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VICTORIAN - 10-PANEL UNDERBUST for waists under 35"
[Updated 10/5/14]
****Style Advisory: Amazingly excellent value for clients with waists of under 35", creating a gentle hourglass waistline silhouette in a period-perfect corset. This corset is suitable for waist training . Note the lovely rosette bodice clips and garter embellishments available.****
ROMANTASY proprietress Ann was interviewed for the October 12, 2012 show of ABC-TV's "20/20". Here is what reporter Deborah Roberts said of her lovely brown and ivory satin corset made by Jill:

"Beautifully stitched in a chocolate brown silk fabric, with two floral brocade strips down either side, there was no hint of the metal boning underneath. That boning is key to the corsetís success. It holds the garment in a rigid form and holds the torso up and flattens the waist. In back, there is a beautiful cream colored ribbon laced in a criss-cross fashion to pull the corset in...Itís a work of beauty...I must admit I look sleek Ö and a bit sexy with this teeny tiny waist. I find it a bit uncomfortable as I slide into a cab. But I also find myself sitting upright with perfect posture. And my back feels strong and supported. I show off my corset in the hallways of ABC and people are fascinated. Some women, upon hearing about the possibility of weight loss, are deeply interested...Still, it feels pretty cool...My jeans and dresses feel looser already ó or is it my imagination?"

Blog by Deborah Roberts, ATC-TV

  • "My corset arrived yesterday. It is a beauty! I tried it on and it's a perfect fit; more comfortable on the first wearing than my old one is after a year. Can't wait to get it seasoned and laced down! Thanks so much." Mary (4/10/12)

  • "I have just received the corset and it looks lovely and fits perfectly thank you so much. I will definitely recommend yourselves to others and will approach you for all my corset needs. Once again, thank you so much! Kind regards," Sam (Australia, 11/15/11)

  • "Just over a month ago, I ordered my first corset; and my, my, am I glad I decided to make that purchase from ROMANTASY! What excellent customer care and pride in your work! The dedication that you, Ann, and the lovely corsetieres of your company exude in your desire to spread the joy of corsetting is absolutely astounding. After a few weeks of slowly tightening my first corset (another Victorian underbust model by Jill; how beautiful!) I'm eager to continue on with this exciting and fantastically sensual endeavor. How can one not enjoy the sensation of a tight, warming embrace throughout the day? I am, without a doubt, a ROMANTASY customer and corset enthusiast for life, and I hope that I might be able to share the delights of lacing (even tight lacing!) with those I come in contact with everyday. This is truly a remarkable lifestyle, and one which I am proud to be an ambassador of! Thank you over and over, and corset hugs and kisses to everyone at ROMANTASY!" Heidi W. (11/15/11)

  • "I am very happy with my new corset! It's so pretty, and I can get a smaller waist then my past corset. I love the extra flower added on it! It makes it all so much more beautiful! Christie C. (10/24/11)

This five-panel-per-side underbust style corset is often the choice of the corset novice desiring the most comfortable style, easiest to get used to and easiest to lace down, permitting maximum body flexibility. This is the perfect choice for a "work horse" waist-training corset that is both durable and handsomely-finished. The corset may be constructed in specialty fabrics or embellishments such as the specialty "shoe and purse" embroidered fabric with matching bow that our client provided, viewed below, or in a simple, hand-washable cotton (with our instructions to minimize the risk of rust).

The standard corset is internally, doubly boned in four layers of fabric. Note that a measurement exceeding 5" from waist to bottom of corset will require you place an order not for the Victorian, but for Jill's longline Edwardian style.

Award-winning professional figure models and body builders have ordered this simple style by Jill to finely tune and sculpt a more noteworthy midriff shape prior to competition. This is the corset of choice for post-liposuction and tummy-tuck patients as well.

