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Q. I've been burned; why trust your business?

A. Because we won't accept an order from anyone whose vision and needs we don't have the skills to provide. Nor will be accept a sale from anyone whose business approach or general values and how they interact with us initially, clearly don't fit well with ours, or if they express substantial distrust in our policies and values.

On occasion we are sad to hear words such as those sent from a writer in late August, 2012 who said: "Their bad business practices leave me in a bind. My friends expect my help finding corsets and don't want to get ripped off. Would like to learn more about your company." Apparently the writer felt the company was not straight-forward when a conflict developed with a client, but accepted their order then dragged out the delivery or communication process.

I answered the writer in part by referring her to our Business Values page and then told her that ROMANTASY is organized so that we screen the client and educate them in advance, to ensure that we place their order with the correct team corsetiere who can best meet their needs. That way the corsetiere doesn't burn out trying to please the wrong client with the wrong style corset or general fit or artistry in which the corsetiere specializes.

We generally have a much more successful product delivery and business experience that way, because the client knows what she/he is getting and what she/he has paid for, in advance! Some want artistic perfection above all, some want a wasp silhouette, some want a particularly priced garment, some want a cooler corset, etc. So we offer what we say are "real" options.

I then wrote:

"If I find that there are personality differences with a given client or potential client, they are 'perfectionist,' or inordinate frustration or difficulty communicating and understanding each other comes about (and this is natural to encounter along the way of any business because we are all human!), then I might conclude that they or I will suffer more stress in the long run to proceed than not. In those cases--which are gratefully rare in my business history--then I am happy to explain that my business is not able to provide technically for their needs. I also explain that we can't deliver what they desire and deserve because of the manner we organize and focus our goals and have developed our specializations. I will not accept an order in those cases even if this means losing the money!

"Also if I find that a client loves one of my team members and that corset is perfect for their needs, I will sometimes refuse to place their order with another team member whose corsets I know will not be suitable. I have had a client become a bit frustrated with that policy, however she saved her money, came back, purchased the corset we both originally chose for her that she loved and felt perfect in (the sample try-on), and she went off truly happy! It's quite satisfying for me to run my business that way because I know I will deliver a product that suits the individual, and both of us will be pleased as a result.

I've been burned, why trust ROMANTASY?
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