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"Very beautiful work, my compliments to Sue. Thank you for all you help, and I am very pleased that Sue can deliver my two corset orders by the 15th. I have enjoyed our back and forth conversation. Warm regards." Peter (4/23/10)

"Suffice to say, Angela and that fine leather corset (plus various other complimentary accessories) just completely blew my mind last night. Words don't do it justice. I was in a daze until this morning, really. Just a brilliant exercise on all counts." Michael (4/23/10; see Angela's lovely corset to the right, and her comment immediately below).

"Michael actually tripped when he came into my apartment, but when I mentioned it later, he didn't even remember doing it (after my later special presentation of my new leather corset that Sue designed especially for us). He is more than happy with the corset. Quote: 'If my id has a g-spot, you hit it tonight.' Thanks Ann! And thank Sue for me!" Angela (2/14/10)

"I have received my corset. It is absolutely stunning and fits wonderfully. I will send pictures soon. Thanks so much." Jaime (9/28/08)

"My Sue Nice corset arrived safe and sound earlier this week--thank you so much for helping to hurry it along! I'm just delighted...I've worn corsets before but never one that was custom-made for me, and there really is *no* comparison. It's surprisingly comfortable, and works like a charm! I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of it. I wore it to my TG group's holiday gala like I'd hoped! I found a simple long black dress that had a little silver highlighting, and I swear it was like the dress and the corset were made for each other...I got tons of compliments!" Jenny (12/9/08)

"I bought the black with red silk underbust corset that Sue Nice made for ROMANTASY at the recent SCC conference in Atlanta. I wore it that first night, and reduced my 42" waist to 35" measured over the corset and clothes. Looking in the mirror, this corset did more for my figure than any other corset I have (you will remember that I own 40 corsets!), even though it was not laced as tightly as it could be. In total I wore it for about 10 hours including getting in and out of cars, dancing, and sitting in some very low chairs. It was totally comfortable the entire time. As you can tell from my comments, I am very pleased with this corset and absolutely amazed that it was so totally comfortable on the first wearing." Alexis (10/14/08)

"Hi Ann! I received my Sue Nice corset and its lovely-Fits like a glove!" Rachael (7/25/08)

"I have my new Sue corset and it is WONDERFUL. I will take pictures and send them but I love it! I cannot wait to order another one! Thank you." LaDonna (1/30/08)

"I have gotton into my new Sue corset, and I must say that it exceeds my expectations. It is beautiful! The lacy fringe and ribbons draw my eye especially. My mind fairly swims with the possibilities of what I might do with this, since, by giving me curves, I can wear a wider variety of clothing. No longer am I restricted to that which is formless and sack-like. Already, I have dreamed up a slinky outfit with a black skirt I bought a few months back. Sorry... transsexual gushing :-) . Indeed, my new corset is the nicest article of clothing I own. I tip my hat to both Sue Nice and yourself on a fantastic job." Megan (Canada 11/27/07)

I love the corset set Sue made for me-- it's a work of art, and made a great New Year's Eve outfit." Renee K. (1/19/07)

"I love it! I haven't had the opportunity to take pictures yet, but will soon and will send some along. Thanks to you and Sue, so much!" Shelley B. (2/20/06)

"I just received the corset today and it is absolutely lovely! I am reading the instructions carefully before I cinch it up to begin seasoning it. :) Thank you and I will let you know how everything goes." Jordana (5/28/05)

"Got my lovely Sue silk corset--absolutely splendid work! Many, many, many thanks to you both. Hugs." Alicia (2/26/05)

"Wow! Saw that my "Midnight" corset in silk velvet and crystal beading was your corset-of-the month for May! Tell Sue I said thank you, I hadn't realized that it took her so much time (13 hours!) to do that hand beading. She did a very nice job and the stones look very secure." Vanessa (5/8/02)

"Regarding the May corset on your homepage, that is beautiful! I love the dark blue velvet with the crystals. My compliments to Sue Nice on a beautiful corset. Hugs." Sarah (5/2/02)

Kudos and Corset Kisses for Sue
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