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1. Q. What is the best corset style for me?

A. That depends upon your answers to seven primary questions:

* First, what is the main purpose or purposes for which you wish to wear and use your corset?
* Second, which of the basic CORSET STYLES, FIGURE SILHOUETTES, and CLOTHING PERSONALITIES do you prefer (see below)?
* Third, how do you describe your lifestyle, opportunities for and intentions regarding how and when you will wear your corset?
* Fourth, what is the approximate amount or range of prices you wish for this quality garment?
* Fifth, do you wish an overbust or an underbust style?
* Sixth, what do you envision for this corset: color, fabric, and embellishments?
* Seventh, do you have a special delivery date? (Normal production time typically requires from two to three months, however you may always request a specific date and we will inform you of any applicable rush fee.)


1. The Victorian
2. The Valentine Victorian
3. The Civil War Push-Up Victorian
4. The Transitional
5. The Edwardian
6. The Stem
7. The Hybrid
8. The CorVest


1. The hourglass (the most popular and torso conforming)
2. The wasp (most comfortable, since breathing is restricted least)
3. The ice cream cone (also called "the V shape" or the "straight rib" shape, which is the most demanding to wear since ribs are gently compressed)
4. The U shape (best for shorter cincher corsets, rather than for long line corsets which might press down on the anterior femoral nerve and encourage leg numbness)
5. The stem (the most demanding style suitable for advanced corset wearers since it presses up on the floating ribs and down on the pelvic bone and takes much longer to become comfortable).


1. Elegant
2. Romantic
3. Sporty
4. Sexy/Fetish
5. Ingenue, or
6. Flamboyant


* Will you wear the corset under or over clothing, or both? (Some ROMANTASY corsetieres make a more comfortable style corset, some make a sturdier corset.)
* Do you have a specific waist reduction goal in mind, and do you desire temporary or permanent waist reduction? (Permanent waist reduction requires almost daily wear and an underbust Victorian or Edwardian style corset.)
* What kind of "look" or image do you wish to achieve: fashion,fetish,demure, or alluring? (This will influence your choice of fabric and embellishments.)
* What figure issue do you wish to address or improve? (This will influence the upper and lower shape of your corset.)
* Do you wish to enhance curves, minimize the bustline, straighten or reduce the rib cage, or smooth the hip line? (This will influence your choice of style and corsetiere.)
* Do you need to disguise the corset underneath street clothing? This will influence your choice of style and corsetiere.)
* Is this a garment for a one-night social event, sensual affair, or stage performance, or do you plan to enjoy it for many years to come on multiple occasions? (This will influence your price point, fabrics, style, and corsetiere.)
* Is this an elegant bridal corset that will become an heirloom for your children? (This will influence your price point and corsetiere.)
* Do you wish to attract attention, or more readily blend into public? (This will influence the design.)
* Do you prefer and enjoy comfort, or a more restricted feeling in clothing? (This will influence your corsetiere, boning/busks, and fabric.)
* Do you have any limitations in physical mobility or dexterity, or do you have scoliosis? (This may influence measurement and front vs. back lacing.)
* Are you a genetic male or female (This will influence measurements and other.)?
* Do you generally enjoy good health? (This may influence how tightly you can lace and how long you can wear your corset, or whether you can waist-train.)


Remember that color, fabric and embellishments create a certain mood and image that may or may not fit your corset dreams, or the occasion for which you are ordering it. If you don't wish to attract attention, don't chose a sexy bright red satin and black lace-covered corset to wear as outerwear! You might wish to shy away from a leather corset with D-rings and studs if you attend the opera.

We encourage you to select a corset to which your vivid imagination attracts you, and not just a practical one, as you will be drawn to wear and enjoy the prior corset far more than the more boring latter style. Once we know the answers to these questions, we can guide you to the corset style most suitable for your individual needs, and the wisest investment for you to make in a comfortable, durable figure-shaping garment.

What is the Best Corset Style for Me?
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