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[Updated 4/27/15]

Please realize that we are not medical experts nor medically trained. Therefore, we cannot render a medical opinion, or make medical claims regarding our corsets. However, we can speak from common sense, common knowledge, general research, consultations with our medical experts and doctors, and our personal experience. We can let our clients tell their own stories about relief they have experienced from various health conditions and challenges, both permanent and temporary.

1.Q. I have scoliosis with a 47 degree spine curvature. Will a corset help me?

A. Possibly so both visually and physically.

Vertebral bracing with a medical corset quite similar to a modern-day custom corset, used to be the medical treatment of choice for scoliosis, not surgery.

Those with serious scoliosis often seek remedy through surgery, principally because we live in a want-it-now society without patience to wear a corset brace for the long hours and years it may take to make significant change in a curved spine.

However, you may be amazed to learn how a corset employing our special approach stays centered and vertical on your body, visually straightens your posture, and can relieve back pain from the condition.

Pictured right and below is one client we had the pleasure to meet and work with in winter 2014. She had been diagnosed with a severe 47 degree bend in her spine. The picture shows on the left, a "try-on" S-Curve overbust style corset "before," and then on the right, an "after" of the client's personal S-Curve overbust corset with a sweetheart bodice shape. We employed our new technique in the client's corset in order to keep the busk vertical when she wears her corset.

We were amazed to note the clear correction of her corset which appears to be virtually the same as if our client had no scoliosis!

The light-weight cincher our client purchased to wear while awaiting her S-Curve (pictured below left), shows definite improvement after our technique application, however the correction is not as expert for this light-weight cinch. Therefore, we would not recommend this light weight corset to improve severe scoliosis, although it immediately reduced if not disappeared our client's back pain she reported!

"Thank you for working so hard for me. I really feel like you care. My cincher is pretty amazing. I've worn it every day since I left you. Showing property, walking around, sitting at the computer. My back has not been very sore (as normal), even when I take off the cincher. This is so far so good. I see in my future lots of different corset colors in my wardrobe! Thank you very much for everything!

After the client had some time to season her new overbust beige-and-ivory S-Curve style, here is what she wrote us:

I'm practically pain free using my overbust corset. I'm wearing it everyday. Sometimes I don't put it on right away in the morning and I can go most of the day before I start to feel my back. This beats a built in rod and pins inside my body any day! Thank you and the girls sooooo much for giving me back my life! I hope to start to do some exercises to build up my strength in my upper arms and legs soon. I need to work it into my schedule and then I'll be good to go!"
And in early April, 2015 she wrote:
"My back is so good, I can leap tall buildings in a single bound! Lift things, do things, want to get up and not just lay in bed or couch to curb the pain. I haven't slept in it yet but if I don't get right up, shower and get dressed, I really feel the pain creeping back. But seriously, I haven't had a pain pill since I started wearing your custom corsets. I'm so glad I met you. You've helped me get my life back!" Carol (4/7/15)

We were pleased on April 26, 2015 to receive the below email from another client L.W. who ordered a corset to deal with scoliosis not quite as severe as the above lady had, also with pain:

"I am finally responding to your lost note asking about how the corset has been helpful. My husband and I both think Sharon's corset is very beautiful and we like the effect of the corset on my shape. I tend to wear it only about once or twice a week when we are home in the afternoon and evening or going out to special places...For hiking, cleaning house or cutting the lawn, I throw on a velcro corset from the pharmacy. Both corsets will help me hold my body up straight and relieve strain on my tired back muscles. I am doing core strengthening exercises (without corset, of course) but a corset does take away pain that accumulates by the afternoons...Basically, the pretty corset is doing what Woody had hoped for when he contacted you: making my back brace therapy a time of beauty. Thanks again to you and Sharon. I'll get a photo taken at some point and send it to you."
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