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Why wait to experience corset magic?

A custom corset will likely fit you for many, many years to come, for the following reasons:

1. YOUR CORSET COMES WITH A BACK GAP TO ACCOMMODATE SOME WEIGHT LOSS: Corsets are initially ordered with a "desired waist reduction." That means the waist measurement under your corset when you completely close it in back, although you never need do so. A common desired waist reduction for slim individuals is four inches, but individuals having waistlines of 30 or more inches, who are plastic in the middle, or who have prior corseting experience, can usually lace down five to seven or more inches. We will exercise our best professional judgment in advising you about this matter. Initially we set a desired waist reduction then ask you to update horizontal rib cage, snug waist, and derriere measurements just before your corset pattern is made and fabric cut, typically about two to three months after your order. That way a new corset will be up-to-date and ready to wear for a good long time when we deliver it to you.
2. YOU WILL UPDATE YOUR MEASUREMENTS: We ask you to mark your calendar, and then approximately one month into the process, to update your basic measurements. That lets us produce a corset suitably tight and well-fitting, giving you more wearing time before it might become a comfy corset or time to order your next size down.
3. WE CAN SHRINK (OR EXPAND) A COMPLETED CORSET: After some wear and if you lose weight, your corset may become quite comfortable. At that time you may continue to wear it as a firm foundation to improve fit of clothing or for back support, or sleep in it to maintain your waistline. Then you might wish to order a smaller size corset to continue training.
4. WE TAKE CORSETS ON CONSIGNMENT AND HELP YOU SELL IT: As part of our Client Care Program, you may consign your corset to us for re-sale (or sell it on eBay), or send it back to us to remove from one to two inches from the circumference, for a moderate charge that will amount to far less than the cost of a new corset. (Note that we hear that many other corsetmakers will not entertain such a request.)
5. YOUR GOAL IS TO EXTEND COMFY HOURS OF WEAR NOT LACE CLOSED AND GIVE UP YOUR CORSET: Your goal for either temporary or permanent figure shaping and waist training should be to close the corset gap in back fully, then wear the corset for hours and hours at a time-- comfortably. That will take time, not just weeks. It sometimes requires more than a number of months. It is just not effective or impressive for permanent body reshaping or weight loss to lace down quickly and wear your corset for only ten minutes, then have to loosen or take it off.
6. YOU DON'T WANT TO OVER-REACH AND ORDER A CORSET TO CLOSE TOO TIGHTLY: If you order too much of a waist reduction when the corset closes in back, because you either overestimate your ability to lace down or you expect to lose weight before you receive it but do not, then you risk the following difficulty. You may not be able to close the corset down sufficiently to avoid the back boning from twisting in its casings (see image) and digging into your back in a very uncomfortable, even painful way. Moderation is the key.
Even considering the above points it is virtually impossible to determine how any given individual will "take to" waist restriction. Personal reactions to corseting, a rather unusual way of dressing, just cannot be predicted with certainty, although we will always use our considerable experience to advise you.

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