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Q. In 2005 I paid around $10K for lipo and more than just my abdominal area done. I'm happy with the results overall, but I thought they would be more dramatic. I can still pinch the fat so I guess that means it has expanded after surgery. I know that lipo involves permanent removal of fat cells, but it is not reasonable to get rid of all the cells. Is it realistic of me to corset waist train? I wish I had known about you guys after I had my surgery. The compression garments I used never fit right and were too weak.

A. Satisfaction with results depend on what you hope to accomplish.

Several post-lipo clients have come to use to order a well-fitting custom corset to compress the waist better than do the elasticized bands normally used.

Regarding results, I have heard from several clients that lipo does not sculpt out the sides of your waist or deal with minimizing the "love handles." My research also reveals that you must follow a moderate diet after lipo, or the fat cells may indeed plump up again and you will lose the benefit you may have received from the surgery. Indeed a plastic surgeon appearing on August 27 on the "Dr. Oz" tv show, said that fat taken out of one part via lipo, will or may come right back on in another place. Usually fat taken out of the thigh or belly area comes back in the arms, he said, creating the "pop eye" effect!

I believe that corset waist training will target the love handles and reduce them, even after lipo. If you issue is your lower belly, be sure that you measure low enough in front to cover that area, and consider ordering a straight-front corset (encouraged by a wider stainless steel front busk). Certainly some improvement and maintenance of your investment in both lipo will result if you wear your corset to cut portion size and reduce your hunger, plus improve posture.

Q. Gastric banding seems the way to go since it is cheaper than tummy bypass surgery. What do you think?

A. I can't say for certain since I am not a physician, and don't have the details about your genetics, former dieting efforts and results, and present lifestyle.

I have been told by several physicians that banding creates a similar pressure on the tummy as external corseting with the results of diminishing hunger after you eat a much smaller amount of food than normal. I surmise that banding will involve general anaesthesia and surgery, for some thousands of dollars. Why not try corset waist-training first, for only three months of moderate effort and an investment of only about from $300 to $500 for a suitable waist-training corset that you can wear for many, many years, even if you end up with the surgery?

What about Lipo/Gastric Banding?
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