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"Is this ever a great corset! Beautiful fit (like a glove), wonderful color, pattern and decorative accents...and the fit! Terrific! Since completing the proper seasoning period, I have by now worn it a lot and the corset is hold up perfectly, not a sign of wear anywhere." Leeann (5/20/10) "I wore my new 1877 for 62 hours straight tight-laced, excepting time out to take a shower. Superb!" Leeann (2/1/11) "O-M-G!! My new green brocade corset is beautiful! I'm now properly seasoning it."Leeann

"The photo of your client with the overbust camouflage fabric corset is really cute! The client is a very pretty girl, and the corset flatters her figure. Such a cute smile! Such energy!" Michelle (11/6/10)

"My boyfriend really likes my new corset a lot. Jill made a little bag out of one of the extra sleeves for the corset fabric I sent, and he has taken claim of it(even tho its mine). I think I will look great and hopefully super tiny!! (that's my goal of course). I promise I will send pictures when I am in my full get up. Don't be surprised if I order another one in the coming year for next Halloween(it's my fave holiday!!!) Thank you again! Your Friend," Sarah (10/21/10)

"I received my corset, and it is perfect! Thank you!! It fits like a dream." Nina (5/12/10)

"My beautiful corset arrived safely. I love it! It's lovely. All in all I'm extremely happy. I plan to order another one in the future." Vickie (9/11/08)

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Victorian Underbust Corset by Jill Hoverman. The workmanship is excellent and the fit is perfect. My mom came over to look at the finished product, and she gushed with pride and said we (she) did an excellent job with the measurements. This corset is so perfect it looks as if I was born with it. When I put it on I feel beautiful, fractured spine, compressed discs, and all. I am no longer in pain, and the corset is much cooler than my ugly back brace and Squeem. I have a feeling it won't be long before Jill moves up to be one of your senior corsetieres. Beautiful work for a busy young mom. Once again I thank you. I'll be saving up as I would like to have the same corset done up in red satin as well navy blue. Corset hugs right back at ya!" Cherie S.(7/30/08)

"I received my corset but have not had a chance to break it in yet because I'm traveling a lot right now. I'll get a chance to season it by the end of next month. I tried it on before I left and I am very pleased with the waist reduction. Thank you." Michi (7/31/08)

"I have about five of ROMANTASY's corsets, but the more I look at this nifty new style, the more I want The Equestrian for my next corset addition!" Sarah (7/30/10)

Kudos and Corset Kisses for Jill
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