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OVERBUST VICTORIAN (Style 1877 and Style 1891)

****Style Advisory: Excellent value for a period-perfect corset in four fabric layers. Great choice for historical re-enactments. This corset typically creates a push-up style but may be contoured over the bosom in the "valentine" shape. Not suitable for waist training as it is not an underbust style. Note the lovely rosette bodice clips and garter embellishments available for order with your corset or later.(View additional images of corsets following the ordering section.)****
  • "My corset arrived on Monday and it is a beauty. I never had a corset like this. I will be gentle and only slowly tighten the corset more and more with respect for Jillīs wonderful work. Thank you for this time. I hope it take not so long time next I order. But it was worth waiting. With corset hugs," Peer (8/12/12, Denmark; see corset to right)

  • "The photo of your client with the overbust camouflage fabric corset is really cute! (see below). The client is a very pretty girl, and the corset flatters her figure. Such a cute smile! Such energy!" Michelle (11/6/10)

This classic overbust Victorian style provides a push-up style to elevate the bosom, and was originally designed for wear during horseback riding and therefore is a good choice for posture support as well as for people who will be active while wearing their corset. Note that the longer V-shape seen right (sharp point) of the front bottom edge renders a truly wonderful front-view silhouette in this corset. Care must be given when selecting the overbust style to ensure the upper edge horizontal line of the corset will not show beneath the bodice of light-weight bridal gown or dress fabrics. The style has a true "period" feel when produced in linen (samples below; inquire about other colors) or cotton twill as Victorian corsets often were, and when traditional flossing is ordered (embroidery at the ends of the bone casings, originally used to secure the bones; today ordered more for aesthetic reasons). Lovely in our fine cotton-backed satin seen here: Fabrics. Embroidered lace at the upper edge and embroidered "flossing" add a pleasant traditional touch as well.

There are two versions of this corset, the 1877 and the 1891. Note that either version can have any bodice top or bottom shape you desire, including the traditional "valentine" shape pictured on the top row below in the dramatic black-lace-over-red-satin corset:

Style 1877 - This style is represented by the pink plaid silk corset. This style has back panel diagonal boning while the 1891 style does not. This style is also shorter in back than the 1891 style. This style is popular with historical interpreters and with theatrical costumers because the shorter back makes the corset feel less restrictive and comfortable, especially for those who do not wear a corset often.

Style 1891 - This style is represented by the scarlett silk duchesse corset seen with hat below. This style provides more hip coverage and is a flattering choice on naturally curvy figures. It also has a little more boning for firmer support.

We offer several unique options to allow broad creativity in your individual design. If you desire a feature or embellishment that you don't see offered here, please send us email to inquire. Prices quoted are based on a cotton corset with modest upcharges for other fabric options.

When measuring for corsetry, kindly consult our website measurement page and view a graphic and images of precisely how and where specific measurements should be taken. If you wish us to review your torso photos and evaluate measurements for correctness, we will invoice an additional $15.

Victorian (1877 and 1891 Styles) - Overbust by Jill Hoverman
Quantity in Basket: none
Code: Victorian 1877 and 1891 - Overbust by Jill
Price: $375.00

Shipping Weight: 14.00 pounds
Outside Fabric - Type & Color:
Fabric - Outside, Colors Silk, Duch., Vel., Dup.:
Fabric - Lining, Colors, Cotton (fabric & labor):
Embellishment - Flossing, Design (Jill):
Spoon Busk:
Flat Lace Trim as Shown:
Embellishment - Lace Trim, Where applied?:
Embellishment - Lace Trim, Colors:
Edge Binding Fabric Type:
Edge Binding Color:
Shape - Front Under or Overbust, Bottom Edge:
Lacing Style:
Boning (jh):
Embellishment - Braid or Lace Trim, Where applied?:
Outer Bone Casings - satin, color:
Outer Bone Casings - cotton, color:
Feature - Grommets, Embroidered (Jill):
Feature - Garters, Type & Number:
Feature - Garters, Strap or Fabric Ruching Colors:
Garter Ruching Fabric & Color:
Bra - Size:
Bra - Cup:
Horizontal - Around Bosom (or Man's Chest):
Horizontal - Nipple to Nipple:
Horizontal - Over Bosom From Underarm to Underarm:
Horizontal - Rib Cage Under Bosom or Chest:
Horizontal - Snug Natural Waist:
Horizontal - 3" Down from Waist (pelvis):
Horizontal - 5" Down From Waist:
Horizontal - Derriere (widest part hips):
Sidefront Waist to Bra wire/Men's Pectoral Swell:
Vertical - Side Front Waist to Nipple in Bra:
Vertical - Center Front Waist to Corset Top:
Vertical - Side Front Nipple to Top Edge:
Vertical - Center Front Waist to Corset Bottom:
Your Height:
Your Approximate Weight:

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