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****Style Advisory: Excellent value since cinch is reversible and hand washable, and great for cute fashion wear, however this corset is not for serious waist training since it is not long enough for lower tummy control and is only single versus double steel boned. Our sizes do not accommodate a natural waist of larger than 50".****

  • Dear Ann, Under my wedding dress the cincher pulled my waist in a good three inches, down to 22 inches. I have to tell you - when I undressed at the end of the evening my new husband's eyes fell out of his head when he saw me standing there in just the cincher and a G string. It was then that the full slimming impact was obvious. He has asked me to thank you personally!" Pam (Australia; 11/27/01)

This cincher differs from our Simple Pleasures cincher in that it is more dramatically pointed at the top and bottom edges, both front and back, hence, it's name (which sometimes we shorten to "PCP"). Production time approximates one to two months. It is extremely versatile not only because it is is neatly finished and completely reversible (thus you get "two for the price of one"), but also because it can be worn front-to back, and even upside down to achieve the best fit, or vary the "look." It is 9" tall in front. The front-laced cincher modeled to the right is in patriotic red star and blue polybrocade. The cincher below by the order buttons is constructed in print logo fabric to acknowledge support for our beloved (but struggling at last report) local San Francisco 49er football team! However, our high-quality cotton-backed satin is the most popular fabric choice.

The cincher can be worn as fashion outwear or is perfectly suitable for moderate foundation shaping underneath clothing. You may expect to achieve about a three to four-inch waist reduction.

Please note that the edge binding will show on the inside when you reverse the cincher and that we only offer binding in the same fabric as the outside of your cincher. Brocade corsets are not hand-washable. We recommend carefully following our wear-and-care instructions, including dry cleaning satin and cotton cinchers first, then hand-washing in cold water using lingerie soap only, and drying the cincher within 2-4 hours in an open doorway or high up over a heating vent in the winter. We cannot however, guarantee against eventual rust, although the likelihood of this is small. We offer the additional feature of bonding of the outside fabric to add strength and durability to your corset, especially recommended for waistlines 35" and over. Order by snug natural waist size. (Cincher modeled below left is in ivory leaf brocade with pink satin ruffle and sequin trim, worn with our "Flamenco" mini-skirt. The cincher below center is lace-covered beige satin. The cincher below right is in white leaf brocade.)

Underbust Cincher "Point Counter Point"
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Price: $240.00

Shipping Weight: 16.00 pounds
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Outside Colors - Cotton-backed Satin:
Outside Colors - Floral or Leafy Brocade :
Fabric - Outside, Colors, Silk and Poly Brocade:
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Lining Colors - Cotton-backed Satin:
Top & Bottom Edge Binding Colors - Cotton-backed Satin:
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