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"My new corset arrived in my PO Box today! I rushed home to open the carton and am thrilled! It is lovely and obviously made with great care. I am trying it a little at a time. The fit is great! I will take it for a drive this week and after a bit will likely order a couple more just like it. Thank you and Sharon for all you do for me!" Lynda ( 2/10/14)

"I received my overbust corset yesterday and was so excited, I tried it on immediately. Thank you so much, it is beautiful!!! Thank you so much for all of your time, patience, and hard work. I can not tell you how much I appreciate you taking this order on while going through having a baby. You are a very strong person with a beautiful talent and I am grateful and thankful to you! Have a wonderful week and Halloween! I will be sure to send pictures." Lorie (10/26/10)

"I just wanted to write to let you know that I received the corset and it is beautiful. Please send Sharon my thanks, it is lovely and she did a beautiful job (as I'm sure she knows!). Thanks again for everything." Alyson (8/1/10)

"When I came home I had a package waiting (Christmas come early). I opened up a little with my wife and showed her what I had ordered; we both marveled at the fabric. Wearing a dress, my shape is noticeable. I am able to breath fine and without gasp even though it might have made a great YouTube video watching me trying to adjust behind my back. As hard as it was, I read the information you provided first, and yes--I would have put it on upside down at first, but was quick to see the outline difference. When I get to full closure it will be perfect. I could go on and on but I will say, you both certainly know your business and the fit is perfect with room to go. The material is breathtaking and it makes my back feel good. I'm sorry but I don't want to take it off !!! I will be near tears when I have to take it off before bed. Please share with Sharon, her workmanship is impeccable, truly a master. Love you both." Danielle (5/15/10)

"I received the corset from Sharon. Upon opening the box I was very happy with what I saw. I am no expert, but I think she did a great job. As I write this I am in the corset for the second time. It fits very well, almost like it was made for me (grin). I'll send pictures this weekend. Don't worry I am following the wear and care instructions to the letter." Carl (2/24/10)

"After I sent you my confirmation of receiving the corset, I put it on. WOW! What great workmanship and wonderful quality! I now have the hour glass figure I've been looking for. I'm looking forward to wearing it as much as possible to train my waist to this shape permanently. Wearing a corset does curb your appetite as well. Thank you so much -- the wait was worth it." Cliff (9/23/08)

"I wore my corset today at 25" for six hours--I spent a lot of time standing in church which helped as far as not getting uncomfortable. As the weather gets cooler, I am corseting more and loving it. Today it was cold and we had light snowflakes. My corset is doing well!" Kellie (8/25/08)

"I absolutely LOVE the corset I bought. It is very comfortable, and I can easily wear it for hours." Kim (8/18/08)

"I wore my new corset recently to a local Blues Society Mardi Gras party. I am pleased with the quality and the look of the corset. Thank you both for your assistance. If any of my female or male friends would want a corset, I will recommend your firm and Sharon highly." Brad (2/4/08)

"Sharon's wonderful corset arrived on my door step today wrapped like a Christmas present! Thank you for all you've done for this project! I will thoroughly read your wear and care instructions tonight, try my corset on, and make a report ASAP. I am very surprised how strong and heavy it is--clearly built to hold me together!! It is evident that ROMANTASY corsets are built to last, and the "workwomanship" is so impressive." Lynda (1/2/08)

"I LOVE MY BELLA! And you were right--a properly fitting corset does not kill my hips while being too lose around my torso! I want to order another corset, soon I hope." Fran (5/31/07)

"Ohhh, despite my initial temptation to ravage the corset box on a few occasions, I patiently awaited Joe's arrival home before opening it to see my new Sharon corset. He wanted to share the experience of seeing it for the first time with me. Well, he (finally) got home and I opened the box. The corset is gorgeous... exactly how I envisioned it. After it (and my body!) is broken in, I think it will be quite comfortable, as well." Michele B. (3/15/07)

"The corset is gorgeous--exactly how I envisioned it. " Michelle M. (3/15/07)

"I appreciate Sharon's fine workmanship and your love for your craft at ROMANTASY, and I think you are a very special and interesting human being. I'm glad I met you. Carry on with making people feel beautiful!!" Jan (11/13/06)

"The corset is absolutely the most beautiful item in Dawn Marie's wardrobe. I can not tell you how pleased I was the first time I laid my eyes upon it. Even my fiancÚ was in awe at it's beauty. I wanted to frame it and hang it on the wall!" Dawn Marie (9/27/06)

"The Wedding was a true fairy tale!! Did Ken send you pic's? I was surprised that I had held my Bouquet the whole time hence not getting the greatest picture's of my waist in corset. I would be happy to come over sometime after honeymoon with the corset and have you take pictures if you'd like, or you may have enough already--just a thought. I got so many compliment's on the corset Ann, I can't wait to wear it again!" Elyse xoxox (9/13/06)

"I received my gorgeous corset and my CorPro today... Sharon does exquisite work. The Grecian key pattern worked out perfectly... I love the way it looks. Thanx for putting up with my neurosis. You're a darling. I will see you and Roma at SCC in September ... this thing is much too pretty to wear under clothing!" Wanda (8/22/06)

"I must say, you were right. That burgundy rose silk pattern is gorgeous on the front and back with the black on the sides. O do love the garment; it is so beautiful." Tina (8/9/06)

"GAH!! I got my corset yesterday! I am so excited! It is wonderful! The first thing I did when I saw my package yesterday was sit on the couch because I got so light headed from the excitement. It fits wonderfully! (A few days later) I've been going outside in my corset (under and over outfits) and I've been getting a lot of "oohs" and "ahhs" directed towards me! The corset is amazing and makes /me/ look amazing. GAH! I love it so much! (Thank you) x (20,000,000) = My feelings towards you and Sharon." Natalie (8/3/06)

"My new brocade 1901 is lovely and I want to do it justice by trying it on properly, so be patient and we will see.....thank you so much for laboring over it, I really appreciate it so much." Ana, Tempe, AZ (7/18/06)

"I got Sharon's Victorian corset this morning. This is my first corset ever and I LOVE IT.. LOVE IT. It took me a while to fit it on, the front is very hard to close. (Ed. note: it gets easier with practice!) When I started I had it upside down for a while. I read the instructions again and looked at the picture, and that's when I knew it was on wrong. Anyway here are some pics I took. Please let me know if I'm lacing it right, and I thank you so much. I just love it. Thanks." Claudia (7/10/06)

"Good news about Sharon joining the ROMANTASY team! I have two of her corsets. She does beautiful work and is really a lovely person." Elizabeth (4/2004)

Kudos and Corset Kisses
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