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Please realize that we are not medical experts nor medically trained. Therefore, we cannot render a medical opinion, or make medical claims regarding our corsets. However, we can speak from our personal experience, look at historical facts, and then let our clients tell their own stories about relief they have experienced from various health conditions and challenges, both permanent and temporary.

Q. I'm pregnant; should I wear corsets now or wait?

A. Not while you are pregnant. Afterwards, that depends.

That decision will be up to you and your doctor, and how far along you are now in your pregnancy. Remember that you, not me and not your neighbor are in charge of the style of corset you order, and how tightly you lace or how long each day you wear it.

A corset per se, like other items of fashion and even nutrition, is not inherently dangerous (if you are not pregnant; we leave it up to doctors to opine under other circumstances). A pair of stilettos is not inherently dangerous, right? But if you put a brand new pair on and run the Boston Marathon the first day, well, I think you get my point? With many fashion garments and other items in life, if we go too far too fast in this 'want-it-now' kind of world, then we can damage ourselves or cause unnecessary discomfort.

Common sense is exceedingly uncommon, sad to say. Education is the best antidote to uncommon sense, and that's why I make my website as informative and fact-based as possible and after 23 years in this business, keep learning ever day!

In the Philippines, women who have just had babies are wrapped traditionally in a tight cloth to encourage the quicker return of good posture and a svelte figure. A client recently told me that her Russian grandmother told her to put on a corset immediately after childbirth. So other cultures know about the non-harmful and possible beneficial effects of moderate waist binding.

And of course, Victorian literature teaches us that there were pregnancy corsets purveyed. One can find images of them in books. Of course these were not tight nor tightly- worn, but provided low back support, and had one or two openings in the front for the garment to be expanded as the belly grew.

As said, the decision is yours to make in consultation with your physician as to when it will be safe for you to wear a corset pre- or post-pregnancy and baby arrival. With his or her concurrence, we are here to help you design and measure a well-fitting and comfortable custom corset!

Consider the advertisement and information from the respected book on corsets, Corsets and Crinolines by E. Waugh:

An interesting ad showing a rarely seen maternity corset. Although in an age before birth control where women were pregnant for most of their child bearing lives, maternity clothing and especially underwear, was rarely advertised. The drawing of the mother to be, shows her in fashionable envelope combinations with ribbon shoulder straps, high heel slippers and a flowing dressing gown, a far cry from the dowdy clothes most pregnant woman had to wear. Her corset looks to be made from spotted broche and had a fashionable low bust with lace and ribbon trim but still comes down low over the hips. There is a short front bust pictured on the corset and would have had hook and eye closures below the busk to fasten the bottom of the corset "skirt". A large, wide panel is seen on the bottom half of the corset on each side of the busk and bottom opening of the corset, this would have been most likely elastic and would have allowed for the "bump" to grow and provide support for the mother. The side lacing would also allow for the corset to be adjusted for size as the mother grew bigger.

I'm Pregnant, Should I Wear Corsets Now, or Wait?
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