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Only a drop or two of this extremely fragrant and potent perfume is necessary to blend with natural body oils into your unique and notable personal fragrance. You may wear our perfume alone, or along with your own preferred fragrance. Some people order the perfume and add it to their own favorite unscented massage oil, body lotion, or potpourri. Perhaps the most stunning customer comments we have ever received, are the first two from men!

  • "I just walked by a woman on the streets of Atlanta, walking the other way. I turned around and stopped her. I asked her, what are you wearing that smells so good? She said: 'I just ordered a bottle of Fantastique perfume from a boutique in San Francisco. Here is their telephone number.' Please send me a bottle to give my girlfriend." Man (Atlanta 1996)
  • "I spilled a bottle of your perfume on my apartment carpet. In the next month I scored each time I hooked up with a new lady friend. This has never before happened to me. Give me two more bottles!" Young man in his 20s (1995)
  • "I want to order four more bottles of your perfume. You may remember that I've been ordering it for years and years; I love it!" Kathy, Stockton, CA (4/21/98)
  • "I tried it and I love the scent that it turns on my skin. Very subtle and lovely. It was perfect as most perfumes made today have too many chemicals that give me migraines. This does not and so I am very happy to find a scent that I can now use. I missed not having a perfume that was perfect for me." Alicia (11/17/04)
  • "I have been using your Fantastique perfume for 8 or more years. It is, by far, the most powerful attention getter I know of. I am often asked what I am wearing and I let them know right away...a few of my friends now also order (I should have kept it a secret!). I find that both men and women respond favorable to the perfume; men will actually call me later to tell me how 'fantastique' I smell. Once a good friend of the family, a man, saw me in a store and hugged me and said, 'Oh my God!!! You smell awesome!' A few hours later he called me to say he couldn't get the fragrance out of his head. It made me laugh since we were just buddies, and I could tell he was 'feeling' the pheromones! I have tried your entire line including the body shampoo and it is very nice, altho' it doesn't quite get the same reaction. Thank you for keeping the line available. Best to you!" Natalie (7/10/06)
  • "I received my perfume and love it as usual. I wore it yesterday to a special performance by the band 'Smashmouth'. Afterward my daughter and I met the band members and had pictures taken. The lead singer, Steve, told me I smelled great -- just goes to show. When I get the photo's back I'll send you one." Natalie (7/19/06)
  • "I have used and liked that scent for years but you only need a little bit and it lasts forever. When I run out I carry around the empty bottle and the little fabric bag I found for it and I can still smell the scent. It makes me feel so sexyyyy. Send another bottle please!" Diane (Illinois 3/6/05)

Fantastic Perfume
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