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A Fun Guide to Trim Your Waist and Figure

[copyright 1999 book updated January, 2015; page updated 1/2020; cover re-design courtesy of our talented 2013 waist-training student, Heather, pictured right].

The only detailed, medically-reviewed training manual with step-by-step assistance to implement your own health-conscious and enjoyable figure-shaping program and reach reasonable goals!

"I like the book very much. I had no idea there so much to learn about corset." Sandra (3/5/15)

"I�ve begun reading your book, and I can�t put it down. You�re such a fun person!" Genevieve (3/5/15)

"I quickly went through your book yesterday and was really impressed. Lucy's YouTube video review says your book is the "holy grail" and "the bible" for anyone interested in waist-training, and boy was she right! Thank you for taking the time to write it and sharing your vast knowledge." Kirsi, Finland (July 12, 2012)

* * * *
Your book updated in January, 2015 comes in a pdf format (no Kindle or hardcopy is available) without shipping charge and includes an elective Individualized Plan for one of three elements of waist training, based on a required initial questionnaire we send you for personal and confidential information. Let us know via email if you wish to accept this additional free offer! * * * *

Our January, 2015 book is now divided into three easily readable parts each containing indexes, chapters now contain bulleted points of what is covered therein, we added an introduction on pre-training preparation while you wait for your corset, and additional substantive information regarding our theory on how corsets diminish hunger, the latest data on effectiveness of vitamin and herbal supplements, further descriptions of corset components for a "tight-lacing" corset, and a new appendix of common physical and emotional reactions to record and consider during your training program, and more.

"Thanks so much for infusing your book with so much knowledge and experiences with your clients - a fun and very informative read, and now I am even more eager to get that corset!" Marci (7/8/14)

"Your book is worth every penny! It has much more information than just how to corset waist train. Even if someone ultimately decides corsets are not for them, the health information, recipes, and exercises are great resources for achieving a healthier overall lifestyle. This book is a great investment and can save you a lot of time and money when you are choosing the right corset for yourself." ROMANTASY Client April's waist-training blog (1/27/14)

Academicians, corset and costume instructors, corset enthusiasts, and those new to waist training have found the book informative, practical, and unique:
"The corset, even or especially when tight-laced, has traditionally been and is still vilified as detrimental to health. Grogan shows how false in both theory and practice this assumption is. This is the first work to engage seriously the idea that corsets can actually improve health, especially the new scourge of the "advanced" countries, obesity. Quite apart from all its aesthetic advantages, the corset, as an incentive to eat less and eat better, and exercise more, should be hailed, per Grogan, as safer than all the chemical and surgical "remedies" for obesity. How right and tight she is. It is fun to read, as well."
-- David Kunzle, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Art History, University of California, Los Angeles; Author: Fashion & Fetishm: Corsets, Tight-Lacing, and Other Forms of Body-Sculpture (Sutton, Los Angeles, April 10, 2005; expanded and published in paperback 2007)

"Perfect to a 'T' in terms of technical advice, Ann Grogan�s chapter on corset construction, how to find and choose a corset maker, and design a functional, comfortable garment provides many words to the wise for first-time corset consumers. Her writing is refreshing and full of personal experiences that show she knows of what she speaks. Choosing a quality waist-training corset will come easy to those who study her words."
-- Dawn Marie Forsyth, Fashion Design Coordinator, Fashion Institute of Design and Technology (San Francisco, July 15, 2004)

Readers will be responsibly informed and wonderfully amused by the many real-life stories provided by our waist-training coaching program students such as Cat pictured right, and by both American and European corset enthusiasts who have successfully achieved and maintained good posture, a great figure and healthy weight by pursuing this unique process.

Readers can easily develop their own step-by-step, three-month, effective program for how long and tightly to wear their corset, what kind of nutrition and eating practices they should adopt, and what exercises will target and reduce the waist.

Readers will also learn practical and clever tips on how to deal with physical and psychological challenges that may arise. They will discover and find comforting what is a "normal" reaction to be expected during training, versus something that indicates a program adjustment needs to be made. After all, the more knowledge one has, the greater the chances of success and enjoying the process along the way!

Please order your custom waist-training corset in a Victorian or Edwardian underbust style from one of our fine team of superbly qualified, tight-lacing, senior corsetieres. We will personally guide you through the design process to obtain the right sizing, fabric, and components of a corset to best serve your training and budgetary needs.

* * * *
ROMANTASY would love to add more unique, healthy, corset- friendly recipes to our book. We're considering a supplement of recipes and cooking techniques that save calories in healthy foods suitable for those in waist training, plus foods that don't cost much in order to eat nutritiously during challenging economic times. Care to help? If we test and accept your recipe we'll send you a FREE updated copy of the book and a corset magnet.

* * * *
A Fun Guide to Trim Your Waist and Figure
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