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"This (past Monday's Skype session) was a very good session, indeed. Although it is often difficult for me to get alone time at home, I can always be observant wherever I am, whenever. I love your people-watching homework assignments. (Ed note: such as watching the differences in the way women and men walk and stand when at rest; see demonstration by centermost model of the "model's pose," pictured right).

" I called Sephora and asked if they welcome crossdressers coming en femme for a makeover. The answer was a resounding "yes"! As soon as my schedule permits (probably in about 2 weeks), I will take the next step toward "full flowering" of my appearance, as you put it. Your personal investment in our coaching calls is astonishing -- your expertise and care are a gift beyond words. Thank you, dear Ann!" Angela (4/6/15)

NOTE: For confidentiality purposes, Angela is not pictured on this page. Note that we prize your confidentiality and will always get advance permission to post any photos.

"I am a 50-y/o married man who is exploring his feminine side. A closeted crossdresser for many years, I have recently started to realize more fully the depth and joy of my inner woman. This is something that I don't discuss with many people, so it is hard to admit. I found your site some time back because of my interest in waist training (to achieve more of a female figure), and was deeply touched about the story of Angela and your gender image services. I would like to get more information. " --Mark (6/13/16)


In the spring of 2015 we had the chance to renew our long-distance acquaintance with Angela who wanted to order a second corset. After some years she had re-visited her interest in exploring gender issues and her feminine side.

As we discussed her order, I learned that she felt out of touch with fashion, style, and feminine movement, had no online or real-time friends to help, and told us she wanted to find more ways to incorporate being feminine into her daily life, but in "stealth" ways.

Perhaps more importantly, she wondered where she fit on the gender spectrum. She wasn't sure how much femininity she wanted to incorporate or pursue and didn't need to go out in public. She did want to integrate her feminine side into her daily life in a more subtle way that did not call attention to herself, nor create conflict with her wife or interfere with her role as a consultant in the larger world. She wanted to pursue her quest with care and compassion in a manner that was compatible with her religious convictions and deep spiritual nature.

In part we were inspired by this statement by the mother of a remarkable seven-year old transgendered boy who expressed personhood as Avery, a girl:

"People look at the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart. My daughter is a girl in her heart. She knows it, God knows it, and that's good enough for me." --Debi Jackson

Angela was in essence, raising the ultimate questions we all ask in our lives: who am I, and how do I integrate comfortably all of me so that I feel whole and am able to joyfully express the whole me?" At this time in her life she was unable at to share her interest with her wife, to whom she was and remains deeply committed.

Together Angela and I moved rapidly to a level of deep trust and openness, enabling the development of the present online three-month coaching program. We used the method of weekly appointments via Skype with a set agenda, being flexible enough to allow our present thoughts and questions to take us off-agenda as needed. It is difficult to convey details of our flexible program, because what is covered and what is accomplished will vary with each individual's needs, background, goals, and the nature of our interaction. Process becomes more important than format and often what is accomplished in our sessions will be in the spiritual, as well as the intellectual, realm. As best we can, we detail our program below.


The Coaching Program is based loosely on our Corset Waist-Training Coaching Program. A weekly-Skype appointment is initially established, and three modules of information are discussed, one each month:

  • Physical presentation and basic movement,
  • Refining and softening the "tells" when in public (things that give you away as awkwardly male and cause others to feel uncomfortable in your presence), and
  • The spiritual and emotional side of being feminine, what that means in modern society.
  • If relevant, how to integrate transgenderism and the variety of its expressions into a religious tradition and understanding of the world.

The program has two registration schedules.

Program A ($500; $100 will be donated to San Francisco's oldest battered women's shelter program, La Casa de las Madres if you do not complete your program, or refunded to you if you do) includes your release of at least six before and six after photos you agree to send to us that may be used online and on social media. The photos can be made confidential as to your identification by altering them to exclude a face or identifying marks.

Program B ($1000; $200 will be donated to San Francisco's oldest battered women's shelter program, La Casa de las Madres if you do not complete your program, or refunded to you if you do)) has no requirement for provision of photos.

"The combination of your didactic input and our interactive Q&A Great a learning environment that works great for me. Thank you for being so receptive to my inquisitive mind and questions." Angela (5/21/15)
Reaching Out to Others

Initially, we assigned three talented and compassionate members of the transgender community as online Training Buddy's to whom Angela could reach out for further support and information. We wanted to break the cycle of isolation and also give her an overview of the great diversity of gender expressions possible.

We had known each person for at least six years. Each one had become a valued ROMANTASY business and transgender adviser over time. One had managed her transition while being married and moved somewhat easily between male and female. One had divorced and only crossdressed occasionally, sometimes assisting as ROMANTASY's workshop model at national conferences. One was a transsexual friend and media expert who had also assisted as our workshop model. Angela immediately set up email communication with these buddies.

How the Sessions are Organized

Each session starts with a ten minute check-in and brief review of homework assignments from the previous week. Presentation of the scheduled information follows, using slides and graphics viewed on Skype as reinforcement and demonstration.

Each session is followed by several email contacts and conversations during the week that answer questions, summarize the week's homework, and present additional slides and illustrative pictures. For example, below is a question that Angela posed via email after our fourth session on colors:

"Thanks for a great call today! Very informative; as always, it was inspiring and fun to connect with you. You are so full of life!

"I need to place an order for the green toner at Sephora, but am $10 short of the purchase need for free shipping. I'm thinking about buying an eyeshadow palette on sale for $11 and want your opinion about which colors to choose. Here's a link to the Sephora website page with the particular eyeshdow brand I'm considering Do you have a recommendation or should I wait to go into the store to try it in person?" Angela (5/11/15)

Homework and Monthly Review
"Your attached photos are super helpful. They reinforce what you were teaching me during our call yesterday. Also, the nose contouring pictures are outstanding, especially since this is a facial feature about which I am quite self-conscious. By the way, I love seeing all of the wonderfully feminine poses you make in various settings. Your words of wisdom about makeup are quite encouraging. It takes time and good practice to learn new skills. Thankfully, this learning process is quite rewarding and enjoyable." Angela (4/8/15)
At the end of each month, we send you a summary PowerPoint presentation and written summary of key points from the month's topics for further review.

Progress of our First Coaching Program Mid-April, 2015

We were delighted with our interaction with Angela, and found ways to supply her with a rather fast-paced learning opportunity. During her first month on one occasion Angela found it helpful to call us from a wig shop, send iPhone images of various wigs she was trying on, and obtain our advice and feedback. With our encouragement, she entered back into gender therapy to further explore her interest, and returned to a former endocrinologist for professional guidance on hormone therapy.


Please send us initial information about your experience in exploring gender issues, whether you consider yourself a newcomer, intermediate, or advanced student, and what particular topics interest you. Suggest a day and time that we can initially Skype to establish a general outline for your program and send us your Skype "handle".

Please note that once your $500 registration fee is paid, it is non-refundable. This represents your commitment to the three month program and our commitment to you.

If you do not successfully complete 95% of the program in our judgment, including homework assignments and a final evaluation, we will donate $100 of your enrollment fee to La Casa de las Madres, our chosen charity in San Francisco. This is our City's oldest battered women and children's shelter, and a respected local social program. If you successfully complete the program we will refund the $100 to you!


Almost any question or topic may be explored, and the focus is primarily on what you want most to learn or address. We look forward to reporting here soon on the second two months of Angela's coaching program.

Online Three-month Coaching Program with Photos
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