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Q.1. Do you serve men?

A. With pleasure, as with any serious customer.

Over 60% of our business orders are placed by men. You may view below, and to the right a man's stays by world-famous former corsetiere from our team, Mr. Michael Garrod, several styles for men, and several of our repeat male clients below. From experience we know the special measurement and fit issues for the male body. However, ROMANTASY is not a place to merely discuss fantasy or fetish corseting or cross-dressing since our goal is to purvey superb quality corsetry to both men and women.

Q.2. What is a "man's" corset or a "man's" stay?

A. As with many other terms in common use in the corset world, there is no single rigid or technical definition, no matter what is currently being advertised as a "man's corset" on any other website you may have visited.

What we note is that most "manly men" prefer the following options in their corset design, and some prefer use of the historical term "man's stays" to distinguish their garment from that worn by women:

(1) a silhouette that is U-shaped or straight rib-shaped in an underbust stay (rather than a dramatic wasp or hourglass silhouette, or an overbust style),
(2) more functional fabrics (such as cotton which is possibly hand-washable with proper approach and care) and neutral colors or patterns (such as black, ivory, or beige cotton, or paisley and geometric patterns),
(3) a straighter top and bottom edge shape in both front and back (rather than points in the center front),
(4) a shorter "cincher" style corset or stay whose upper edge falls below the man's wide rib cage (rather than coming up fully on the chest or upper torso to where a lady's bra underwire would sit), and
(5) a man's stay in disguise as a business vest which we call the "CorVest".

We do not necessarily concur with some corset makers who advise men to order shorter "cincher" style corsets, since these seem to permit a protruding rib cage to pop even more noticeably outward. However, if this is the image you desire when corseted, then by all means request the silhouette, shape, and height of custom corset that suits your individual needs and preferences.

Transwomen (MTFs) usually, but not always of course, prefer quite the opposite to the typical "man's corset," that is, one or all of the following: the hourglass silhouette when seen face-forward, and possibly the straight-rib silhouette to bring in the upper rib cage and make is less noticeable, more elegant and glamorous fabrics and designs including lace ruffles and braid trims, full underbust Victorians (high hips on the side which maximizes the derriere, rather than the long line Edwardian which minimizes the derriere), and even overbust styles into which they can insert silicon enhancements as our moderately-endowed ladies do, too.

Q.3. I want to purchase a custom mens' underbust stay or your CorVest, but my wife might think that the expenditure is unwarranted. What do you think?

A. If you do not intend to wear the garment, or wear it only once or twice, considering a modest budget, then any investment might be senseless.

However, if you intend to wear it for many years to come, and desire some or substantial torso or rib control, then our superb quality and styling of an underbust style men's stays would certainly be worth the investment. That is a decision you will need to make.

Men's stays start at $155 (single layer under chest styling) up to $500 or more for the handsome men's CorVest, a unique, custom-made, steel-boned garment (but not one for tight-lacing or waist reduction beyond 2-3" when laced closed in back).

What is a "Man's" Corset?
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