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Have you ever felt like the lady pictured on the right--all thumbs?

ROMANTASY's unique self-lacing device the "LACISSTANT" will assist you dress with ease in your corset by yourself! It's a hands-free device that allows you to secure the ends of the laces, then reach around back with both hands to quickly tighten your corset. It takes minimal practice to get the hang of it!

Our Canadian client and customer, Rita, provided the genesis for the idea and design, and together, we hope you enjoy our useful corset accessory.

Our "Lacisstant" makes a great corset accessory for yourself, or for a corset-enthusiast friend.


As a newcomer to corseting or if you have ever been in a hurry to lace down, you might have noted the early onset of shoulder fatigue and resulting frustration with the process. The ends of the lacing ribbons might slip back thru the grommets as you try to lace down, allowing the back gap to open up again then you have to start all over again. Frustrating! The entire process might seem like a losing proposition and make you wonder why you ever purchased a corset in the first place.

Be of good cheer! ROMANTASY's "Lacisstant" will avoid these frustrating issue because:

  • You don't have to reach around so high or far behind your back to reach upper laces, which is more tiring to shoulder muscles,
  • You can use both hands, rather than just one to lace down, speeding up the process,
  • You can maintain the tautness of your waist pulls as you lace down, with no or minimal slippage; waist pulls are the ends of the lacing cords at your waistline,
  • You minimize or disappear the risk that the waist pulls will come off a door handle used by some to lace down. This can allow you to fall forward with danger to your self as well as your corset. The Lacisstant secures the ends of your waist pulls against and under the closet door handle or rod you use to anchor the device.
The "Lacisstant" is particularly helpful if you customarily dress by yourself and have any temporary or permanent range-of-motion difficulties. While we expect that you will rather quickly learn with practice how to lace down without the device, it can make the learning process a whole lot faster.


Please read and carefully follow the more detailed instructions below, before ordering or trying the "Lacisstant." As with other mechanical device, you must use it properly in order to avoid inadvertently damaging your corset or causing personal injury.

We cannot be responsible if you fail to follow our instructions or if you use the device for unintended purposes or beyond its capability as described below. By purchasing our product, you agree to abide by our instructions which will be send with your "Lacissant."

Lacisstant (Self-Lacing Device)
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I have read the information below

Below is the basic method for self-lacing your corset using our "Lacisstant" once your fasten the front busk. Note that the device consists of two wooden bars separated by a double length of sturdy cord.

Remember that the purpose the device is to hold the waist pulls tightly and stop them from slipping back plus free up both hands to lace down your corset in many small steps, attempting to keep the gap in back more or less open the same distance top to bottom. Note that new corsets may close more easily at the top and bottom perimeters while the waist remains a good bit more open until you can properly season the corset.

The purpose is NOT to apply a force to the waist pulls in an attempt to close the corset in one fell swoop! That is not only uncomfortable, it is well nigh impossible and may damage your corset.

Be sure to use the device while standing flat footed or in stable walking shoes so that you do not slip! We recommend you never, ever lace down when wearing heels of any height. 1. Start by attaching the loop of cord at one end, over a door handle or towel railing, pictured to the left.

2. Push the bottom wooden bar all the way up until it touches snugly under handle in order to secure the rope.

3. Locate the "waist pulls" of the corset. These are the two loops of ribbon or cords at the waistline of your corset, pictured below.

4. Make sure the ends of your waist pull cord or ribbon are even with each other. You may have to slightly adjust the lacing for that purpose.

5. Next, attach the very ends of both waist pulls to the hook on the other end of the "Lacisstant."

6. Walk forward to stretch your ribbon tightly until you can walk no more.

7. Reach around back and begin at the top "X" or crisscross of lacing ribbon and pull out about 5 inches then move down to the next "X" below that.

8. Each time you pull out, take a tiny step forward. Sometimes "jiggling" your feet forward works better than steps.

9. Pull out the next "X" and do the same.

10. Then commence the same process at the bottom of the lacing ribbon in back, jiggling forward after each pull.

11. When you close the corset sufficiently, reach around back and remove both ends of the waist pulls off the handle, crisscross the laces once more to secure the exact waistline, then tie a bow. Be sure that the ends of the ribbon are even and tidy. For that purpose you may simple wrap long ends around two fingers and push it up under the bottom edge of your corset.


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