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[Updated 3/23/15; view additional images below text]

When you order a corset at ROMANTASY, you may also choose among various options to strengthen your corset, add to its durability over time with wear, and deliver better control of the torso.

These options may increase the stiffness when the corset is worn, may assist with serious back discomfort, and are advisable if you are full figured (waistlines 40" and above). These options may also signify that a slightly longer seasoning process may be needed for the corset to reach maximum comfort and the best fit.

The strengthening options for any corset include a modest upcharge approximated below; prices may vary so please inquire.

1. Extra 1/2" bone alongside the 5/8" bone alongside the front busk ($25)
2. Extra wide stainless steel busk ($40; see image of blue-and-charcoal corset top right)
3. Extra 1/2" bone alongside the bone alongside the back grommets ($25)
4. Spoon busk for better tummy control ($125), or the wedge busk (very stiff like the rectangular stainless busk, also stainless ($40)
5. One-half-inch wide boned underflap under the front busk for extra front rigidity ($50)
6. Triple rather than double boning placed side by side ($60-75) or quad boning ($125-150)
7. High back ($40)
8. Extra thick 5/8" wide boning in all of corset ($25-40)
9. One-half-inch wide regular boning in all of corset ($50; see image of blue-and-charcoal corset top right)
10. An extra bone channel between the pattern pieces, normally added on the lining side but can be added externally for more control ($40)
11. One 5/8"-wide bone on top of another 5/8"-wide bone rather than side by side as is standard
12. One shorter bone diagonally from just underneath the armpit pointing toward the waist and ending just above the waist to smooth out the sidefront of the torso.
13. Extra sturdy cotton such as bull denim or coutil (from $25 to $60).
14. Extra layer or innerfacing or bonding above the three or four layers typically used.

Options to Strenghten Your Corset
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Closeup of extra-wide stainless steel rectangular busk, installed.

Corset with extra-wide stainless steel rectangular busk.

Closeup of spoon busk with boned underflap, corset by Mr. Garrod.

Two examples of high-backed corsets.

Example of curved underbusk steel from one of Mr. Garrod's corsets.

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