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[Updated 1/9/14]
If the design you desire is not online below, please email us. We are happy to give you our personal assistance to complete your order. EIGHTEENTH CENTURY
****Style Advisory: Perfect for bridal ensemble when adorned with embroidery, lace, pearls, or rhinestones.This corset is not suitable for waist training or to create a natural bosom shape for foundation wear. (View additional images below the ordering section on this page.)****

This style corset in the 1700s, called "stays", makes a lovely party or wedding corset. It is designed to give the wearer a long, conical shape with only a limited amount of waist reduction. Expect the ribcage to feel a solid but pleasant hug; achieving the desired cone shape requires some pressure on the lower ribs. The corset must be moderately laced due to the rib pressure it exerts when worn.

This style is suitable for many different shapes of figures from slim to full, and enhances any bosom. The bosom is elevated up and appears to be peeking out of the upper edge as "pert apples" sitting on a tray!

Until the late 1700�s this style corset was �fully boned� heavily with hundreds of multiple narrow channels for bone-right-next-to-bone spacing. To achieve a smooth line in the front, most 1700s corsets have back lacing only. Alternatively, some have both front and back lacing. The front lacing is across a separate fully-boned "stomacher" placed in front of the body. Next, a similarly-boned corset is wrapped around the torso and laced down the front to hold in the stomacher. Back lacing and shoulder straps are built into this style to pull the shoulders up and back, giving an elegant. upright posture. Finally, no eighteenth century corset is complete without a wooden busk that is inserted down the center front of the corset after lacing is completed. The wooden busk enhances the cone shape of the figure and also takes pressure off the stomach area.

Today's modern version of this style, offered here and developed in the late 1700s, has much less boning as a matter of production economy and efficiency. Those into historical reenactments typically make their own period-correct fully-boned corsets in this style, inasmuch as extraordinary and careful labor is required for that purpose.

18th century stays are very comfortable to wear after your body adapts to them during the "seasoning" process. Some re-enactors over time are able to train their bodies in to a more advanced cone shape with a tiny waist much as we see in period portraits.


You will be offered various choices in the design of this corset style by Sheri. Before placing your order you may wish to see pictures of those choices and read descriptions. Please consult the Design Navigation Button, and under it the ten design categories or options including but not limited to fabrics and braid trims.

Overbust 18th Century
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