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Never was there a more gentlemanly, kind and helpful corsetier and corset educator than our friend, Michael Garrod, owner of True Grace Corset Co. in London (Wokingham).

We first met Michael at the famed Bal de Gracieuse in Vienna about 1994 (pictured right) and were proud to represent his fine productions for about nine years until his passing in 2003.

We hope you enjoy the most noteworthy of his corsets in the images at the bottom of this page. We are enthusiastic to add to this historical gallery, and thus invite the viewer to send in additional images of their own True Grace corsets not pictured here.

Our esteem was so great that we could think of no other person more suitable to honor in the dedication of our waist-training book ("Corset Magic") than Michael:

"This book is dedicated to Michael P. Garrod (April 18, 1928-July 12, 2003)), principal of the True Grace Corset Company in London, who, during his distinguished twenty-one-year career as a corsetier, never allowed a well-justifed artistic ego to get in the way of his love for the corset. He selflessly shared his considerable talents and knowledge with each inquiring corset maker who was just beginning the journey of learning one of the fashion world's most ancient of crafts. He unselfishly supported corset purveyors and enthusiasts who promote the art and craft of corset making. His lovely corsets live on to perpetuate elegance and beauty in comportment and dressing."

Michael was a retired weather forecaster and accomplished glider pilot in Britain when he decided to teach himself how to make corsets. He proceeded on to become known for industrial-strength tight-lacing corsets made of the finest of English-woven fabrics with heavy boning, yet he was always willing to take on elegant embellishments, represented best in owner Ann's very favorite peacock-feather "Lily" corset from her custom collection, pictured above left. Ann and Michael amusingly dubbed these creations his "over the top" or "OTT" corsets!


Not only that, but representing an unexpected eclectic spirit, Michael also created some of the most fetish-styled corsets ever in leather, PVC, rubber and fabric, as seen below including the sexy long-leg corset (in pink satin), the girdle corset (spotted coutil corset), and a heavy red rubber corselette with straps, donated by a loving friend in 2011 to our ROMANTASY personal and historical collection of True Grace Corsets. He also specialized in the fan-laced (or camp) corset, each one taking about 13 hours to lay out the complex lacing pattern.


Michael journeyed to San Francisco on a handful of occasions to participate in several Corset conventions, as well as ROMANTASY's in-boutique fashion shows and our famed Corset Soirees at the Top of the Mark Hotel or the Fairmont's Tonga Room, where he loved to dance the night away partnering various well-corseted ladies.

Of course, he always enjoyed the occasion to host a corseted-date or his favored model Pandora pictured in gold, black, and plae blue ensembles, and made himself a cummerbund to match the corset ensemble he would create for his companion. We met and enjoyed Sandy on many occasions, pictured in lovely purple and black corset ensembles. Sandy was perhaps Michael's favored travelling companion and date!

Ready to laugh, always cheerful, adventurous in trying a new tea room or restaurant, meeting new friends, and discussing corseting, he became friends with several of our corsetiere team members and helped them with their crafting questions. Always willing to help educate the corset newbie or aspiring corset maker, he contributed several articles on corset production to ROMANTASY's former online newsletter. Owner Ann hosted several visits of Michael in her home, and he returned the favor on Ann's two trips to England.


When Michael passed after a period of illness, we were flooded with significant notes of appreciation and sadness, such as those below:

"Thanks for your web message "In Memoriam" of Michael Garrod. I'm very sad that he had to go like this and so soon! Still, the passage where you say that this was "the beginning of a new passage and soul's adventure for our beloved and distinguished corset maker" comforts me a little bit. It's good to know that he has not disappeared, but that he is somewhere out there and feels better now. Kind regards." Sylphide (Germany)

"I have 2 corsets from True Grace. I will always treasure them. Mr. Garrod is such a kind gentleman, things will not be the same." Glenda H. (1/29/03)

"It is with great sadness that I hear of Michael Garrod's passing, a great loss to our corset community. He will be greatly missed but his corsets will live on for years to come." Abby (New Zealand)

"I'm so sorry that your friend is gone. We are made immortal by those who love us, so Mr. Garrod lives on." Elizabeth (Butte, Montana)

We miss our friend even today, and forever. One day while reflecting on our personal and professional relationship with Michael, we decided that although we have lost his talents here on earth, most assuredly he is up there in heaven making awesome corsets for the angels! And so we call him our
"Corset Maker to the Angels."

True Grace Corsets-Michael P. Garrod
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