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1.Q. Can I effectively waist train at my age of mid-fifties?

A. Most likely, yes!

Owner Ann started to corset and waist train at age 48 and continues today some 28 years later. It's true that the earlier one starts, the easier it may be, however, it is unwise in our opinion to start any earlier than age 18, possibly 21 for young women, for the reasons below.

2.Q Is there a minimum age you recommend starting to waist train?

A. Not one set in stone and there are no modern-day definitive medical pronouncements on the matter. However there is an age below which I do not believe anyone should seriously waist train or close a corset down too much, and that is age 18.

I will consider advising anyone age 18 and older, but will also encourage young women not to train until after age 21 when growth of long bones has slowed considerably or stopped. There is some evidence that boy's bones stop growing at an earlier age than those of girls.

We know from fashion history that during Victorian times young girls as early as age six were placed first into a light, unboned bodices or training corsets, then anywhere from age 10 to 14 were dressed in a more restrictive, steel-boned and formal corsets. View a fascinating page below, from a 1901 French catalog touting corsets for young girls. For that reason, many young women evidenced very narrow rib cages, yet rarely complained about the discomfort of tight lacing. A physician consultant told me that others were not corseted so early, at least until about age 16, and thus, it is this group that might have complained against precipitous lacing down.

Because today we know that long bones do not complete growth in young women until about age 21 or later, I feel it is unwise for girls below age 21 to waist train. Inquiries will be entertained at 18 and above, however a physician's statement may be required. Other than that limit, I know of no reason that a generally healthy individual cannot waist train at a young age over 21 years, considering of course any particular individual health issue that might mitigate against moving too fast or too far in the lacing down process. Of course you must consider your own individual circumstances, and pay close attention to what your body -- and personal physician -- tells you!

3.Q. Would you make me a Junior Prom (high school) corset ensemble?

A. Yes.

Please realize that we won't produce a corset for anyone under age 16, and from 16 to 18 we will require contact with your parent to ensure they approve of this garment purchase with your own funds or theirs. We produce corsets with waistlines that close down in back only one to three inches maximum, for the reasons stated above. View above right, our lovely client Bree who designed the romantic turquoise and lace corset ensemble by Sharon McCoy Morgan for her Jr. Prom, and above left, dramatic Jaclyn who designed the elegant scarlet silk and beaded overlay corset by Sue Nice for her Sr. Prom.

"I do not know of any other high schoolers that had corsets, so mine made me feel pretty unique. Most commented on how beautiful it was and how they wanted one! My parents both liked it. I think they found it special because I designed it by choosing the fabric and how I wanted it to look." Jaclyn

What is the Relation of Age to Corseting?
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