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This is perhaps the corset style chosen most frequently for smoothing the hipline and for best lower tummy control. Modern day styles avoid the exaggerated "Gibson Girl" swayback silhouette and accomodate for an active lifestyle and straight body posture. It's a perfect style for under wedding dresses to ensure the lower torso remains smoothly shaped and controlled.

Our standard and most popular shapes, details, and measurements unless you specify differently below are: the back top edge will stop at the bra height while the center bottom half from waist down is about 5". The center front will have a gentle rise and the bottom edge will drop low over the side hips and descend sufficiently low and be rounded in front to cover the tummy. Binding will be in the same color as your corset fabric. The sidefront rises to just under the bra underwire (or a man's chest swell). Under the arms from the waist down, the corset is approximately 7" standard measurement. The back top edge will stop at the bra height while the center bottom half from waist down is about 6".

Regarding measuring, please start by wearing lingerie or a bathing suit, then tying a ribbon around your waistline. It is always better to have someone take your measurements three times, then report the average. Be sure you measure snugly at the waistline, and nicely around the rib cage with arms down, and pelvis. Be sure that you also measure from centerfront of your body to the corset bottom, sufficiently low to cover the lower tummy while both standing and sitting.

Note that if your centerfront waist to top measurement exceeds 1.34" higher than your sidefront waist to underwire or chest swell, this constitutes a "sharp point" style and will incur the noted $50 upcharge. Typically that measurement will only be 1" taller as our standard.

Note also that we rely on your accuracy and measurements to construct your corset and therefore cannot be responsible if you mis-measure. You may send front, side and back torso photos via email if you wish our review of your procedure. Should you require more detailed and frequent email assistance with other styles and options, please consider our Service Options. Regarding custom orders and as stated in our Terms and Policies of sale, once you place a Shopping Cart order there can be no refund of any deposit or your purchase price upon later cancellation of your order for any reason. Therefore, please choose carefully before you place a custom order. If you have questions, do not hesitate to email us View Classic Line Fabrics fabrics available. (Corset modeled below by Mary, in ivory and mauve floral Chinese silk brocade by Sheri.)

Corset in gold rose Chinese silk brocade by Sheri; Model: Ana; Photo: (c) Tom Preston 2005.

Underbust Edwardian Corset (Longline Style)
Quantity in Basket: none
Code: euls
Price: $430.00

Shipping Weight: 16.00 pounds
Outside Fabric - Type & Color:
Edge Binding Fabric Type:
Fabric - Lining, Colors, Cotton (fabric & labor):
Lacing Style:
Feature -Preferred Figure Silhouette:
Shape- Front Underbust , Top Edge:
Shape - Front Under or Overbust, Bottom Edge:
Horizontal - Rib Cage Under Bosom or Chest:
Horizontal Rib Cage Under Chest - Men:
Horizontal - Snug Natural Waist:
Horizontal - Desired Waist Reduction
(N.B. 4" is maximum for 18th Cen. style)
Horizontal - 3" Down from Waist (pelvis):
Horizontal - 5" Down From Waist:
Horizontal - Derriere (widest part hips):
Sidefront Waist to Bra wire/Men's Pectoral Swell:
Vertical - Center Front Waist to Corset Bottom:
Vertical - Center Front Waist to Corset Top:
Vertical Back:
Your Height:
Your Approximate Weight:

Corset in fu dog Chinese silk brocade by Sharon.

Corset in white cotton-backed satin by Sue.

Corset modelled by Jeanette, in beige paisley Chinese silk brocade by Sue.

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