side, and back view. These are of course, confidential, and used only to view your torso shape to verify that you have positioned the waistline ribbon in a correct position. For overbust styles this is desirable; for underbust styles this is not necessary, but always enjoyable.

Q.2. How do I start?

A. Tie a ribbon or string around your waistline, ensuring that it is not too high or too low.

Examine the photos on our measurement page. It is preferable to have someone assist you in taking measurements since it is extremely difficult to do an accurate job yourself. If you have no one to assist, then you must with certainty send images of what you have done.

Q.3. I've purchased corsets before and they squish out flesh over the top and under the bottom edges. How can a custom corset avoid that?

A. This is a common problem with store-bought "OTC" or readymade corsets, or even with a custom corset made from incorrect measurements. The simple answer is: Accurate measurements are the key to ensuring the best fit possible and avoiding this unsightly and uncomfortable problem.

For example, if you measure horizontally around your rib cage and let the tape measure drop in back (below a lady's bra strap, for example), then the measurement may be too narrow for your actual rib cage and an underbust corset may be too tight at the top edge, causing flesh to squish out. You should always have someone else measure you, because they can hold the tape up in the back to get a true rib cage measurements. Also, you should relax your shoulders and take the ribcage measurement three times, then average those three out to reach the best approximation.

For the top "high bust" (taken underarm) and bosom horizontal measurements for an overbust corset, only an interim "cotton muslin" fitting can ensure the very best fit. For that reason we do not offer overbust styles without this interim fitting step.

Regarding the bottom edge, if you measure the pelvis too high on your hip and not directly over the pelvic saddle or hip bone, or too tightly, then then the bottom edge of your corset may be too tight and risk pinching skin and nerves to possibly cause numbness, or squish out flesh from under the bottom edge. We recommend that full-figure clients ordering an underbust style, those who have a waistline of 40" or more, invest in an interim cotton muslin (this process is included in the pricing for overbust styles in order to double check how flesh will move within the corset, and adjust the precise lower edge shape they desire for best tummy control. This may add approximately $60 to your corset cost.

How Should I Measure?
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