  • "My Jill corset is fantastic and fits like a glove to my figure! I absolutely LOVE it! :)" Jenna (8/22/11)

  • "My boyfriend really likes my new corset a lot. Jill made a little bag out of one of the extra sleeves for the corset fabric I sent, and he has taken claim of it(even tho its mine). I think I will look great and hopefully super tiny!! (that's my goal of course). I promise I will send pictures when I am in my full get up. Don't be surprised if I order another one in the coming year for next Halloween(it's my fave holiday!!!) Thank you again! Your Friend" Sarah (10/21/10)

  • "My new corset arrived today and it is a love. The boyfriend is going to be so impressed. The rosette detail was a beautiful surprise. Thank you so much for the lovely new corset, I am thrilled." Hope (12/23/11)

  • "I received my corset, and it is perfect! Thank you!! It fits like a dream." Nina (5/12/10)

  • "My beautiful corset arrived safely. I love it! It's lovely. All in all I'm extremely happy. I plan to order another one in the future." Vickie (9/11/08)

  • "I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Victorian Underbust Corset by Jill Hoverman. The workmanship is excellent and the fit is perfect. My mom came over to look at the finished product, and she gushed with pride and said we (she) did an excellent job with the measurements. This corset is so perfect it looks as if I was born with it. When I put it on I feel beautiful, fractured spine, compressed discs, and all. I am no longer in pain, and the corset is much cooler than my ugly back brace and Squeem. I have a feeling it won't be long before Jill moves up to be one of your senior corsetieres. Beautiful work for a busy young mom. Once again I thank you. I'll be saving up as I would like to have the same corset done up in red satin as well navy blue. Corset hugs right back at ya!" Cherie Sneed (7/30/08)

  • "I received my corset but have not had a chance to break it in yet because I'm traveling a lot right now. I'll get a chance to season it by the end of next month. I tried it on before I left and I am very pleased with the waist reduction. Thank you." Michi (7/31/08)

When measuring for corsetry, kindly consult our website measurement page and view a graphic and images of precisely how and where specific measurements should be taken. If you wish us to review your torso photos and evaluate measurements for correctness, we will invoice an additional $15.


Victorian - Underbust for waists under 35"
Quantity in Basket: none
Code: Victorian - Underbust for waists under 35"
Price: $340.00

Shipping Weight: 14.00 pounds
Fabric - Outside, Colors, Cotton or PVC:
Outside Colors - Cotton-backed Satin :
Fabric - Outside, Colors Silk, Duch., Vel., Dup.:
Fabric - Outside, Colors, Linen:
Fabric - Outside, Colors, Taffeta (poly or silk):
Fabric - Outside, Colors, Silk and Poly Brocade:
Fabric - Outside, Colors, Silk Duchesse Satin:
Fabric - Lining, Colors, Cotton (fabric & labor):
Fabric - Lining, Colors, CB Satin (fabric & labor):
Fabric - Binding, Type:
Fabric - Binding, Colors:
Shape- Front Underbust , Top Edge:
Shape - Front Under or Overbust, Bottom Edge:
Shape - Back, Top Edge:
Shape - Back, Bottom Edge:
Embellishment - Lace Overlay, Type:
Embellishment - Lace Overlay, Colors:
Embellishment - Lace Overlay, Where Applied?:
Embellishment - Braid or Lace Trim, Type:
Embellishment - Braid or Lace Trim, Colors:
Embellishment - Braid or Lace Trim, Where applied?:
Feature - Garters, Type & Number:
Feature - Garters, Strap or Fabric Ruching Colors:
Feature - Busks and Closures:
Fabric - Outer Bone Casings, Fabric:
Fabric - Outer Bone Casings, Colors:
Other design feature desired?:
Horizontal - Rib Cage Under Bosom or Chest:
Horizontal - Snug Natural Waist:
Horizontal - Desired Waist Reduction
(N.B. 4" is maximum for 18th Cen. style)
Horizontal - 3" Down from Waist (pelvis):
Horizontal - 5" Down From Waist:
Horizontal - Derriere (widest part hips):
Vertical - Side Front Waist up to Underwire/Chest:
Vertical - Center Front Waist to Corset Top:
Vertical - Center Front Waist to Corset Bottom:
Vertical - Center Back Waist to Corset Top:
Vertical - Center Back Waist to Corset Bottom:
Your Height:
Your Approximate Weight:

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