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[Updated 4/6/15; Photos (c) Scott Quady 2013.]

"Tonight was like Christmas! I got the Corset and the custom matching corsage! The corset is so cute! The corsage is just out of this world! I think this is a great idea to adorn my bodice top of the ensemble; it is just so fabulous! I really appreciate the time you took to create it, and I hope I wear it with the grace and style that the gown will show!" Michelle (8/10/10)

"Dear Ann, There was an excellent recognition dinner --the Fall Achievement Banquet (FAB)--in PA this past week end. It was a great tribute for the GLBT community... I wore the purple gown, and here are some terrific photos (seem in below collage) taken by Robyn Michaels of the Vanity Club.I felt very special, and a lot of people wanted photos or at least commented on how great I looked. ROMANTASY set a record this year! I have a few more chances to wear this outfit, and I am feeling so special and sexy! " Michelle (10/19/10)

Michelle is one of our favorite clients! You may recognize her on other skirt pages with prior ensembles that we have co-created with Michelle for special occasions. Michelle designed this corset ensemble to include:
  • A vibrant ruffled skirt,
  • A jersey bodice,
  • An embellished underbust Victorian corset,
  • A hand-made corsage, and
  • Custom gloves.

She debuted the ensemble at the Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta in September 2010, and has worn it at other transgender charity events which she supports. The ensemble combines variations on a theme of purple and deep magenta, and reflects the fashion-forward one-shoulder design seen on the Red Carpet throughout 2010 and 2011.

We love working with Michelle because she values true old-fashioned artistry and creativity, plus gives us not only a color and character theme but time to produce them. She is always the responsible client, journeying to San Francisco for fittings to ensure a perfect ensemble (but don't worry: we also mail muslins to your location with instructions for you to do the same).

Regarding color we will exercise our judgment and choose the color indicated. If you desire an exact match with a shade or hue you have in mind, please tell us so below and mail a color swatch to: 2912 Diamond St., Ste. 239, San Francisco, CA 94131.

Regarding length, we suggest you measure while standing in your stocking feet. You need a few inches of distance above the floor and wearing shoes or heels will provide the appropriate distance. Typical production time is 6-8 weeks depending on the season, or sooner with rush fee. Please inquire.

Please choose and order your corset from our Fundamental or Elegant Lines of corsetry. You may also inquire about the price of individual items seen on this page, and other colors and fabrics available, or submit your own unique design ideas and we'll create a Red-Carpet-Ready ensemble for you, too!

Photo top right (c) Amy of Las Vegas 2010, and below (c) Encore Image and Photo Studio 2010.

Please use the order form and additional space below to inquire about or discuss further details, ideas, colors, and fabrics available and what you desire. Then we can offer you a firm bid and commence the project with a half deposit.

The Passion Flower Corset Ensemble
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Code: The Passion Flower Corset Emsemble
Price: $2,000.00

Shipping Weight: 20.00 pounds
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Fabric - skirt, type:
Fabric - skirt, color:
Lining, skirt:
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