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"Hi Ann, Thank you very much for your detailed comments. They are worth quite a bit to me. My eyes and eyebrows in particular are my least feminine feature. I will give it my best attempt to implement each of your 7 tips. If I do it enough I am sure I will eventually get it right. Please continue to help me of these points. Not only do you have expertise in these matters, I seldom go out among the folks knowledgeable enough to help me, other than when I go to the TV/TG conventions. I'll send pictures of my attempts to improve. I'll stay in touch. I am very honored to have your interest in this. A truly attractive, feminine face is the one thing I really want to emulate. Much love," Toni (6/4/2008; pictured right)

Over the years we have enjoyed so many successful Gender Image Salons with positive feedback on our makeup section, that with the encouragement of our dear friend and client pictured here, Toni, we decided to launch an online consultation.

Note Toni's progress after her personal consultation:

  • Softer eye color application with less glaring white concealer under her eyes,
  • Thinner eyebrows with more feminine arch,
  • Whiter teeth,
  • More natural, modern hairstyle, hair texture, and color,
  • Less smudged eyeliner at corner of eyes,
  • Better blending of colors, and
  • More natural, darker foundation color.
Your personal consultation is designed to improve your facial image by increasing your knowledge of makeup principles and techniques, as well as basic hair and wig styling tips, plus practice ideas you can implement.

Once you are enrolled we will send a personal email welcome. We then ask you to send us by email, up to 10 photos (closeup of face please, some with hair (or wig) naturally styled as you wear it and some with it pulled back from your face) representing your best efforts to present a suitable image. We ask for two images (front and side view) before application of makeup, and eight images (four front and four side views) after application of makeup.

We will then review your photographs and send a one to two-page e-analysis of your efforts, including feedback on:

  • Use of foundation,
  • Use of contouring and blending techniques,
  • Eye colors
  • Application of blush and lip color,
  • Effect of hair color and general style tips, and other.
  • We will also suggest some key face and hair products and where you might purchase them (we don't sell any products), that we believe might be useful to add to your makeup kit.

    Finally, we will suggest some practice techniques so you can continue to learn, and reference other consultations that also might assist boost your feminine presentation forward.

    We then ask you to implement our suggestions, and within four weeks send us an additional set of eight images (four front and four side) so that we can analyze your progress and give you additional feedback by email.

    You may choose to send us two different styles of makeup if you like, for example, a day makeup, and an evening or more glamorous makeup.

    You may wish to continue learning by viewing our CD-ROM presentations regarding fashion choices, and ways you can work on more subtle clues that might give you away when en femme in public.

    Online Consultation - Face - Makeup & Wig/Hair
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